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Equipment Needed For Travel Photography

Travel photography gained a lot of attraction in the past years before the quarantine. The popularity of this job is still increasing, since it’s the dream of many, many people. Traveling around the world taking pictures and getting pay for that? Sounds wonderful to me. That’s why I’m going to write about the equipment needed for travel photography. If you are planning to do some traveling and don’t forget your camera! If you are wondering what professional traveling photographer are packing, this article with the best travel photography equipment is for you

In the last decade, the internet has taken the world by storm, changing our lives in so many ways. And with a smartphone, the possibilities are even more. Why do I mention this? Simple, thanks to this, many of us have countless opportunities in a lot of fields. For example, in traveling photography, back in the day you would need to contact a ton of newspapers, magazines, and such to sell a photo. Today’s we have so much in our favor, we have social media for exposure, countless blogs, and a lot of things. It’s easier to get it done, the downside of this is it’s getting more, and more competitive.

As a travel photographer, you will be traveling a lot and taking pictures of places, the category of photos is vast. The places can be hotels, tourist attractions, natural landscapes, outdoor adventures, and many, many more. You can read some travel photography tips to get a better idea.

Traveling can get really messy, we all know that. Besides your normal traveling packing, you will need equipment for travel photography.

Travel Photography

Equipment for travel photography

Depending on the state or country you’re traveling to, you will have your personal packing and your travel photography equipment. If you’re an experienced photographer, you must know what I’m talking about. The equipment for this can be really huge and if you’re a newbie photographer this list will suit you well. Since travel with photography equipment is not easy to pack and many of these are highly expensive, you must take good care of them.

Depending on your travel style (yeah, some travel photographer stays in the wild for weeks) you will need some sort of “must-have” equipment. Assuming you haven’t selected a camera to shoot, you should aim for the best travel cameras out there, it’ll come in handy.

Travel photography equipment list

This’s very situational but in a more wide view this will be helpful in most situations, the use of some of this equipment can improve drastically your performance.

  • Cameras (you can just take one with you, but many travel photographers have a couple of different cameras)
  • A ton of spare cameras batteries and a charger
  • A couple of power banks (They are lifesavers)
  • Laptop, smartphone, and a tablet
  • GPS, a watch with GPS is must-have
  • Backup Camera
  • Drone
  • Camera Backpack

Those are the best equipment for travel photography. Now you’re more than ready to go and shoot some amazing photos while traveling. There are some minimal things I avoided that are totally optional, like a bunch of silica bags to keep the moisture off your gear. And you should get travel insurance for photography equipment, which is something smart to do.

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