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17 Amazing Places to Visit in the US

The USA is a very vast country and has so much to explore, so it is difficult to list the best places to visit. Many USA destinations are known for their history, many for glamour and fun. The USA contains an array of landscapes, cityscapes, people as well as cultures along with multicultural and global cities. The country is considered an endlessly fascinating place to discover. There are a TON of best places to visit in the USA and a list of the top attractions of each of those places.

Out of all, we have listed below the seventeen best places in the USA which should be on your bucket list. Also, you can book your flight ticket using Makemytrip Coupons while traveling to the USA to get exciting deals.

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Places to Visit in the USA

17 of the Best Places to Visit in the USA

There is a long list of enticing destinations to visit in the U.S. whether you want to experience an exciting city, a laid-back beach town, or something in between.

The United States has some of the most diverse landscapes in the entire world. From winter wonderlands, arid deserts, and nearly everything in between, there’s literally something for everyone. The same goes for its cities as well. Everyone knows about New York City, Los Angeles, and Miami, but what about some of the smaller (and more charming) cities?

In order to help you plan out your trip, we’ve made this list of 17 of the most recommended places to travel in the USA. We cover some of the more major locations (like NYC), but also go into detail about some of the more overlooked destinations (that are just as good as New York).

New York, New York

New York is recognized as a must-see city, especially for those who love to travel. The town is famous for its thriving restaurants, museums, and theaters and also presents a range of attractions along with many things to do. New York is cool, crowded, evolving and an abode to some iconic landmarks. The city is always a whirlwind of activity with numerous famous sites at every corner, and this endless range of activities can be overwhelming, especially for the first-timers. Its compact size and streets packed with architectural glories, world cafés and many other things make it a wanderer’s delight.

Tourist attractions:

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Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is a beautiful city, and it’s one of the best places to visit for learning about the country’s history in a way that’s far more fascinating than any textbook. Simply follow the Freedom Trail from Boston Commons, the oldest park in the U.S. The two-and-a-half miles pass many notable sites along the way, like the Granary Burying Grounds where Paul Revere, John Hancock, Sam Adams, and Ben Franklin’s parents were all laid to rest.

You’ll see the Boston Massacre Site, Paul Revere’s House, and much more. It’s not all about history here, you can tour Sam Adam’s Brewery, an iconic brewery in the United States, and enjoy a sample of the city’s famous beer, catch a Red Sox baseball game at iconic Fenway Park, and enjoy the wide array of cuisine at Quincy Market.

OBX, North Carolina

The OBX (short for Outer Banks), is an area that’s part of coastal North Carolina. The Outer Banks boasts over 200 miles of barrier islands and beaches. The waters off of the Outer Banks are known as the “graveyard of the Atlantic,” due to how treacherous they are (during storms and hurricanes).

Whether you’re an outdoors enthusiast looking for some relaxing getaway time, or you want to spend your time on the water enjoying some fantastic fishing opportunities, the OBX has you covered on all fronts. The area is known for its tasty (and insanely fresh) seafood dishes (which are a must-try when you’re there)

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Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is counted as one of the most beautiful cities in the USA filled with elegant townhouses, green public squares, mammoth oak trees, and antebellum mansions. The town is also known as the Hostess City of South and a city where people come to indulge and enjoy decadent, traditional, and soul food from top chefs. The city’s nightlife is turned on all year round and attracts tourists from all over the world to come. There are many exciting things to do in Savannah, and the place also offers endless attractions to visitors. It is the best place to visit in the USA for shopping lovers.

Tourist attractions:

  • Bull Street
  • Forsyth Park
  • National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force
  • Cathedral of St. John the Baptist
  • Squares of Savannah
  • Bonaventure Cemetery

Also, Savannah is well-known as one of the best sailing spots in the US. Read my full blog post about it to know all the best places.

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Richmond, Virginia

Virginia’s capital offers plenty when it comes to history due to its connections with the Civil War. You might tour the state capitol building and visit Richmond National Battlefield Park, which includes miles of original fortifications, battlefields, and a critical industrial complex.

There are living history demonstrations, museum displays, and guided tours too. The Edgar Allan Poe Museum is housed within the oldest building in the city, celebrating the author’s life and work as he lived here during various periods throughout his life.

Richmond has a thriving food scene that can be explored on a food tour, too. They will take you to multiple popular eateries and breweries while providing an intro to the city’s culture and history. With so much on offer here, more than a few have decided to make a move after visiting.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia is recognized as the USA’s most important historical city, which is an abode of many historical sites and buildings. The place is very enthralling and is filled with notable museums, beloved sports teams, pumping nightlife, and thriving restaurants scenes. The city is blessed with culture and glamour and delights every visitor with its small-town charm and rich history. Eating is a delight here, and the best place to eat is the South 9th Street Italian Market and Reading Terminal Market. The ethnic and cultural diversity of the place is also reflected on the plate.

Tourist attractions

  • Liberty Bell Pavilion
  • Independence Hall
  • Independence National Historical Park
  • Philadelphia Museum of Art
  • Eastern State Penitentiary
  • The Barnes Foundation

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Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

The ideal family-friendly vacation destination, Myrtle Beach offers sandy beaches and a wealth of attractions. There’s an oceanfront boardwalk where you’ll find live entertainment after dark in the summer, as well as a weekly firework display.

Enjoy excursions out on the water like Blackbeard’s Pirate Cruise, multiple amusement parks, and outdoor activities. There are lots of water sports on offer with both the Intercoastal Waterway and the Atlantic, from paddleboarding to sailing and diving.

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Charleston, South Carolina

South Carolina is located in the Southeastern United States and is known for its hot summers, southern hospitality, and centuries-old history. Charleston is the capital city of South Carolina and is easily one of the most beautiful cities in the South.

Some notable places to visit while in Charleston include the Battery (a historical landmark on the harbor), the city’s various beaches (which are beautiful), as well as all of the incredibly interesting museums (particularly if you’re into the civil war).

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is the most exciting and amazing city in the USA which promises excitement, fortune, entertainment, and fame to the people. The place is best for the A-list entertainers and big-budget stage shows. Your trip to the city will revolve around the iconic neon lights and casinos.  This city is also recognized as a casino haven and is the best place to visit with friends, especially. The town offers not only exciting things to party animals but also has many places to enjoy and has something for everyone no matter where you come from.

Tourist attractions

  • Bellagio Casino & Fountain Show
  • High Roller Ferris Wheel
  • Hoover Dam
  • Stratosphere
  • The Strip
  • The Neon Museum

Key West, Florida

The southwestern point in the U.S., Key West is the place to go for a Caribbean-like vacation without a passport. It’s renowned for its colorful sunsets, key lime pie, Ernest Hemingway, opportunities for sailing, snorkeling, and other fun out on the water, along with the very lively nightlife.

Maui, Hawaii

Maui is one of the most beautiful cities well known for surfing, beautiful beaches, dramatic scenery as well as a wonderful climate. The place resides on the west of Big Island of Hawaii and is the second-largest island. It is said to be the most visited island in Hawaii, with a fantastic climate all year round. There are many things here that visitors can enjoy, and the best part is that many of them are free. Travelers have many options which range from hiking adventures to romantic strolls on the beach. Scuba diving and snorkeling are some of the must-do activities in Maui which should not be missed at all.

Tourist attractions

  • Haleakala National Park
  • Iao Valley State Monument
  • Maui Ocean Center
  • Lahaina and Kaanapali Beach
  • Hana and the Hana Road
  • Wailea

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San Diego, California

Los Angeles is the main city that comes to mind when people think of California. After all, Los Angeles has Hollywood, Venice Beach, Santa Monica, etc. However, just a short trip south of LA is one of the most picturesque cities in the entire US. If you haven’t guessed it by now, we’re talking about San Diego.

San Diego straddles the border between Mexico and the US, which means that it has a very eclectic, unique culture (and some amazing Mexican restaurants). If you’re a fan of being on the water or relaxing on the beach, San Diego offers some of the very best beaches in the US.

Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis is known as a  perfect spot for a musical pilgrimage in Tennessee and the US. It attracts pilgrims along with travelers as music lovers lose themselves when entering this city. It is recognized as one of the top music destinations in the world, as this is the place where many forms of music were born and are recorded to date. The place also has a food scene that will for sure delight your taste buds and even feel your soul. Memphis is a perfect place for those who respect the past, hold the present and form the future.

Tourist attractions

  • Graceland
  • Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum
  • National Civil Rights Museum
  • Mississippi River Park and Museum
  • Memphis Zoo
  • STAX Museum of American Soul

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Grand Canyon is known to be one of the best road tripping destinations, having America’s most popular and inspiring natural attractions. Here you will see a massive expanse of ridges, gorges as well as rock formations. One of the best ways to explore the Grand Canyon is to plan a hiking tour take will offer you all from top to bottom. Some of the best trails which should be included are Rim Trails, and Rafting is one more thing that should be done for sure. Also, you can book a hotel near to this place with a great discount using Oyo Coupons to make your journey memorable.

Tourist attractions

  • Visitor Center and Mather Point Overlook
  • Rim Trail
  • Geological Museum
  • Hermit Road Drive
  • Bright Angel Hiking Trail
  • Desert View Drive

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Bar Harbor, Maine

If a rugged coastline, beautiful sunny beaches, and soaring mountains sound appealing, you might want to put Bar Harbor on your list. It’s home to the majority of Acadia National Park, one of the best summer destinations in the US and offers a wealth of outdoor adventure along with the opportunity to feast on mouthwatering lobster.

Take to the sea in a canoe or kayak, paddling along the shoreline, or join a whale watching tour. If you’re up for a hike, you can hit the trails on Cadillac Mountain where an awe-inspiring panoramic vista can be enjoyed from the summit. Or drive up just before dawn to catch a glorious sunrise in the country’s first place to see the morning light from early October to early March.

Chicago, Illinois

This is one of the largest and low cost cities in the US and is known among travelers as a cool place to visit to experience its unique architecture. It also has amazing places to visit like many museums, the Navy pier, and the iconic Millennium Park. You will fly in from Midway Airport spend at least three days exploring the city and then move on to nearby places like Starved Rock State Park, Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site, and Shawnee National Forest.

Aspen, Colorado

If winter fun is your thing, you simply can’t pass up Aspen, Colorado. Located among the Rocky Mountains (some of the most beautiful in the world), this resort town is home to some of the best skiing in the country (and some would argue the world).

Don’t think that skiing is all that’s in Aspen though. This ultra-luxurious town is home to some of the best dining in Colorado (which is one among many reasons why countless celebrities and high-rollers go to Aspen each year for their winter holidays).


The USA is a combination of many things from beaches to bluegrass, from the redwood forest to snow-covered peaks, and from big open skies to restaurant-loving cities. So plan your visit to this fantastic country to acquire the great American experience.

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