Visit Spain and Travel

Spain is one of the most diverse geographical and cultural countries in the world. There’s so much to see in your visit to Spain.

It has some big attractions, if you are a football fan, you can go to Camp Nou. It’s soo big!. But there is a lot of other places to go, towns to visit, you can go hiking.

The land of Paella and La Tomatina festival is waiting for you. With a lot of stunning landscapes, beautiful towns, and amazing food.

Find out where to eat, stay and play with your family while traveling to Spain.

Family friendly hotels, restaurants and tours.

What to do in Seville, Andalusia

When thinking about Spain as a tourist destination, all that comes to mind are colorful cities, vibrant sceneries, and stunning architecture. All Spanish cities reflect multicultural vibes that tourists seek for a perfect getaway. One of the cities that best represents Spanish culture is Andalusia, particularly its capital city: Sevilla. Arabs, Romans, and Jewish have left […]

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What You Need to Know About Using Metro in Barcelona, Spain

Public transportation is a whole deal and adeventure on his own when you travel to a new destinations, many tourist like to avoid it others don’t but it’s one of the best ways to immerse in the local culture of the country.

In today’s podcast, I’m going to be talking about the Barcelona Metro System, what do you need to know and many useful tips about it.

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An Ode to the Bon Bon Coffee in Spain (Coffee Lovers Delight)

Every place have its own unique thing, and Spain is very well-known for Paellas, Tapas and flamenco, but something that’s unique about Spain and is not really well known is its coffee culture and the Bon Bon Coffee.

I’m going to be talking about the Bon Bon Coffee in Spain and what’s special about it.

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Top 3 Bikepacking and Touring Routes In Spain

Bikepacking and Touring are popular activities in Spain, with great options for bike touring and even bikepacking. Spain is an interesting place for bike touring, with a mix of rolling hills and coastal cities, giving you plenty to explore on two wheels. Hundreds of places make for great routes in Spain, but these three will […]

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Wine and Chips: A Local Specialty of Reus, Spain

What is the first thing most people do almost unconsciously when traveling to a new city? Eat and Drink! and Reus was not the exception for us, local food and drinks are a must try.

In today’s podcasts, I’m going to be talking about local specialty in Reus, I’m going to let you know what most people drink and eat in Reus, Spain.

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Rock Climbing and Gyms in Reus Spain

Reus is a small city in Spain, and one of the spots for climbers, it has some of the best local gym and is really close to famous rock climbing spots like Siruana.

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Renaissance Marriott Barcelona Fira Hotel Review, Spain

Looking for a place to stay in Barcelona, Spain can be easy, but there are so many options you just can’t decide, but, the Renaissance Marriott Fira Hotel is a sure bet.

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Bandida Beach Bar: A Hidden Gem in Tarragona, Spain

I’m going to be talking about Bandida beach bar in La Savinosa Beach, Tarragona, and my adventure of finding a hidden gem.

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How Many Days in Barcelona Do You Need?

One of the biggest mistakes you could make while traveling to a new place is not ascertaining where you would want to live, and how much of the new environment you intend to soak up and enjoy. There is much more to travel and exploration beyond the discovery of a new place. There is the […]

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14 La Sagrada Familia Facts: Iconic and A Must-Visit for Everyone

La Sagrada Familia is almost synonymous with Barcelona. Whenever you hear either said you immediately think of one or the other. It’s like the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building and New York City. Here are some of the best facts about La Sagrada Família. With so much hype around this landmark, finding […]

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10 Best Cities to Enjoy Tapas in Spain

Flamenco, paella, beaches… These are only a couple of things that Spain is well-known for around the globe. Every year, thousands of travelers visit the country to discover its rich culture and traditions. But among those traditions, one stands out above the others: the tapa. Going out for tapas (ir de tapeo as it’s called […]

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30 Facts About Casa Batllo and Its Design You Need To Know

If there is one structure to visit in Barcelona outside of La Familia Sagrada and that is Casa Batllo. Antoni Gaudí’s most definitive artist work, by far. Here are some facts about Casa Batllo and many more useful information Antoni Gaudí Casa Batllo Facts The building, where Casa Batlló stands was built between 1875 and 1877 […]

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17 Facts About Parc Güell, The Unfinished Creation of Gaudí

If you don’t know what to do in Barcelona, you can easily stick to the Antoni Gaudí route, and chances are you will not only visit all of his masterpieces that have become more than iconic but even the face of Barcelona itself. I’m going to tell you the history and facts of Parc Güell […]

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Tour Ideas While You Travel to Barcelona

If you’ve gone for a visit to Barcelona, you have to know you can’t jam everything you need to see in one visit. This is not one of those cities you get to visit once and move on! The culture, the architecture, the history, the food, and the surroundings are so diverse and alluring that […]

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5 Most Popular Small Towns in Majorca

It’s no surprise to hear that Majorca is one of, if not the top location for sun-seeking Brits every summer. Whether you hit the island to party in Palma and Magaluf or stay in a holiday rental, so you can live your best Love Island-inspired life, there’s something for everyone here. But Majorca’s insane popularity […]

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Vacations in Calpe: What to See, How to Get There and More

The small but charming Spanish coastal town of Calpe is an hour’s drive from Alicante airport and well connected. The main economic driver seems to be tourism, as the town is also known for its fishing, but there are other factors that make a big contribution. Here are the best things to see in Calpe […]

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Taking a Paella Cooking Class in Valencia, Spain

Paella is a typical Spanish dish that is popular in Valencia. It is made up of rice, vegetables, meat and seafood. It is one of the most famous dishes in Spain because it has been a part of Spanish culture for centuries.

Valencia’s paella cooking class will teach you how to make the perfect paella. You will learn about the different ingredients and how to cook them properly and in this podcast I’m going to tell you my whole from farm to table experience in a paella cooking class in Valencia, Spain!

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Where to go in Spain: Best Places to visit

When looking to travel to Spain, the number of choices to make can be overwhelming. There are so many incredible places, so knowing where to go in Spain can be a day-long discussion. So, instead of looking at different places in isolation, let’s divide up the country in a different way: Cities, villages, and coastlines. From gritty […]

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10 Things to Consider When Planning a Trip to Spain

Are you planning a trip to Spain? Before you go, make sure you have everything in order by following our simple traveler’s guide. Are you the type of person who loves exploring the world? There’s nothing better than getting away from home and traveling to new destinations. The world is full of exotic, beautiful countries […]

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Barcelona Gothic Quarter: What You Will Learn and See On a Walking Tour

Before arriving to any new destination, researching the place is not only common, but a smart thing to do. Unless you totally want to wing it, which is fun, but when you have kids, winging anything is more of a hassle than the joy of it. So when I started my orientation of Best Barcelona […]

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