8 Best Road Trip Destinations in the United States You Can’t Miss

If you are a traveler, you will find road trips to be one of the best and most interesting options for an enhanced traveling experience while enjoying some of the most scenic drives in the US. In fact, it can be one of the best options to move through the coastal views, rugged mountains, charming cities and towns, and whatever you are in love with. It can be an excellent and intimate personal experience only those who love traveling can enjoy. If you have been finding it difficult to find the right destination for your itinerary, here are a few best options for you, a list of the best road trips in the United States.

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Nothing can be more interesting than sitting behind the wheel on a car and enjoying the great natural beauty surrounding you, most of those road trips can be done in an RV too. If you are a travel connoisseur, you will definitely understand those feelings and excitement. Of course, if you do not have a car or are a visitor to the USA – you can opt for car rental services like Driveboo for a truly personalized experience.  These are indeed one of the cheapest options for the US region and offer you insurance for rented cars. You may opt for a rental car at the airport or at any of the US cities at your convenience.

Best Road Trips in the US

Columbia River Highway

Columbia River Highway road trip destinations usa

Image Courtesy – Flickr

Located outside Oregon, the 74-mile highway offers you stunning views of waterfalls, rivers, bridges, and mountains. Running along the Columbia River George, the highway can be cleared in one day, or you may decide to make it a two-day extravaganza by staying at a lodge or camp.

The location also offers you a good option for watching wildlife. It also has other attractions like Multnomah and Horsetail Falls.

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Blue Ridge Parkway

Blue Ridge Parkway

Image Courtesy – blueridgeparkway.org

That is a part of the 755 km stretch of the road connecting Shenandoah National Park in Virginia to the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. In fact, the Blue Ridge Parkway is banned from any commercial activity, billboards, and any commercial traffic; it should be an excellent drive.

You can enjoy the scenic US through the parkway. The 45 km speed limit can add up to your pleasure of enjoying nature leisurely.

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Red Rock Country – Arizona

Red Rock Country

Image Courtesy – TripAdvisor

One of the unique road trip options, this can be one of the typical entries in any of the best roads list. In sharp contrast to the journey through the mountains and scenic greenery, the Red Rock mountains of Arizona take you through the endless stretches of the desserts and the enormous rock mountains.

With the red spread all over, you will find it an exciting option as if you are on Mars. You can also check out the National Monument/ancient cliff or visit Rock State Park.

Arkansas Highway

Arkansas Highway

Image Credit – Arkansas.com

The Arkansas Highway 7 Scenic Byway is around 290 miles and should take approximately two days to travel. It takes you through the pine and hardwood forests, rivers, and high hills. There is Ozark and Ouachita National Forest sen route, and you can enjoy the scenic wildlife in an inspiring atmosphere. You may even visit the small friendly towns throughout the way.

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Pacific Coast Highway 1

Pacific Coast Highway 1

Image Credit – TravelChannel

Of course, the highway is another matter altogether and offers you an excellent view. It should be a dream come true for road trip lovers, but if you are pressed for time – the stretch between Monterey and Big Sur can be quite pleasing. You can opt for whale watching or check out the sea lions. It also provides you with some of the best American lookout points like Bixby Bridge or Point Sur and the Point Sur Lighthouse.

Cape Cod – Massachusetts

Cape Cod Massachusetts

Image credit – Encyclopedia Britannica

The drive along Cape Cod is indeed one of the most Historical and scenic Routes in the US. The entire stretch is home to the dune lands and historic villages. These villages were established as early as 1639. The pine/ oak forest and randomly placed freshwater ponds are a few other attractions.

Olympic Peninsula – Washington

Olympic Peninsula – Washington

Image Credit – imgur

It is a 330-mile loop journey that you can choose to go either clockwise or anti-clockwise. Experience the shorelines, beautiful waterfalls, and small towns on the route. Enjoy Lake Crescent which has been rated as the most beautiful lake in the US. You can also take a hike through the Hoh and Quinault rainforests.

Brandywine Valley – Pennsylvania and Delaware

Brandywine Valley Pennsylvania and Delaware road trip destinations usa

Image Courtesy – nationalgeographic.com

This should be the shortest road trip among all those listed in this compilation. If you love history, this is what should take you back int history. The route takes you through the château country and summer estates, narrow wildflower-lined roads and the nature at its best. The oak and tulip trees adorn the road all along. If you had the time head to Miton and visit Dogfish Head, one of the best breweries in the US.

Well, those were our chosen the best road trips for those willing to take up one in the US. Not that these are all the US has to offer, but we have made it a point to present you the crème de la crème. Enjoy your Journey!

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Last Updated on September 3, 2023

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