5 Day Road Trip Itinerary from Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a must-visit place while traveling around Spain. It is one of its most historic and unique cities, filled with things to do, places to visit, and amazing restaurants. The capital of Catalonia is also a great starting point for a fun road trip toward the beautiful Costa Brava.

The road will take you through some of the cutest villages of the region and roads with amazing views of the surrounding landscape. You could, of course, do this trip in less time, but you wouldn’t be able to enjoy everything there is to be enjoyed. Also, if you are having a road trip with kids, it is always a good idea to take things slow and not try to fit in too much, so they don’t get bored or too tired, a good practice is playing road trip games. That will save you a ton of tantrums.

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Road Trip Itinerary from Barcelona

This of course also means that you will have to get a car rental in Barcelona.

If you know anything about me, it is that I love independence and freedom with my schedules. This means that package trips and programmed bus trips are never part of my travel plans. Having a car of your own allows you to take as long as you want in different places, move as fast or slow as you want, and create your own schedules.

It is one of its most historic and unique cities, filled with things to do, is popular with those looking for TEFL jobs abroad, places to visit, and amazing restaurants.

Reasons to go on a Road trip from Barcelona (and around)

Below you will find a five-day itinerary that will take you around some of the best that the region around Barcelona has to offer and back again to it for a nice round trip.

I came up with this itinerary a few years ago when I took my family for a trip to some of the best destinations of Spain, some of the other destinations that we visited included Madrid and Siruana for some rock-climbing fun for my sons and husband.

After seeing and visiting amazing places such as Camp Nou, Casa Batllo, Sagrada Familia, the Gothic Quarter, and a couple of wineries. We packed the essentials for a family road trip and hopped in our car and started our trip.

In this quick travel guide, you will find information about amazing places to visit in Girona Province, Costa Brava and even Tarragona Province.

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 Road Trip in Barcelona Itinerary 5 days

beach in barcelona road trip

Road Trip Day 1 – Barcelona to Blanes and Tossa de Mar.

This first day is for all of those of you who absolutely love enjoying warm weather and gorgeous beaches. Blanes is an amazing beach town in Costa Brava. You can spend a few hours at the beach and have lunch at one of its many restaurants. You can then continue driving toward Tossa de Mar, you will get there on time for dinner and to find a hotel.

Day 2 – A day exploring Girona

Tossa del Mar is another cute place along the Costa Brava of Girona. It is a fishing town filled with gorgeous old buildings that go all the way back to the times of the Roman occupation of the area. There is even a stunning castle right on the beach.

The place is also known for its stunning fort and lighthouse that take you back in time to the 7th century.

This lovely and relaxed small city will give you a full day of exploring.

barcelona 5 days itinerary road trip costa brava

Day 3 – Explore the Dalí triangle

Hop in your car early in the morning and continue your drive north toward Púbol to see the local castle, the drive only takes about an hour. This is a Gothic fortress from the Renaissance period. It was also home to Salvador Dalí during the 1970s, he received the title of marqués de Púbol.

Once you have seen the building and learned more about it, drive another hour north until you reach Portlligat. This is a small town where you can slow down, have lunch and visit Casa Museo Salvador Dalí.

And finally, drive for one more hour toward Figueres, do some exploring, have dinner, and prepare to spend the night here.

Day 4 – Figueres to Besalú and Castellfollit de la Roca

Today it is time to drive to Besalú which is a medieval city where you will fall in love with the look of almost every building. There are monasteries, forts, and churches to see here. Then it is time to move on and visit Castellfollit de la Roca, a town on top of a cliff, you can spend the night here or drive to Montserrat and sleep there.

Day 5 – Monasteries and Back to Barcelona

Before traveling to Barcelona once more, take a tour of the Montserrat monastery and then Poblet Monastery.

As you can see, this itinerary doesn’t take you on extremely long drives, instead, you drive for around an hour before getting to the next place, it allows you to explore more towns and landscapes, even if they are all packed in a small area.

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  1. thank you for you 5 day trip from Barcelona
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    Question :
    do we need to make a hotel reservation or we can find places to stay as we drive ?
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  2. thank you for your 5 day trip from BArcelona
    Do we need to make a hotel reservations in advance ?

    1. Hi Irina,

      I really recommend having something lined up, barcelona is huge, and the last thing ou want to do is look for a hotel when you can be enjoying your time exploring

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