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We all know that the US is by far the most famous country in the whole world. The dream of a lot, a lot of people is to get the opportunity to Travel United States.

The United States has so many attractions, so many things to do, and so many food. The cultural diversity here is amazing.

From the Grand Canyon to the Florida Keys. Your travel to the United States for sure is packed with a lot of adventures and fun for all your family.

You can find here where to eat, stay and where you can play with your family while traveling to the United States.

Family friendly hotels, restaurants, and tours.

3 Famous Key West Restaurants

Key West, Florida is without a doubt one of the places one MUST visit when checking out the Florida Keys. This is where most of the action has been taking place for the last 500 hundred years and is still going strong. It is popular among travelers because it has the highest average temperature in […]

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What To Do While Staying at The Breakers in Palm Beach

When staying at The Breakers in Palm Beach it is easy to be occupied from morning through night without even realizing it. Family Activities at The Breakers in Palm Beach Our first day was fully occupied when we visited the Beach Club and hung out in our own private beach bungalow. Well, I mainly hung […]

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Spend the weekend on a Yacht Rental in Miami, Florida

Booking a break away is exciting, sitting down on a laptop and loading multiple websites, deciding where to go and what you would like to do. You’ll be asking yourself plenty of questions – do you want a city break or a beach break? What’s the weather like where you plan to go? Do you […]

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Step Back in Time – Fun for the Whole Family at Luna Park in Coney Island

If you know anything about the recent history of the US you know that Coney Island and its boardwalk is the quintessential amusement park beach. The actual boardwalk originally opened back in 1923, its official name is Riegelmann Boardwalk. Now, it is known for being home to one of the most famous boardwalk amusement parks […]

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Visiting Universal Studios in Florida with Young Kids

Here’s the deal. I’m not a fan of amusement park rides. I love visiting amusement and theme parks, but I detest going on the rides. I get thrill enough of seeing my kids and husband having fun while I watch from the sidelines. Sometimes I’ll join on the easy rides that require very little thrill […]

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Visiting Hershey Park, Pennsylvania – Find Out the Ins and Outs

The only true way for me to get my kids psyched and excited about going to Pennsylvania was the promise of spending an entire day at Hershey Amusement Park .  At this point, the words ‘Amusement park or Theme park‘ are used as currency in my house for joining in on any trip. And it worked […]

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Where To Stay During A Visit to Hershey Park – Days Inn Hershey

My goal, when traveling to an amusement park, is to find a hotel that is as close to the park as possible. The last thing you want to do is waste time in a car the day of the actual activity. So, that’s where my searches always take me. It’s quick and easy.  And it […]

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Disney Memories – Remembering Disney with Photos

Making memories while traveling is the best memories kids can have. And Disney is the motherlode of where memories are made. Plus, it’s a great way for extended family to have fun together. Eat crazy stuff. No matter what – do.not.miss the Electric Parade. It will leave you speechless. Fireworks that all other firework shows […]

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Visiting Legoland Florida- Photo Essay

Legoland in Florida is the perfect theme park to visit if you have kids younger than 12 years old. The best age is around 9 years old, which my oldest was at the time of our visit. My 3 year old also had a blast, but wasn’t able to do all the rides. Which was […]

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A Guided Tour To Hershey Amusement Park – Tour in Photos

Hershey, Pennsylvania is much more than just chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. One of the best amusement parks in located here as well and you can stay a days inn!! Hershey Amusement Park! What was really great about this amusement park were the roller coasters. They have nine huge ones. However, they also had great ones for […]

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Know What To Do in Tampa FL in 48 Hours

Sometimes our travels simply don’t allow us to stay in a place for a week. However, every little bit counts and in a 48 hours, with a good plan in hand, you can have a great time learning as much as you can about any place. This is how I spent my time in Tampa, Florida. […]

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Wonder Which are the Best Bars in Key West – You’ll Love This One

When you think of Key West facts the first things that come to mind are: Ernest Hemingway Drinking Pirates and Treasure Hunting Ernest Hemingway’s presence is everywhere. Especially in the bars that were rockin’ over 80 years ago, as they are now. Sloppy Joe’s and Captain Tony’s are the top two best bars in Key West […]

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Legoland Florida Rides List – Way More Exciting Than You Would Think

Legoland Florida is a theme park for kids twelve and younger. Most rides are tailored to younger kids. However, you would be so surprised about some of the rides. Legoland Florida Rides List We’ll start with the baby rides. There are several that are for younger kids only  The Royal Joust was a ride for […]

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Tampa Restaurant: Must Eat Places In Tampa

Do you want to know what the biggest surprise of visiting Tampa was? The restaurants! They aren’t just your normal type, but institutions jam-packed with history, culture, and truly unique food fare. Must Eat Places In Tampa, Florida Columbia Restaurant – Apparently a visit to Tampa doesn’t really count until you visit this restaurant. For […]

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Play Mobile West Palm Beach – A Great Day With Kids

Living in West Palm Beach we have the great benefit of living close to the only Playmobil Fun Park in the United States. And the best part – it is only $1 to enter. Do those types of prices even exist anymore? Apparently so. And it is worth every penny. My oldest boy is extremely […]

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When Do You Need To Hire A Car Accident Lawyer?

A car accident lawyer is someone who provides legal services to an individual who just went through an accident due to someone else’s fault. It could be a drunk driver running into you or someone who was driving a bit too fast. Car Accident Lawyers in Chicago ensure that you get compensated for the damages […]

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Lights on Tampa Festival – Downtown Tampa, Florida

Once per year, Tampa gets lit up. And it’s not during the holiday season, but a unique collection of artists get together and decorate Downtown Tampa. Lights on Tampa Festival What Lights on Tampa is All About? This is a festival that highlights seven art installations: Sky Striker, HEARD, FL, Glowing River, Recurrence, Urban Pixels, […]

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Fun Facts About Crystal River Florida

Way before Crystal River was world famous for swimming with Manatee, it had a super rich history. Things To Do At Crystal River Florida Swim with manatees Cruising around Crystal River Horseback riding Golfing Sport Fishing – Crystal River is known for record breaking catches of tarpon, reds and trout. The Crystal River State Archeological […]

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Fun Facts About Daytona Beach Florida

Daytona Beach Florida has a fun history. Besides being MTV’s first Spring Break reality show, and known for bike week and of course for Daytona International Speedway, there is much more to this great beach town. While exploring the city for a few days, my family and I were able to learn a lot of […]

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Fun Facts About Key Largo Florida

When researching our mini – honeymoon to the Florida Keys, I knew two things. 1. I wanted to do it on a motorcycle and we did by renting an awesome Harley Davidson from Eaglerider to have the motorcycle road trip of our dreams. 2. To stay on a sailboat. I am not a sailor and […]

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