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School and Family Events – Reasons to Use Volunteer Spot to Organize Them

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I love back to school season for so many reasons. First and foremost, my kids are actually looking forward to it. We are blessed with amazing school for my boys and I love it. Secondly, during our travels in the summer with family events they want to have a routine again. And quite frankly, so do I. Read this to learn all about Volunteer Spot and how you can take advantage of it to plan your next school of family events.

Family Events

With the school year coming back in full swing, scheduling becomes part of it. My kids are in a ton of after school activities and play dates and mommy dates and all other kinds of activities you can think of happening all at once. This isn’t even taken into account my work scheduling and events.

So, as a working parent it can get complicated to plan any kind of gatherings or events with other parents, family and friends. Sending bunch of emails reminding them about what they need to do is also a tricky thing. That’s why free services like Volunteer Spot are such an amazing thing to have around.

About Volunteer Spot

It was created to enable anyone around the globe to quickly mobilize and coordinate volunteers in their community, congregation and social network without installing software, no passwords, no waiting for approvals. As time went by it changed. It wasn’t being used only for finding or becoming a volunteer. People started using it for social gatherings, school events, carpools, field trips, snack duty and more.

One of its coolest features is that it sends you reminders. I love this because I don’t have to go crazy trying to figure something out at the last minute because I forgot it was my turn to drive the kids or to bring the snacks.

Plus, I just heard that Volunteer Spot is offering a huge sweepstakes with over $20,000 in prizes to celebrate Back to School and wanted to share it with my readers. The theme is “After School Cool” and the prizes include:


  • A $500 Amex card for your child’s afterschool group (to fund uniforms, a trip, a celebration)
  • $150 FreeTime credits
  • $75 Cabot Creamery gift packs with enough artisan cheese to snack up the whole team
  • Gift cards and more!
  • You’ll also be entered to win a $1,500 grant for your favorite school!

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