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New York CityPASS – 6 Top NYC Attractions All in One Go

New York is one overwhelming city. Just the thought of what to do and where to go makes you wonder if you’ll see anything at all.

Narrowing things down sure is helpful.

6 Top NYC Attractions 

If I was to be asked what are the most popular things to see and do in NYC these are the first that come to my mind:

1. Empire States Building 

Top NYC Attractions
Empire State Building

2. Metropolitan Museum of Art

top nyc attractions - metropolitan museum of art

3. American Museum of Natural History

Museum of Natural History - NYC

4. Circle Line

top nyc attractions - circle line nyc

5. Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

These were my picks, and when I did a search on budget traveling to NYC and how to save money to visit most of the above, New York CityPASS was recommended to me by several friends and then when I got to the page I couldn’t believe they covered all of these and also one extra (which is definitely an awesome place to visit, simply wasn’t a brainstorm idea).

6. Guggenheim Museum

How to Use the CityPASS for New York

New York CityPass

1. CityPASS is a booklet. You simply go to the attractions and they tear off

2. Most places allow you to cut through the wait and just show your booklet, they tear out the ticket and you are in!

3. Once you start using the booklet, you have 9 days from the date.

4. How to Buy it – I do all my shopping online. Love the click and buy option. It was sent to my home and viola.

However, you can also go to one of the attractions and buy it there with all the savings.


8 thoughts on “New York CityPASS – 6 Top NYC Attractions All in One Go

  1. I can never decide if I want to visit New York or not. I think overwhelming is a good way to describe it…so big, so many people.

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