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Diamond Club, VIP Experience: The Only Way to a Enjoy a Baseball Game

Diamond Club, VIP Experience, washington nationals game

Here’s the deal.

I’m not a fan of baseball, or any team sports in general.

However, that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t expose my kids to everything out there, and not shed my opinion on them.

And, when I have the chance to do it in VIP style, even more so.

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PNC Diamond Club, VIP Experience, washington nationals game

An old childhood friend, who now lives in Washington DC, gifted me tickets to see the Washington Nationals Premium PNC Diamond Seating.

How can I possibly say no to that?

PNC Diamond Club, private seating, VIP tickets, vip baseball tickets

About 5 years ago, I took my kids to see the Iconic Red Sox of Boston, in the oldest US stadium play.

They lasted about 15 minutes. And since my husband, my brother nor I are big fans, we couldn’t justify to a two year old and an eight year old that me spending several hundred of dollars was good reason to stay.

So since then, I haven’t brought up going to another baseball game.

But with our PNC Diamond Club tickets in hand, my oldest boy got excited as I did to check it out.

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pnc diamond club smorgasbord, private seating, vip seating, vip dining

Diamond Club, VIP Experience at the Washington Nationals Game – What to Expect

  1. VIP Entrance – you have your own separate entrance, and can easily cut the line. Which is a huge perk when the lines are long and the sun is bright
  2. Private dining – all you can eat free buffet and drinks, including beer and wine
  3. Outdoor seating for the private dining – this can either be done with a reservation or arriving early so you can enjoy the seating outdoors. We preferred the indoor seating because it was really hot that day.
  4. National anthem and first ceremonial pitch up close – we got to hear it all as though we were right there in the field with them
  5. Home plate seating – we were literally sitting at the home plate. You can get any better than that.
  6. Wait service – we had our own waitress bring us anything we wanted at absolutely no extra charge.

vip seating, homeplate seats, washington nationals stadium, baseball game with kids

So I’m not going to lie. I don’t think I can ever do any sporting event in any other style other than VIP, premium way.

Call me spoiled, I’ll take it.

But I also see this as a great way to filter out what I do go and see. If VIP seating isn’t available. It’s not happening.

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national anthem at baseball game, vip seating, homeplate seats, washington nationals stadium, baseball game with kids

We were literally at arms length from all the action.

national anthem at baseball game dimond club

First ceremonial pitch – we heard it loud and clear.

ceremonial first pitch, washington nationals

But the best part of it all wasn’t the seating or the wait service or the nonstop food and beer. But spending quality time with my son. 

Now that is priceless!

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