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Inflatable Paddle boarding and 7 Other Water Sports to Try While Traveling

Traveling is all about new experiences, adventure, and leaving stress from daily life behind. That’s why if you ever travel to a natural attraction and are feeling like trying something new you should consider one of the following water sports. they are the perfect way to take full advantage of rivers, beaches, or lakes near you.Top eight Water Sports to Try While Traveling.Take a look at this article if you are looking for inspiration on the adventure travel.

For some, you don’t even need travel guides, just equipment rental.

I know that summer is almost gone but the countries near the equator offer warm climates combined with beaches and lakes all year long, so you get to enjoy water sports all year long.

Personally, I’m not a water lover but my sons and husband love it and are always looking for a way to get in some additional excitement in the water into our vacations. So we have done plenty of these water sports. Here are some of their favorite so far:

Water Sports to Try While Traveling

Paddle boarding and Other Fun Water Sports for Travelers

Below is general information about some of the top water sports to try while traveling.

Stand-up Paddling

This one is a weird combination between paddling on a boat and surfing. For this sport, you need to have enough balance and coordination to be able to stand over the board while paddling. Aside from being a fun activity, it is also a great way to transport yourself over the water and a fun way to race anyone traveling with you.

Recently and inflatable paddle board has become a more affordable and portable option to the rigid ones.


This can be done in two very different ways. One of them is leisurely paddling away through a relaxed river or lake near the shore. These usually allow you to explore the beauty of the surroundings.

You can also take these to fast rivers and have some adrenaline-filled fun day trying not to fall in the rapids.

Which one would you choose?

Jet Skiing

Thrill-seekers tend to love jet skiing because of the fast speed that can be reached. As long as the environment is safe, and there aren’t people nearby you even get to do some fun races.

The best part about them is that you don’t have to be an expert to drive them. It is extremely easy to drive them. Even if you haven’t done it before, ask for the renter to give you a quick tutorial and off you go. Plus they are rented by the hour in tons and tons of places around the world.

Banana Boat Ride

These inflatable bananas are an amazing option for the whole family. You all get to sit on it while a small boat pulls from it. This is an exciting bumpy ride that everyone can enjoy since there isn’t too much risk of falling over.

Plus you are always made to wear a life jacket at all time.

Depending on your age and skill level you can ask for the boat to go faster or slower. So it can be customized to fit all ages and tastes.


Rafting takes you cruising through river rapids. It is also an example of teamwork where you all need to be in communication and work on time to be able to direct the boat and avoid the dangerous parts of the river.

The difficulty of this sport is mandated by the water levels of the river and of how fast the rapids are. Some are slow enough for families that know how to swim and some others are meant only for professionals.

Water Sports to Try While Traveling

Surfing Lessons

Places like the Pacific coast of Central America offer great beaches for those who want to learn all about how to surf. The best part is that you can visit them year-round. Guatemala, El Salvador, and Costa Rica offer some of the best options as far as I know.

My family and I have tried some lessons in all three countries.

They also have beaches with strong tides and big waves that expert surfers can also get a fund couple of days out of before moving to the next beach.

Go Sailing in Seach of Local Wildlife

This is an activity that we have enjoyed on the Caribbean side of Central America and places like Florida. These trips are a great and relaxing way to explore off of the shores of wherever you are traveling.

In some areas of the world, you might be able to see colorful fish through the crystal clear water. In some other cases, you might be able to find yourself sailing next to dolphins and whales.

Most tours take you out for lunch, making it an even better experience. This, I must confess is my favorite so far, since I don’t have to be in direct contact with water.

Diving and/or Snorkeling in Coral Reefs

Ok, I’ll repeat it! I am not a water person but snorkeling is something that I ended up enjoying. These tours offer a combination of relaxed sailing with being able to swim with all kinds of colorful creatures.

You do need special training for diving that takes a few weeks at a certified academy, so it won’t be a quick thing, but I have heard of people who dedicate a whole vacation to learning how to do this properly to be able to go on deeper water to enjoy its beauties.

Now that you have learned about these eight exciting options, which one would you choose for your next vacation? As you will see, even people who aren’t fans of playing in water can have a great time while trying at least one of these ones. So which one is it going to be?

Out of all of these the only one that my family I haven’t tried is paddle boarding, but trust me, it is high on my family’s bucket list and we want to include it in our plans for upcoming adventures. It sounds like a lot of fun once you learn how not to fall off of it.

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