Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in Tennessee You Need to Visit

Tennessee is a state that has everything, thriving cities, great music, football, and amazing people. With so much to do, where are the best places to visit? Find out what the most beautiful places in Tennessee are. My favorite places from Tennessee that I would recommend to anyone. Take a look at places to visit in Tennessee during USA Travel.

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Beautiful Places To Visit in Tennessee

Whether you already live in the Southeast or you’re far out West, Tennessee is a great place to visit for its lively scenes and scenery. If you’re looking for an adventure, a road trip through Tennessee should definitely be on your bucket list. And, if you don’t know where the most beautiful places in Tennessee are, then you’re in the right place.

There are many beautiful towns and mountainsides and plateaus spread throughout this great Southeastern state. On any given day, the sun is probably shining at some point and the temperate climate makes it a great place to visit almost any time of year.

Here, we’re talking about some of the best places to visit in Tennessee so that you can make an informed decision about where you want to visit when you’re traveling next.

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10 of the Most Beautiful Places in Tennessee

Really, no matter where you are in Tennessee, it’s absolutely beautiful.

There is a rich history and culture here, with a touch of Southern hospitality. From golfing destinations to hiking adventures and thriving nightlife in a downtown scene, there’s something to do for everyone. And if you love antique shopping or any kind of shopping, you’ll find a spot that fits your vibe.

Let’s dive right into some of the most vibrant scenes and talk about some of the best mountain towns, too. These are some of the most beautiful places in Tennessee, in no particular order.

1. Nashville

Nashville has often been touted as one of the best towns in Tennessee for its live country music scene, and rich history. It sits nestled along the Cumberland River which is sourced from the Appalachian Mountains to the East. You’ll also find the state’s capitol here, resting upon a steep hill.

Nashville was founded in 1779 and named after Francis Nash. He was a general during the American Revolutionary War and you can learn about the history just about anywhere you turn.

2. Pigeon Forge

Pigeon Forge attractions are aplenty as soon as you enter the town of 321, 441, or 449. Allow the child inside to sit in awe and wonder as you take in the sights and prepare for a weekend or even an entire week of endless fun for the whole family. You’ll find Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokes, the entryway to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and Old Mill Square, full of shops and restaurants to suit your delights.

3. Knoxville

Knoxville was the original capital, and it’s definitely one of the most beautiful places in Tennessee. Now it is best known as the home of the University of Tennessee, representing the Tennessee Volunteers. It sits nestled in the middle of the Great Valley of East Tennessee at the convergence of three rivers.

Besides the vast scenery, you’ll find festivals, museums, and restaurants among boutique galleries and other shopping.

4. Memphis

If you’ve ever heard of Memphis, then you’ve probably heard of Beale Street. This is where the music happens and one of the best places to visit in Tennessee. Memphis is a melting pot of jazz, rock n’ roll, delta blues and R&B, whatever your taste, the music here is in your vibe.

5. Gatlinburg

Gatlinburg is often referred to as one of the best mountain towns in Tennessee. It’s a popular tourist destination for people all over the South and East Coast to the Midwest and beyond as a gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains. You’ll also find some of the best hotels with hot tubs, shopping, restaurants, and rich nightlife in Gatlinburg when you pay a visit.

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6. Lynchburg

Take a carriage ride across the countryside or take a tour of the Jack Daniels distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee. Located in South Central Tennessee, Lynchburg boasts stunning scenery and a charming downtown atmosphere with local shopping and restaurants. You’ll learn that the town’s name is yet unknown and debated often among locals with some stating that it derives from Lynchburg, Virginia, and others crying that it belongs to early settlers.

7. Tellico Plains

Tellico Plains is the gateway to the Cherokee National Forest which is at the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. You’ll find rolling farmlands along with a backdrop of breathtaking mountain scenery, making it one of the best places to visit in Tennessee. There are nearly 700,000 acres available for outdoor activities such as swimming, biking, camping, hiking, boating, fishing, and more.

Don’t forget to look for the Bald River Falls a magnificent waterfall that flows over 100 feet from top to bottom.

8. Franklin

Franklin is fast becoming one of the most well-known Tennessee mountain towns South of Nashville. It’s well known for many yearly festivals including the Wine Down Main Street Festival, the Main Street Festival, and Dickens of a Christmas, which attracts nearly 50,000 annual visitors.

There are two tourist attractions that draw many visitors including the Carnton and Carter houses which were involved in the Battle of Franklin in November of 1864.

9. Townsend

If you want to take in the natural beauty of the countryside and visit a small little town settled in the East, then Townsend is the place to visit. It sits adjacent to a section of the Little River that enters the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. You’ll find several outdoor activities including hiking trails, watching wildlife, and festivals alongside local shopping.

10. Chattanooga

Chattanooga is the fourth largest city in Tennessee and is aptly named the ‘Scenic City’. You’ll find natural beauty and many tourist attractions including the Tennessee Aquarium which compares to other aquariumsin the United States for its diverse range of marine life. The town sits between the Appalachian Mountains and the Cumberland Plateau giving it fine weather and beautiful sights.

Final Thoughts

Some of the most beautiful and best places to visit in Tennessee are just under your nose, no matter where you’re traveling through the state. Gaze out upon the open fields in Northern Tennessee and relish in the majesty of the Smokies as you travel South. And don’t forget to find your tune in Memphis.

No matter where you find yourself in Tennessee, make sure to take in the Tennessee views and get plenty of pictures. It’s never a bad idea to stop along with all the small mountain towns in Tennessee. They have quite a quaint character and appeal to all ages.

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If you’re interested in learning more about traveling through Tennessee, feel free to contact me. I love questions and look forward to helping you!

Last Updated on August 31, 2023

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