Visit Spain and Travel

Spain is one of the most diverse geographical and cultural countries in the world. There’s so much to see in your visit to Spain.

It has some big attractions, if you are a football fan, you can go to Camp Nou. It’s soo big!. But there is a lot of other places to go, towns to visit, you can go hiking.

The land of Paella and La Tomatina festival is waiting for you. With a lot of stunning landscapes, beautiful towns, and amazing food.

Find out where to eat, stay and play with your family while traveling to Spain.

Family friendly hotels, restaurants and tours.

Barcelona Biking: A Few Rules You Must Know

Biking offers riders a means of transport, exercise, and fun. With more effort being put into the city of Barcelona to make it more bike-friendly, there has been a notable increase in the number of people that ride bikes recently. Just like vehicles, there are rules for biking in Barcelona. Since Bike Tour Barcelona offers […]

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5 Colorful Spanish Summer Festivals You Must Experience

Spain’s the perfect destination for sun and seaside fun. Yet it offers particular magic during the summer months, when small villages and larger cities alike spring to life with a full calendar of festivals. Many of these celebrate a particular harvest or religious figure, drawing residents out to gather for music and costumed processions. Here […]

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Things to Do in Costa Brava for Families

This year, plan the best family holiday filled with fun and adventure by booking a trip to Costa Brava. With this region encompassing the best of what Spain has to offer, there’ll be something for every member of the family to enjoy! Related Read: Siurana, Spain – The Hollywood of Climbing Here are some of […]

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Rock Climbing Spain, Camping and So Much More in Siurana, Spain

GUEST POST by Brandon Villatoro (Travel Experta’s Son) When I was 11 years old my family had an idea which was to go to Spain and rock climb. And that is exactly what we did. We went to Siurana, Spain in Catalonia. This area is considered to be one of the best climbing places in […]

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Parque Gaudi: Parc Güell, The Unfinished Creation of Antoni Gaudí

If you don’t know what to do in Barcelona, you can easily stick to the Antoni Gaudí route and chances are you will not only visit all of his masterpieces that have become more than iconic but even the face of Barcelona itself. Although there are tons of Antoni Gaudí places to visit in Barcelona, […]

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Casa Batllo Gaudi In Barcelona

If there is one structure to visit in Barcelona outside of La Familia Sagrada and that is Casa Batllo. Antoni Gaudí’s most definitive artist work by far, any. Antoni Gaudí Casa Batllo Facts The building where Casa Batlló stands, built between 1875 and 1877 by Emilio Salas Cortés, who was one of Gaudí‘s teachers. It was […]

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La Sagrada Familia Barcelona – Iconic and A Must-Visit for Everyone

La Sagrada Familia is almost synonymous with Barcelona. Whenever you hear either said you immediately think of one or the other. It’s like the Statue of Liberty or Empire State Building and New York City. With so much hype around this landmark, finding a tour operator or guide for making it a truly memorable experience for […]

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5 Day Road Trip Itinerary from Barcelona – Spain Travel

Barcelona is a must visit place while traveling around Spain. It is one of its most historic and unique cities, filled with things to do, places to visit, and amazing restaurants. The capital of Catalonia is also a great starting point for a fun road trip toward the beautiful Costa Brava. The road will take […]

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How To Plan Your Perfect Boat Trip To Ibiza

Ibiza is one of the hottest vacation destinations anywhere in the world, a gorgeous Balearic Island just off the easternmost coast of Spain, one of the largest cities and communities in the entire Balearic Islands region. Known all over the world for its incredible nightlife, the electronic music festivals held, and the summertime club scene […]

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Top 5 Family Friendly Things to Do in Barcelona

When you think about traveling to Europe there are a few cities that pop into your mind. Until recently Barcelona was one of them. I had always been extremely attracted to it. So I couldn’t miss the opportunity to go during a recent visit to Spain.Short list of five of the best family-friendly things to […]

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Siurana, Spain – The Hollywood of Climbing

Arriving to Siurana, Spain’s climbing heaven was the same as arriving to Mecca for my husband. He wasn’t the only one drawn to this place. Within three minutes of our arrival and check in into our Siurana Camping Mobile Home, the owners told us that Sasha Gerzha, one of the world’s champions of climbing is in the bungalow right […]

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Fun Facts About Sacromonte – Visit Granada Spain

Sacromonte Granada has got to be one of my family’s and mine favorite spots in Spain. Not only is it the home of Flamenco Dancing and the Gitanos (gypsies), its unique layout is incredibly different than anywhere else. Including the cave houses. 12 Sacromonte Facts – Visit Granada Spain Sacromonte is a neighborhood of Granada in […]

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Flamenco Dance – The Mystery, The History, The Fun of Spanish Culture

Flamenco Dance is all you think it can be. Dramatic, sad, passionate, heart wrenching and sensual. The history, even though most of it was undocumented, is one of the layers that makes this dance and music so essential for the Spanish culture. Fun Facts About Flamenco Dance Flamenco history has only been documented for the […]

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Teleferico de Madrid – Madrid’s Cableway – Is it Worth the Time and Money?

Madrid, as with most of Spain’s cities, has a Teleferico, Cableway (in English). It takes you over the city to its highest peak. Is the Teleferico de Madrid Worth the Money? Before arriving to Madrid I was recommended a number of different Madrid attractions: Prado Museum Royal Palace Flamenco Show Real Madrid Stadium tour (if you can’t […]

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No Visit is Complete Without a Trip to Camp Nou Barcelona

There are tons of Barcelona tourist attractions but there was a main thing that my family wanted to do. Traveling Spain with two football fans makes it difficult to escape the Barca magic. Since we were in Barcelona when no games were played, we did the next best thing – tour of Camp Nou Barcelona. […]

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Barcelona Gothic Quarter Walking Tour – Family Friendly

Before arriving to any new destination, researching the place is not only common, but a smart thing to do. Unless you totally want to wing it, which is fun, but when you have kids, winging anything is more of a hassle than the joy of it. So when I started my orientation of Best Barcelona […]

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Simon Coll – Chocolate Tour in Barcelona

Living with a family of chocolate lovers, the idea of visiting one of the most popular chocolatiers in Spain, Simon Coll, was a must do. Visiting and Touring Simon Coll Simon Coll is located about 45 minutes outside of Barcelona. What’s great about the area that Simon Coll is located in, is that it’s also the […]

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Vilarnau – Family Friendly Cava Winery Tour in Barcelona

Visiting Napa Valley over twenty years ago hooked me onto wine tours. Since then, whenever possible, I make sure to visit a local winery. So how could I miss out on a tour while in Spain? Interestingly enough though, when you travel with kids it’s a whole different experience when it comes to wine tours. […]

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Barcelona City Tour on Bikes – The Best Way to See the City

Where to start when visiting Barcelona? My family’s favorite way to get to know a city is by taking a bike tour. That is exactly what we did. The one main issue with bike tours is that not every company works with young kids, under 16, who need smaller bikes and bike seats to attach to the parent’s bike. […]

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Finding the Best Vacation Rental with SH Barcelona, Spain

What is the cure for peaceful, relaxed travel? Short term vacation rental. Those four words can literally save your trip. Barcelona, Spain is a city that needs to be explored for more than four days. If possible a week. Did you know that Barcelona is absolutely humongous? There are at least six different neighborhoods that […]

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