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Barcelona Biking: A Few Rules You Must Know

Biking offers riders a means of transport, exercise, and fun. With more effort being put into the city of Barcelona to make it more bike-friendly, there has been a notable increase in the number of people that ride bikes recently. Just like vehicles, there are rules for biking in Barcelona. Since Bike Tour Barcelona offers a great way to see this city filled with amazing landmarks, learning about the following bike-riding rules in Barcelona is a good practice.

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two mans and two kids biking in barcelona

Rules for Biking in Barcelona, Spain

1. Do a Proper Bike Check

Your safety remains a priority and explains the need to check if everything is okay before setting out on a bike. Inspect your bike to ensure that every part is in excellent condition and working just fine. This includes making sure that its brakes are working properly and confirming that the tires are properly inflated. So, taking the time to ensure that your bike is ready to ride is the first thing that you do.

2. Wear the Right Gear

While no one prays to fall off when riding a bike, protecting the head just in case an accident occurs is important. For this reason, one of the rules made for riding bikes in Barcelona is wearing helmets that fit properly. Bike helmets are designed to protect you from any possible injuries in case of a fall.

3. Ride a Bicycle That Fits

The standard practice is that when you stand over your bicycle, the distance between you and the top bar should be between one and two inches when taking one of many bike routes created by the city. It is also crucial that your seat is kept level from front to back and adjusted to ensure that your knee is allowed to bend slightly when the leg is extended. Maintaining the height of the handlebar at the same level as your seat is good practice.

4. Avoid Alcohol

Whether you choose to ride alone or join a free biking tour group by booking your spot using the website booking page of, you are not expected to take alcohol. It is worthy to note that Police Officers reserve the right to stop you at any point and request an alcohol breath test. As is expected, there is a stiff penalty for offenders. To avoid paying a substantial fine, it is advisable that you walk with your bike after drinking.

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5. Respect Pedestrians

In addition to the bike routes created by the city of Barcelona, riding a bike on sidewalks is allowed so long as they are at least 5 meters (1 6ft) wide. However, since sidewalks are designed for pedestrians do not be offended if a Police Officer asks you to either ride on the street or walk with your bike. They are simply enforcing the rights of pedestrians on sidewalks. It is also good practice to use your microphone when listening to music while bike riding on pedestrian pathways.


These are a few rules of bike riding in Barcelona designed to keep both you and other road users safe at all times.

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