Little Havana Miami – Ready to Have Some (Serious) FUN?


Little Havana Miami – Ready to Have Some (Serious) FUN?

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I’ve heard about Little Havana, but I’ve never actually been there. I just thought it was kind of like a dying little town like the ones we have in New York City, Little Italy, but it’s not. Furthermore, I came to Miami and one of my friends is really into cigars, like really into them. Not just a hobbyist. It’s something that he’s really followed, and he wanted to go and get his cigar in Little Havana and enjoy Little Havana, and of course, I could not miss the chance I want to check this place out. Today we’re going to be talking about Little Havana in Miami.

Where is Little Havana Located?

Little Havana is inland of Miami. It’s located on the historic Calle Ocho (Calle 8), which is the 8th Street area. It is literally where the majority of the Cubans were when they first arrived many years ago. There’s a massive exodus of Cubans that are constantly coming and flowing into Miami. But the main ones are the ones that pretty much made in Miami the Cuban area in the first place. This is where they settled.

Obviously, the majority of them have moved out, but I was surprised to see how many still occupy and live there. And that’s what brings the beauty of it.

woman smoking cigar in little havana miami fl

Is English Spoken in Little Havana?

First, I have to say that English is probably not even a second language there. I think it’s like a third language. They do understand English, but it’s very complicated. If you speak Spanish, you will be great because Spanish is the number one language in Little Havana.

The whole Little Havana is maybe like five or six blocks all together along Calle Ocho, along 8th street. It is so lively, so alive, the restaurants, obviously the majority of them are Cuban, but you could find quite a lot of different Latino-style restaurants and cigar factories.

recently made cuban cigars little hanava miami

Little Havana Cigars Factory

I actually thought that this was going to be like a little cliché thing, the cigar factories. This is the real deal, guys. They have real cigar factories, and some of these cigar factories are renowned nationwide and maybe even internationally.

woman holding a cigar federico empire cigar little havana


You could just go on a tour and watch them roll the cigars right there in front of you, and you could just buy the cigar and sit outside on the street while you’re people-watching and enjoying a drink and smoking a cigar. They’re like $10 a cigar. But the experience will last forever.

Even if you’re not a cigar smoker, which I’m not, I still do that while just walking around.

woman rolling a cigar little havana

Best time to go

We got there towards the evening, although it’s definitely lively all day. But in the evening, that’s where a lot of the restaurants have live music. They have all kinds. They have Cuban music, they even have jazz, just live music that you could listen to and get into the bar.

Not so much DJing and disco, but more of that uniqueness, that local feel. You definitely feel the Cuban energy, which is usually sensual and lively, and it’s pumping everywhere there.

So if you guys want to just enjoy a really fun evening, go to Little Havana, and get yourself there. Even if you only spend like three or 4 hours, I recommend arriving right before sunset so that you can kind of see the sun going down and the liveliness coming alive. It’s amazing. You will not regret it.

federico empire cigar boutique and factory little havana miami

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Last Updated on June 12, 2023

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