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We all know that the US is by far the most famous country in the whole world. The dream of a lot, a lot of people is to get the opportunity to Travel United States.

The United States has so many attractions, so many things to do, and so many food. The cultural diversity here is amazing.

From the Grand Canyon to the Florida Keys. Your travel to the United States for sure is packed with a lot of adventures and fun for all your family.

You can find here where to eat, stay and where you can play with your family while traveling to the United States.

Family friendly hotels, restaurants, and tours.

Best Destinations To Visit in USA And The Most Exciting Activities To Try On A Himiway Fat Tire Ebike

Embarking on a journey across the diverse landscapes of the United States is an adventure that appeals to the free-spirited traveler within us all. Now imagine exploring these stunning destinations on a Himiway fat tire ebike; a thrilling and unique experience that awaits you this June 2023. Himiway ebikes have revolutionized the way, offering a […]

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Holiday Inn Express in Savannah – A True Surprise for Everyone

I’ll be honest, the only thing I knew about Savannah was that Clint Eastwood made a movie about one of those twisted, true story murders amongst the Southern elite. And, that it is a quaint little town where Southern Belles and Southern hospitality still trump everything else. That’s why I decided to visit it and […]

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Diva Duck: Amphibious Tours in West Palm Beach – A Cool Date!

Having two small kids is super fun. And traveling with kids is probably the best time of my life. However, as any mom (and dad) will tell you, having an adult conversation that uses words that are two or more syllables is a necessity at times. And simply hanging out with my husband is too. […]

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Founders Inn and Spa Review: Best Hotel Near Virginia Beach

Do you know what is great about traveling to sunny beach destinations, when it’s off-season? You get to enjoy gorgeous resorts without the nuttiness of the crowds. And that’s exactly what my husband and I did when we stayed at Founders Inn and Spa in Virginia, on our short romantic getaway. Here’s my full experience […]

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Inside Disney Cruise: A Sneak Peek of the Fantasy That is Waiting For you

Can you fantasize about what a Fantasy Disney cruise experience will be like? It’s hard when you really have nothing to compare it to. Disney Parks are one thing, and that makes you wonder how awesome can the cruise be. There’s a lot of magic and fantasy inside Disney Cruises, activities for all ages, delicious […]

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Innisbrook Golf Resort Review (With Facts) – More than Just Golf

My husband and I love staying in golf resorts. But the funny thing is, we are not golfers. I think there is this almost limiting idea that if you don’t play golf that there will be little else for you to do. On the contrary! Here’s my full experience staying at Innisbrook Golf Resort. Innisbrook Golf […]

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Daytona Speedway Tours: Facts, Things To Do and Information

Visiting Daytona, Florida? Don’t you dare miss a trip to Daytona International Speedway. This is what the true heart and soul of Daytona Beach Florida is all about. Who wouldn’t love to camp out for one week during the crazy, fun, insane energy that is built around Daytona 500? This is one of my dreams. […]

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St. Augustine Alligator Farm: History and Exhibits – Over 100 Years of Love and Care

St. Augustine, Florida is simply brewing with history on every turn. This doesn’t stop with just historic sites and buildings, but also zoos. St. Augustine Alligator Farm is over 100 years old and has a story that needs to be told. My new thing when learning all I can about a new place that I […]

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St Augustine History: Where The African American History Began

One day as I was reading travel blogs, I found a really interesting post on St. Augustine, Florida. I’ve heard of the town before, and saw it on the map, but never considered it an actual destination for my travels. I traveled there with my family, and I was surprised, there are so many interesting […]

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Florida’s Nature Coast Is The Best Places To Swim With Manatees

Swimming with manatees on Florida Nature Coast is one of the best things to do, a unique experience everyone should do at least one time in their life. One of the biggest draws is you can bring your kids with you, making a whole family experience. There are many places to do it, but for […]

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Manasota Key Florida: Things to Do, Where to Stay, Attractions

A few years back my husband and I decided to start traveling with our kids to Florida for the holidays. This is where my family lives. We kept it up for the past few years to the point that it has now become a full-on tradition. This time we visit Manasota Key, and here I […]

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Jungle Island Zoo in Miami FL: Things To Do and Info – Much More Than a Zoo

The main draw that I had for Jungle Island in Miami Florida, while doing searches for what to do with kids in Miami, was their animal interaction tours and shows. Walking past animal enclosures is one thing, but having contact with animals and seeing them in educational shows is what really brings that animal to […]

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Hilton Garden Inn Charleston and Why You Should Visit it Too

Each year, my husband and I have a few days for a romantic getaway while our kiddies are with my parents getting their grandparents quality time in. This year the featured destination – Charleston, South Carolina. And we decided to start at the Hilton Garden Inn, here’s my review. Interestingly enough, I’ve been along the […]

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From Hiking to Water Sports: Discover the Best Things to Do in Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is a stunning destination nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, attracting visitors from all around the world. Known for its crystal-clear waters, breathtaking mountain scenery, and an abundance of outdoor activities, Lake Tahoe offers a diverse range of experiences for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. Whether you’re seeking an adrenaline rush, relaxation, or […]

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Places to Visit in NYC

New York City is a true dream for all sorts of travelers. When I lived in NYC I was single, so I always thought of this city as non-kid-friendly. Now that I have two little men, I have returned numerous times to visit the city and am in complete awe how much there is to […]

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Shelbourne Resort: Beach Resort for the Family in Miami Beach, Florida

We’ve started a new tradition. For the past four years in a row, we’ve gone on a family vacation in Florida to visit my parents. This year, we decided to spread our wings and make it more than just a family visit, but explore some areas too. First place on our list – Miami Beach! With […]

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Fenway Park Fun Facts: A Baseball Game In Boston With Kids

My kids are growing up in Central America where football (soccer) rules over any other sports event. Even though in Nicaragua (almost a neighboring country) the national sport is baseball, you barely hear about it. And you definitely don’t have any stadiums where it is played and considered as a religious, fanatical event like in […]

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PGA National Resort and Spa Review – Family (Holiday) Fun

Every year when visiting my parents for the Holidays in December we like to go away as a family for a couple of nights to the neighboring resorts in South Florida. This year, we chose PGA National Resort and Spa in Palm Beach. Visiting West Palm Beach, we have passed this resort many times and […]

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Funky Fish Ocean Camp: A Must Do in Fort Lauderdale With Kids

One thing I found out about Fort Lauderdale, aside the fact that it is a huge beach town, is that most of the hotels don’t really offer any full-on kids activities. Like our hotel – The Hilton Fort Lauderdale Resort. Even though the city is flooded with resorts of all shapes and sizes, I was […]

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Mine Tour in New Jersey: Sterling Hill Mine Museum Review

New Jersey is an interesting state. It lies across the river from Manhattan and borders NY state. NJ, the Flower State, is known for the ‘Jersey Shore’ which is in the southern part of the state, suburbia, malls in the middle, and parks in the north. Personally, I think Northern Jersey is one of the […]

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