What Unique Qualities Should you Possess to Become a Flight Attendant?

The job of a flight attendant is to deal with people during flight. A flight attendant is being hired by different airlines to provide different types of services and safety to the passengers during the flight. In order to be a good flight attendant, you should have those nurturing qualities, like that of a mother for her child. A mother provides unconditional love and support to her child, and you should also possess such qualities to serve the passengers during the flight. That is the reason a woman is preferred more like a flight attendant by an airline, as a man hardly possesses nurturing qualities.

To know more in order to decide if you can become a flight attendant read this article. In the physical sense it doesn’t matter if you are beautiful or not, but you should be pleasant and peaceful from inside while dealing with the passengers in air travel.

What Unique Qualities Should you Possess to Become a Flight Attendant?
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What Unique Qualities Should you Possess to Become a Flight Attendant?

But it is actually hard to know if you really have this nurturing quality or not, though most people think they have this quality. Best way to know this is to generate a birth chart (horoscope) from any website that provides this service free of charge. Just search the term “generate free birth chart” in Google and you will find lots of astrology related websites to generate free chart. On the website you will find a form to enter your name, date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. Just enter these details and submit to generate free birth chart or horoscope.

In the birth chart you will find twelve houses and several planets. There are also certain signs (there are twelve zodiac signs) where planets are placed. The only thing you need to check is which sign your moon is placed in. If your moon (mo) is placed in the sign of cancer (denoted by no.4) it clearly indicates that you have that nurturing quality and you are eligible to become a flight attendant or a nurse, and most probably you will be selected for this profession during hiring process, as planet moon in your horoscope is supporting this flight attendant or a nurse career for you.

Moon could be located in different houses in the sign of cancer but it doesn’t matter which house it is located. But if your moon is in the sign of cancer in 6th house, no one can stop you from becoming a flight attendant as 6th house is the house of service and cancer sign is a sign of motherly nature. I think this is also a wonderful way for even airlines to implement the selection procedure based on the horoscopes of the applicants.

Also its not that a woman can only have their moon in the sign of cancer. Even a man can also have this placement in their birth chart and this man is actually more eligible to become a flight attendant than those women who don’t have this placement of moon in the sign of cancer.

Another important quality you should possess, in order to become a flight attendant, is to withstand long journeys. The vomit sensation is the major problem people face during air travel. This is due to motion sickness. Make sure you are not suffering from motion sickness in order to become a flight attendant. There is a YouTube video where it is showing that a vehicle is constantly turning left and right in a repeated manner while moving forward on the road. Just watch this YouTube video till end and if you feel like suffering from headache and vomiting, than its a sign that you could be suffering from motion sickness. People with strong digestive system usually don’t suffer from motion sickness and these people are perfectly eligible for professions related to air travel.

If you have ever climbed to the top of the Eiffel Tower in France (height 1063 feet ) in an elevator and you didn’t feel motion sickness, than that is a good sign that you will be able to withstand long flight journeys. This is because climbing to Eiffel tower in an elevator is quite similar to when your flight takes off from the airport. If you read this article based on interesting facts about Eiffel Tower you will find certain people are residing on top of Eiffel Tower and they use the elevator on daily basis without feeling motion sickness. Similarly, you can test yourself by renting a house on some very tall building for some days and then use the elevator there quite often and if you don’t feel motion sickness, it will qualify you for the motion sickness test.

Learning different international languages is also quite important for a flight attendant. You never know when your airline could shift you for international flights unless you have the agreement with them for domestic flights only. Passengers in international flights could be from different countries and there could be a language barrier. That is the reason, as a flight attendant, it is important to learn different foreign languages. On the positive side, this profession is definitely for someone who have the passion for travel and he/she is very much interested in getting familiar with different people and their cultures.

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