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Useful Things To Know About Las Vegas

The home of casinos worldwide, Las Vegas sits alone at the pinnacle of this exciting industry.

Packed with excitement, this amazing city is home to many of the finest casinos on the planet, including some of the most iconic names in the game.

In this article, we will offer up some useful things to know about Las Vegas, from the best spots to eat, live music offerings, and, of course, the best Vegas casinos! Once you’re finished here, check out this guide from to make your plan even better.

So, without further ado, let’s get started with our guide to Las Vegas in 2021 with a peek at some of the finest casinos in town.

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Las Vegas casinos and more

Let’s start with a casino unlike any on the planet. The Bellagio is renowned as a top poker destination worldwide and, as one of the best casinos in Vegas, the pots here can reach seven figures. Packed with restaurants, bars, and even an indoor garden, the water fountain is up there with the most famous on earth.

Next we have the mighty Stratosphere, a huge tower-based casino made up of some 80,000 square feet of casino fun. With over 1,500 slot and video poker games, this might just be the top place in Vegas for slots enthusiasts. Another famous element of this spot is the roller coaster that’s wrapped around the peak of this building in downtown Vegas. The views are insane!

Then there’s the MGM Grand, the biggest hotel in the USA and one of the country’s most incredible places to stay. In terms of casino fun, the MGM Grand has thousands of slots and card choices in addition to America’s top sports betting area, a rapidly growing sector. On top of this, the arena here has played host to some of history’s top boxing and MMA bouts.

Las Vegas food, drink and leisure

Whilst Vegas is certainly focused on casino fun, there is much more to Sin City than gambling!

There are tons of things to do in Las Vegas.

Indeed, this is where you can catch a performance from a live band or act in between gambling. Whether a full orchestra, a soloist playing guitar, piano, or simply their voice in the old-fashioned Rat Pack sense, a live music act is a must when visiting Vegas!

Why do casinos play live music? Well, it’s to entertain of course, but there’s another reason. Music has been shown to increase feelings of confidence when enjoying top Las Vegas casinos. So, a band or singer adds to the sense that you’re living your own movie, which of course makes those purse strings a little looser!

With amazing food and drink, gourmands won’t go far wrong in Vegas. You can even find food challenges in Las Vegas. But you can head to Le Cirque for top French cuisines like caviar, truffle, and foie gras, or head to Mr. Mamas to enjoy a real old-school diner that’s nonetheless seriously memorable. Meat eater? Head to EDGE, located in the Westgate hotel and casino, just off Paradise Road, for a seriously amazing steakhouse. 

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