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Top 10 Things To Do In Spain

Famous for culture, rich history, and warmth, Spain remains one of the top traveling destinations in the world. If you wish to get caught up in the Southern lifestyle but are unsure about what to do and see, we present you with a list of top 10 suggestions!

  1. Try to Catch A Show

Spain is an upbeat country with music and art lovers, so we strongly recommend seeing a show while you are there! Many of them are located in Barcelona, where you can attend all kinds of festivals, from vibrant EDM stages to serene classical music ones. 

  1. Go On a Rooftop Crawl

De Madrid al Cielofrom Madrid to the sky, and it refers to many rooftops in the capital city which you can enjoy by going on a fascinating day-trip, visiting most of them. Make a list of the highest buildings with accessible roofs, and try to hit as much as you can! You will get to see the city from different points of view!

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Madrid from a rooftop: 

  1. Visit Seville

Seville is one of the most beautiful little cities in Spain, widely known for its flamenco shows, delicious cuisine, and impressive architecture. There are also several castles, palaces, and museums to tour, so do not miss out on that! Overall, Seville is a very chill and friendly region in the heart of Andalusia, so spending a couple of days there can be very enjoyable and relaxing.

  1. Participate in La Tomatina

If you need a break from all the touring and sunbathing, head to Valencia to experience one of the most fun shows of the year – La Tomatina. La Tomatina is a food fight with ammunition mainly consisting of tomatoes, and the whole district turns red. This tradition goes back to the 20th century. Amusing, exciting and very funny; you will have a great time there! 

  1. Try The Paella

Trying out traditional food is a must-do wherever you travel, and Spain has delicious cuisine! One of the most popular dishes is paella – juicy rice stew prepared with spices, vegetables, and dressings of your choice; you can try it with meat or seafood. You will find it at any restaurant, accompanied by a glass of Sangria.


  1. Discover El Caminito del Rey

A walkway near Ardales in the province of Malaga is a thrilling path through the mountains, and it might just be the most exciting part of your trip! You can hike for 3 kilometers under looming rocks, enjoying magnificent landscapes.

El Caminito del Rey: 

  1. Visit La Rioja

Can you imagine Spain without wine and cheese? Then, visit the famous La Rioja, the most popular region of fine wineries and gastronomy. It takes pride in blending old traditions and modern innovations while creating the most tasteful flavors. If possible, visit during the Rioja Wine Harvest Festival to get the full experience. 

  1. Explore The City of Merida

This one is for history lovers. The city of Merida is filled with remains of famous buildings of the Roman Empire, and you can inspect them firsthand. They are all easily accessible to everyone, and the site includes an amphitheater, a large bridge, a circus, and a vast water supply structure. 

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Ruins in Merida: 

  1. Relax At The Beaches

Spain is just exploding with sandy white beaches near baby blue waters and resorts. You will not go wrong picking any of them, as they are all wonderful. The most popular ones, though, are Puerto Banos, Calo des Moro and Tossa de Mar.

  1. Take The Camino de Santiago Route

Camino de Santiago is the pilgrimage to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, Iberian Peninsula. There are many great routes, some of them as long as 800 kilometers. This experience is cathartic! 


Keep this list in mind while planning and have the best experience visiting Spain. Any of these activities will make for a great holiday, so include as many as you can! 

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