15 Best Job That Allows You to Travel Like Crazy

If you have ever been bored with the office grind and find yourself dreaming of foreign lands, then finding a job that involves travel could be for you. Although frequent traveling abroad can disrupt family life, it can also help you find great locations for the family holiday.

Five of the best jobs for people who want to travel. Take a look at this list of jobs that will allow you to support your travels remotely.

15 Best Job That Allows You to Travel Like Crazy
Read on to find out 15 of the best jobs that will allow you to travel like crazy

Some jobs may require relocation, and although this sounds daunting, it can make for the perfect family adventure. You may find you will work in one country for a few months of the year and spend the rest of your time in another. Do it right and this can make for the best family experience, one that will stay with you all forever.

Office jobs can get boring and tiresome. You’re always in the same room from nine to five every weekday. Sometimes, you just wish you could get away from everything and leave for a faraway land. Unfortunately, an office job only allows a few days of vacation.

But that shouldn’t be your life. You can break free of this cycle by getting a job that allows you to travel. Examples include the following

So, if you’re looking at a beach show on the TV and would like to work in some of those sunny vacation locations, here are five job ideas you may want to consider.

Jobs for People Who Want to Travel
Office jobs can get boring and tiresome. You can break free of this cycle by getting a job that allows you to travel.

Best Traveling Jobs

Truck Driver

To become a truck driver, you require a commercial driving license. It takes about a year to earn one. The truck driving school you choose matters a lot. Companies go to truck driving schools when they want to hire new drivers.

Therefore, enroll in a school with multiple opportunities. As a truck driver, you’ll travel across states delivering goods and enjoying the scenery.

Flight attendant

What better way to see the world than to fly around it? What’s more, you’ll be at a new and exciting destination each time you touch down. With job perks, including reduced hotel fees and less expensive airfare, what’s not to love? Just be sure you can handle long hours on your feet and the joys of jet-lag.

Becoming a flight attendant requires you to have experience with customer service. You also require a certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration. A flight attendant should be tall so that they can easily reach and close the overhead luggage storage.

If you meet all the criteria, you should have no problem getting a job as a flight attendant. Take note that the interview will be tough because other candidates want to get that position.

Being a flight attendant is tough because you can go to multiple destinations without rest in one week. If you think you can handle the pressure, this may be the job for you.

Working for an airline is one of the most well-known ways to get a working and travel.  Unlike working on a boat, working for an airline makes it possible to visit multiple sides of the planet in a span of only a few days.

In general, the perks aren’t anything spectacular when you first become a flight attendant, although many seasoned flight attendants will tell you that seniority eventually pays off. 

With advantages like having the first pick on flight destinations, paid vacations, and increased wages, it’s worth sticking around.

Athletic/Sports Talent Scout

Sport is a billion-dollar industry and talent is scouted worldwide. Sports teams from around the world employ talent scouts charged with finding the next superstar of the sport. It is not just sports teams either, as colleges in America are looking for talented kids to offer scholarships too.

Providing you have the right qualifications and excellent knowledge of the sport, you could find you’re earning a living traveling around the world, picking out the talent that will go on to achieve great things. Along the way you will be able to find great family holiday spots for future trips.

It also offers a great way to introduce the sport to your kids, especially if you start taking them with you when they are old enough.

Before a sports team signs a player, they scout them to see if they’re the right fit. The recruiter travels around the world to find a player with the appropriate skills. They stay in hotels and monitor youths from local sports teams. They travel from city to city for months scouting talent until they find a potential player.

This job is perfect if you love sports. There’s nothing you can’t do in today’s world. If your dream is to travel the world, do that while also making a living.

Assess your strengths and weaknesses to see which position fits you well.

Diving Instructor

Diving instructors work in some of the best locations in the world, especially if you learn to teach scuba diving. One of the best things about scuba diving is that you see parts of the planet few people ever get to experience.

It is also a great family adventure, especially if they relocate you for the peak holiday season.

The other great thing about teaching people to dive is that chances are, you want to visit those places as well. Dubai, Thailand, and the Caribbean are all coastal locations and offer great family vacation opportunities.

Many get started via the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) which offers comprehensive training programmers.

This is not limited to diving. Providing you can walk the walk, you may find employment as a ski instructor or any other activity that requires tuition and supervision. Again, you can bring this to your family so everyone can join in the fun.

A career as a truck driver is a great choice for someone who enjoys solitude. Driving for long periods of time with only yourself to talk to isn’t foreign territory to old-time truckers.

The pay is quite competitive and can even be a great first job out of college to pay off your loans.   You can drive long distances, making deliveries while enjoying the scenery of new places without having to deal with any customers.

getting a job that allows you to travel
Diving instructors work in some of the best locations in the world, especially if you learn to teach scuba diving.

Cruise Ship Worker

Working for a cruise line is the perfect job for those that love traveling. You may work as a waiter or communications manager. Regardless of the position and pay grade, you get to travel the world and enjoy free accommodation. You also get free food.

However, don’t get too comfortable. Remember what took you there. Your main objective is to keep the passengers satisfied and comfortable. To get a job as a cruise ship worker, search online. Look for job boards that are focused on cruise ship vacancies.

Working On a Boat

Getting a job on a boat won’t just allow you to travel, but it can be extremely lucrative.  Not to mention there is a wide spectrum of what kind of jobs you can find.

If you are active and love to get your hands dirty, then a job on a fishing boat may be a great choice.  It pays extremely well as a result of the dangerous and challenging conditions at sea.   Therefore, if the idea of getting injured scares you, this may not be the best choice.

You could work in customer service or even entertainment on a cruise ship.  One of the best perks besides getting to travel is having your accommodation, utilities, and food provided.  All your money goes straight into your pocket.


If you have a passion for finding the perfect shot and love everything photography-related, you may want to consider pursuing your passion as a career. It is a highly competitive arena, but if your pictures are good enough, you may find employment with the Associated Press or National Geographic, and the like. There are also great freelancing opportunities.

Photography as a living does not necessarily mean photographing landscapes and geopolitical events. You could be taking pictures of high-end holiday resorts and tourist attractions. You may even be able to bring your family with you.

Enjoy snapping the perfect photo? Consider becoming a freelance traveling photographer. Freelance photography can include everything from selling your snaps as stock photos to documenting destination weddings. Find a specific niche where you shine, and you’ll find your photography talent can take you far.

Tour guide

Many travelers want an experienced guide to show them the sights and advise them on the best places to go. That’s where you come in.

Whether it’s walking through a historical city or braving the jungles, being a tour guide allows you to explore uncharted territory and soak in breathtaking landscapes known to fly under the average tourist’s radar.

Tour guides are great positions to consider for getting a job that allows you to travel
Many travelers want an experienced guide to show them the sights and advise them on the best places to go. That’s where you come in

Travel Writer

Often if you have a family, it can be difficult to make the finances stretch to better family holidays. The good news is that there is a way to get paid while taking the kids to a great location… providing you can write.

Increasingly, the better online travel publications will pay for good first-hand, honest accounts of what locations are like around the world – especially if you have a family in tow.

This is very much a freelance gig, and specific websites exist that are looking for someone like you.

If you can land a few writing gigs of this kind you can take the family, have a great time, and earn as you write.

When all you need is a wi-fi connection to get to work, you can work from anywhere. Look into opportunities to write specifically about destinations and the best travel tips. There are several different ways to make travel writing work for you, as an agent for a news outlet, a blogger, or a freelance writer.

Retail Buyer

The retail industry typically sources lines and negotiates deals around the world. Better brands need knowledgeable people on the ground who can find the best deal and ensure quality through their clothing line. More importantly, they require people who have an eye for fashion.

This involves attending worldwide trade shows and fashion events. If you land a job with a high-end fashion business, you could find you’re attending the New York or Milan fashion shows.

Companies of this type tend to be retail stores looking for a stock that will fly off the hangers. This can be a great way to make a living if you have a passion for both fashion and travel.

This list is not exhaustive, but it demonstrates that there is scope to combine work with travel. A little creative thought and your working environment could be blue waters and sandy beaches rather than dreary offices and lengthy commutes.

Travel nursing

For medical professionals struck by a good old-fashioned case of wanderlust, travel nursing is the profession for you. And finding positions in travel nursing can be as easy as taking that first step and using google to search for travel nursing jobs near me.

With varying contract lengths and many exciting destinations, travel nursing is ideal for those healthcare professionals looking to satisfy their cravings for a nomadic lifestyle while still earning a modest living.

However, looking for travel nursing opportunities can be daunting and leave you wondering where to begin. Start by checking out a job marketplace, like Fusion Marketplace. There, you can see all of your options in detail, with essential information like salary, location, and contract length. Read More about your career prospects as a travel nurse.

Whenever there are shortages in nursing staff, health care facilities hire temporary nurses from anywhere. You can apply for these vacancies as long as you’re a registered nurse. A traveling nurse can work in a different state or country. The hospital or nonprofit covers your travel and accommodation needs. The good news is that now you can get both certified and recertified in life-saving skills such as ACLS online, so you can step up the career ladder wherever you are.

If you have been in the nursing field for a while, you know the job is not easy. Caring for patients should be around the clock. You feed and change critically ill patients. Monitor their vitals and alert the doctor-on-call if the condition worsens.

As a travel nurse, you’ll do everything in the job description. The only difference is you’ll be traveling. You can tour the new city on your day off. To find a vacancy, look into trustaff traveling nurse jobs. They have high paying jobs with favorable terms.

English teacher

There are students all over the world who need an English teacher. With this high demand for educators in mind, there’s no excuse to delay your travel-packed adventures. While you teach your pupils your language, you can expand your knowledge base and immerse yourself in the local cultural practices.

Overall, teaching abroad is an excellent option for folks who enjoy working with kids and pride themselves on their tutoring skills.

Getting certified as an English teacher makes it possible to work just about anywhere in the world.  Since English is known as the universal language, you’ll find someone looking to learn in any country.

Try looking at language schools online that are looking to hire all over the world.  Apply to a few places and see what kind of replies you get.  You never know where you could end up.

Au pair

As an au pair, you move in with a host family and help with child care. Your host family may ask for you to assist with tutoring or transportation. If you are good with kids, this is a great job option. You can pair with a family from anywhere in the world and fully immerse yourself in a new culture with your new host family

If you’re aged between 18 and 30 years, you can work as an Au Pair. When you become an Au Pair, you live with a host family in a foreign country for a duration not exceeding twelve months. The host family has a child below the age of 18, which you’ll help babysit. Therefore, you should be a responsible adult capable of handling children.

However, don’t be scared because an Au Pair is not a nanny. Under no circumstances should the host family treat you like their nanny. You’re also entitled to a monthly allowance from the host family. They will provide you with accommodation and food. Everything will be stipulated in the Au Pair contract. Read it thoroughly before signing it.

Volunteer for Peace Corps

Peace Corps is an international nonprofit organization that helps vulnerable communities around the world. When you volunteer, you offer your services and expertise for ‘free’. The organization will help you with some of the relocation expenses. However, the majority of the budget comes from you.

There are volunteer opportunities for a wide range of activities in various countries around the world. For example, you can volunteer as a teacher or a construction consultant. Also, wearing the Peace Corps badge in a foreign country gives you some sort of leverage and protection. Since the organization is well known, you’ll be treated with more respect by the locals.

a volunteer position is a great option for getting a job that allows you to travel
There are volunteer opportunities for a wide range of activities in various countries around the world.

Event coordinator

You may not think of this a job that can enable you to travel, but this depends on what sort of events you coordinate. If you work as an event coordinator then you may want to stick to organizing smaller local events, but there is the opportunity to become involved in organizing much bigger events internationally. You could become involved with the organization of events such as large festivals, which would help you to travel to the countries where the events take place.


The job of an archaeologist is fascinating but you do need to be well qualified to land one of these roles. You will normally be expected to have a master’s degree or a Ph.D. in a field such as archaeology or anthropology. You will probably also need to put the legwork in domestically before you head off on digs all over the globe.


You don’t have to be stuck in an office to work. By parting ways with the security blanket that is your hometown, you’ll discover your talents can take you to far-off places. With so many options available, you’ll be off to see the world in no time.

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