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Top 10 Travel Tips for Planning a Trip to the United States

Top 10 Travel Trips for a Trip to the United States

The United States is fine combination of big cities and coastlines that are perfect destinations for international travelers to USA. Interestingly, there are Visa Waiver Countries that enjoy some extra benefits and go through some slightly different procedures to come into the U.S. This article will provide 10 travel trips that you can have in the United States and provide information about your travel documents, including the ESTA.

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What Makes the U.S. a Great Tour Location?

Several holiday attractions, hotels, resorts, and famous parks make the U.S. a great place to visit. People planning their holiday can readily make a selection from the innumerable number of locations that add fun, relaxation, and entertainment to their lives. Others prefer to climb mountainsides, snowy peaks and visit lakes with beautiful scenery. The U.S. is home to a great number of interesting spots that offer adventure and a brilliant shade of life away from home.

Many countries in this first-class nation have vacation destinations that visitors enjoy spending time at. You can create pleasant memories with your family by spending time at the beach, exploring new places or even visiting museums or monumental sites. There could never be a limited number of places for you to have your travel trips.

1.     Detroit, Michigan

Detroit has become busy and bustling, thanks to the cool distilleries, hotels, and popular galleries that keep it alive. Downtown, you can play basketball or hockey or relax and sightsee at the parks. Lonely Planet has named Detroit as one of the best cities for travel in the world. And you sure don’t want to miss the hotspots. If you’ll be driving to Detroit or other parts of Michigan with your family, here are the car seat laws in Michigan you need to know.

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2.     Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is a great destination for international travelers. It has great restaurants like Alinea, Pequod’s, Lou Malnati’s and a Nutell Café. Mouth-watering burgers are also super common here and dishes are often well-made and delicious. So, if you’re a food lover, this is one city you don’t want to miss. Chicago also has beaches, clubs, breweries and museums that provide an enriching travel experience.

3.     Grand Canyon National Park, Colorado

The Grand Canyon National Park is a great site to get the best view of the U.S. It’s a popular location, and you can decide to hike the Bright Angel Trail or go rafting on the Colorado River. These experiences allow you to fall in love with the good-looking panoramas and colorful rock formations.

4.     Magic Mountain, Vermont

Visiting this resort in Vermont gives you the real meaning of “small but mighty.” You get to enjoy the local life which is both appealing and relaxing. It’s’ a great travel trip that gets you hiking trails or skiing trees. Have you heard of the “red black diamonds?”

And if you love to ski, Magic Mountains is the first and best place to have the real feel of ski resorts. In North America, it takes the highest place and is also known as the “Overall Best in Snow. Or “true skier’s mountain.”

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5.     New York City, New York

There’s no talking about the U.S. without mentioning Eleven Madison Park or other great destinations in New York City. Call this the heart of America. It takes your shopping experience to a higher level, satisfies your foodie urges, and allows you sightsee through its exceptionally excellent museums. And the snow? Perfect!

6.     Bend, Oregon

Oregon is home to many breweries and several ski resorts. The United States thrives on its beer supply and beer trails, and you can visit Dechutes to have a feel of the popular Mirror Pond Pale Ale. Likewise, you can make some great memories skiing and getting to heights that seem beyond reach.

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7.     Washington, D.C.

The capital of the United States provides a lively and lovely evening out because of the many restaurants and bars that have their roots here. And you can visit the popular Lincoln Memorial Park or Washington Monument. You get to have the best time sightseeing and getting the best view of this big country.

8.     Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta has a great range of attractions including museums, food halls and aquariums. Tourists love this location because it has a rich combination of travel sites and resorts that keep them entertained and refreshed. The College Football Playoff National Championship took place at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in January this year.

9.  Yosemite National Park

International travelers from around the world know how amazing this park is. The beautiful scenery, granite cliffs, and amazing waterfalls are definitely places you need to see. It is located in the Nevada mountains, and it makes California a must-go venue for many tourists.

10. San Francisco, California

San Francisco bubbles every single day of the year, and you can expect to fall in love with the festivals, music, food, and art exhibitions. There’s nothing like enjoying a comedy festival that’s usually anchored by great and talented hosts.

Visa Waiver Countries

The following are the list of visa waiver countries that can have entry into the U.S. Some of them include France, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Chile, Finland, Greece, New Zealand, and the Netherlands. Others include Japan, Italy, and Ireland. The total number of these countries is thirty-eight and all people from these countries need to travel into the U.S. is the ESTA Travel Authorization.

This allows them to travel by air or sea with passports for B-1 or B-2 Visitor Visa. When they have these travel documents, they only have to register online before the time of their trip.

Information about ESTA Visa

The ESTA program is a visa waiver program that differs from other USA visas. It enables citizens of the above named countries to come into the U.S. for 90 days without the use of a visa. The benefit of this is that they get to travel on short notice without having to obtain a visa. Travelers in this category can come in by sea or air. It excludes extensions and is compulsory for all the citizens of these 38 countries. And since 1986, this VWP has made tourism within the U.S. smooth and rewarding.


Hence, if you’re an international traveler going to the U.S., feel free to find out the necessary details about your travel documents and the top travel trips that’ll make your visit a great one. Most of all, get the best of the ESTA visa while it lasts!

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