International Travel Destinations

Traveling is one of the most awesome things a person can do, alone or with your family, here you can find a lot of destinations to travel internationally. 

Get yourself ready and prepare to read and live the most awesome and authentic adventures. Full of beautiful landscapes, friendly people, and delicious food.

You sure will get yourself packed with a lot of different cultures and history.

What international travel destinations are family friendly and fun for everyone?

From Central America to Spain, taking a break in the United States, here you will find out where we’ve been and review the different destinations over the world

The Best 13 Things to Do in Monteverde, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a great place for all kinds of travelers, but especially nature lovers. Monteverde is one of those areas of the country where you can get adventure and nature all at once. There are so many Things to Do in Monteverde that you might get overwhelmed with all the options. It is also […]

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Travel Guide To Drake Bay Costa Rica Beaches, Parks And Waterfalls

Drake Bay Costa Rica is located in the Osa Peninsula and is known as one of the most remote and peaceful places in the country since it can only be accessed by boat. It is also pretty popular among the people interested in eco-tourism for being so close to the famous Corcovado National Park. – […]

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6 Restaurant In Guatemala: Best Places To Eat

I have lived in Guatemala for many years and have taken the time to explore it. Most of my readers know this, so I get tons of emails every day asking for all sorts of tips and recommendations. One of the most common questions is, where do I go for a good meal? So I […]

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Costa Rica SODA’S Local Restaurants

Costa Rica Soda’s If you are going to travel to Costa Rica, you will want to eat the food people usually eat there, that’s normal! You can go to expensive restaurants, but to truly have a cultural and nice trip, you should eat at a local restaurant in Costa Rica. What are local restaurants called […]

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Facts for Travelers About Lake Atitlan Guatemala

Lake Atitlan Facts For Travelers The entire Atitlan Lake, which is ten miles at its widest, was formed thousands of years ago in the crater of a massive volcano. It’s so deep, over a mile down, that many scuba divers wonder if some rare marine creature will emerge one day. The lake, with its incredible […]

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A Family Adventure To The Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica

There are many stories about how remote yet interesting the Osa Peninsula is. Articles on the internet assure that it was a great place for adventurers. Since I’m always looking for new and fun things to do with my family, so my husband and I decided to head off to the Osa Peninsula of Costa […]

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Top 17 Useful San Jose Travel Tips

The San Jose area is filled with so many great places to visit, fantastic restaurants & luxury hotels. Just coming here and experiencing some of the things it offers is great, but if you want to fully enjoy this place, check out these travel recommendations: San Jose Costa Rica Travel Tips Hotel and Tour Reservations […]

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What to Do in Arenal in Costa Rica – 6 Places to Visit

You can find many great volcanoes in Costa Rica, but nothing like Arenal Volcano is a 1.633 meter high mountain with a perfect conic shape and a crater of 140 meters. It was asleep for hundreds of years and had a single crater with minor fumaroles covered by dense vegetation. Then in 1968 it had […]

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Costa Rican Central Valley Facts And Information For Travelers

The Central Valley Region of Costa Rica is almost always forgotten by travelers but it is a lot more than a stopover. There are lots of fun activities to be done like active volcanoes (Poas and Irazu Volcanoes), day tours to coffee plantations, canopy tours, whitewater rafting adventures and so much more. Get more detailed […]

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Costa Rica Wildlife: 4 Types of Monkeys From Costa Rica

Monkeys From Costa Rica Did you know that there are over 200 mammal species living in Costa Rica? Are there monkeys in Costa Rica? Did you know that out of the 200 species, 100 of them are bats and only four are monkeys! Yet, the chances of seeing a monkey while visiting Costa Rica are […]

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Discover Arcas Guatemala Wildlife Rescue Center

ARCAS Guatemala ARCAS Guatemala wildlife rescue center is an organization that has been working really hard to preserve the local wildlife for over 20 years with a small rescue center fighting to get and rehabilitate as many animals that have been confiscated by the government from the black market. Now it is one of Guatemala’s […]

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Antigua Guatemala Facts And History Every Traveler Should Know

Antigua Guatemala Facts Sitting beautifully between three volcanoes: Acatenango, Fuego, and Agua, Antigua is more than just a fabled colonial, cobblestoned street filled with delicious restaurants, luxury hotels, colorful homes, and popular Spanish Schools. It still preserves the same majesty it did when it was the epicenter of Central America’s power during the 17th and […]

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Guatemala Travel – 12 Interesting Facts About Tikal, Guatemala

Tikal, Guatemala Facts Guatemala might not be the most well-known country among travelers. But if you talk to someone and mention the words “Tikal Mayan Ruins“, chances are that people will instantly recognize it. That is because of its historical importance and the fact that it is one of the largest known Mayan cities. That […]

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Tikal National Park, Guatemala – The Greatest Ruin in the World

Guatemalan Ruins Since I started blogging, I’ve been really lucky to meet some great blogger friends. This is one of my favorite blogs that I’ve been reading daily! Dave and Deb, Canada’s Adventure Couple, have traveled to way more places than I ever had, and it’s hard for me to keep up with all their […]

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Family Adventure in Poas Volcano National Park

If you were to travel in Costa Rica, there is this one venue that you may want to consider adding to your traveling list, Poas Volcano National Park. This volcano is active, but you will not be able to notice an eruption or lava flow as you visit the park. Best time to visit the […]

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The Manuel Antonio National Park Beaches And Activities

I’m sure most of you love luxury hotels, great restaurants, and enjoying nature. Well, I happen to know a place in Costa Rica where you will find all that and is located only 7km away from a town called Quepos. I’m talking about The Manuel Antonio National Park. This is the second most visited park […]

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Fun Facts About San Jose Costa Rica

San Jose is normally just a stopover after you fly into the international airport and move on to your next destination. But this pulsating cultural capital of Costa Rica so much more than that. In it, you will find museums, theaters, delicious international restaurants, and great shopping. My advice for travelers is to make this […]

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5 Top Places to Visit in Guatemala

Guatemala is a small country in Central America that packs a lot of things to do and to see in relatively few kilometers. You may be thinking, where to visit in Guatemala? Once you do some research, you will start finding more and more and more things to do in different areas of the country, […]

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Wildlife in Central America – The Top 5 Destinations To See Animals In The Wild

With an intense environment and unique geography, Central America is made up of a series of naturally beautiful landscapes, many of which are home to rare and exotic wildlife not easily seen in other countries across the world. Many species of animals prefer to live in tropical areas, so Central America is an ideal habitat, […]

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Top Things to Do In Guatemala City – Family Staycation

  So what’s a staycation? To me it means either doing a small vacation like trip (either day trip or multi-day trip) that is super close to home. And that is exactly what we did! Our chosen location, one least thought of for people who live in Antigua, Guatemala, Guatemala City. With my husband working […]

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