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Miami, Florida Travel: What to Do, What to See, and Where to Go


Miami, Florida Travel: What to Do, What to See, and Where to Go

ocean drive south beach buildings and beach in the sunset

Miami, Florida is a hotspot. However, you want to look at it. It is either for commercial, for shopping, for beaches, for parties, or for whatever. Right now it’s super hot for real estate as well, where all the waterfront properties are, and because of its accessibility to Latin America, and the US. Because of the great weather and a lot more. Today we’re going to be talking about traveling to Miami.

Miami, Florida

Miami is and probably will remain a hotspot for years to come. But when you say Miami, we’re talking about a huge, immense space.  So it will be more of a taste thing for you to figure out what you want to do when you get to Miami. Obviously, you could do quite a lot of things. You know, go to the beaches, do the design, do the shopping, do the going out.

Where to Stay

It is a good idea to know where you would want to stay. There are quite a lot of different areas. For instance, Brickwell, which is where you see the majority of the buildings. This is also like the downtown area. This is where there are a lot of Residential apartment buildings and condos.

Then you also have South Beach, North Beach, that whole area of beaches in Miami, which is really popular as well.

Then you have the whole Cuban section. Little Havana, and then you have little different islands and where the mega-rich live. You don’t have to stay in all these places. And also if you want to go and take a boat cruise if you want to stay on a sailboat. I mean, the options of what to do in Miami are really limitless, especially depending on taste.

I have podcasts all about South Beach. Furthermore, I have a podcast about Little Havana. So make sure that you go and listen to those as well to get a much better idea of what is there to do and more of an idea of those areas because they are really some of the more popular spots. Like the more hot spots.

💡 You can listen to the full South Beach Miami podcast here

south beach miami ocean drive

Things To See and Do

When you arrive here, I highly recommend, what I enjoy doing is do like a bucket list of things that I want to see and do when I get to different places. Obviously not etched in stone, but it will give you a much better idea.

Do you like nightlife? Do you want to go and have Cuban food? Do you want to go and have Asian food? Do you want to have just a party scene? All these areas, of these activities, could be found in many different areas, and a lot of them are very specialized.

South Beach

I wouldn’t recommend if you’re into the chill-out kind of style to go to South Beach because that’s all about drinking and partying and flamboyant, and it’s over the top and that’s why you go there and it’s super enjoyable.

woman doing a segway tour in miami

Little Havana

Or you could also go to Little Havana where you’ve got Latin music and Live music playing all over the place. Then there are all these other little pockets of areas that you could go and visit.

So just what is your taste? I’m not here to tell you. This is what you have to do because Miami, the beauty of it is that it’s so versatile, it is so diverse.

two woman calle 8 little havana miami

Fort Lauderdale

If you do have about one week to stay in Miami, you also have some time to visit the neighboring areas. For instance, Fort Lauderdale is a really awesome place to visit. It’s about 15 minutes north of Miami. I actually have a podcast all about it. The Guitar Shaped Hard Rock Hotel Seminole, is also a casino, so make sure you go and check that out. Fort Lauderdale is well known for its canals. Go and check out I have a podcast talking about the canals.

a yacht and some boats on fort lauderdale canals

Florida Keys

So these are fun and you could use this as a one-day day trip. And if you do have a little bit more time, also go south to the Florida Keys and there are tons of tour places that you can go in Miami that will take you to anywhere that you want to go.

Guide to the Florida Keys

Getting Around

You don’t necessarily need to drive on your own, although it is recommendable to rent a car in Miami. Super easy to get around with a car and this way you can go and see a lot more because Miami is super widespread, the public transportation does not get you there really fast.

I would recommend getting yourself a car rental and this way you could drive to the Keys, even if you just go to the most Northern Key or if you want to head down to Key West, we’re talking only a couple of hours, so it’s not that far away. And it is a magnificent day trip because going to the Keys along the roads, the bridges and just seeing the southern part of Florida, which is quite different than the rest of Florida.

Interestingly enough, Key West at one point wanted to fully separate and be its little state or common law state. So again, decide what you want to do in Miami and go have a blast.

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