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A Travel Guide to a Golf Holiday in Spain

Before making your plans for a golfing holiday in Spain, be sure to take a look at the golf course online directory for a full description of the golf courses. This will allow you to match your playing styles to the requirements for each one. You will also be given an overview of various facilities available, course layouts, locations, and other important points that will maximize the experience.The basics that travelers must know when planning a golf holiday.In this article you will find information about Golf Holiday in Spain.

For example, you will find that many courses near the beautiful Costa del Sol feature a hilly terrain, which can place a serious challenge for certain styles and handicaps.

Golf Holiday in Spain

Golf Holiday in Spain

Look for good Package Deals

You can save cash and get more for less by taking the time to shop around the numerous accommodation options available throughout Costa Del Sol and Spain. Taking the time to book in advance may allow you to gain better prices from a holiday deal. You will also find options and even better prices on golf transfers, and cheaper vehicles higher when splitting the cost with fellow golfers also moving in the same directions as you. Vehicles are available in all sizes, shapes, and major airports in Spain.

Or Buy Golfing Property

There are lots of residential properties in Spain that are essentially on the edge of a golf course. Golf properties in Spain come in all sorts of shapes and forms, from timeshares to full ownership and with the power of Airbnb and Spain’s great weather it can all pay for itself.

Handicap certificates

There is a good chance you will be asked for proof of a handicap when golfing in Spain, you can prepare for this by asking your club secretary to have one ready before you leave. You will find that most of the golfing courses will allow a 28-cap handicap for men and 36 for women.

Check course maintenance dates

Before making final arrangements, you will also want to check the maintenance schedules for the courses you are hoping to play. This will ensure that your greens are crisp and responsive rather than sandy and spikey if you schedule your visit for about a week after maintenance.

Get the best tee times

As a rule, the golf courses are more responsive on a quiet afternoon than in the mornings, especially during high season. Again, it would be a good idea to check in with us to find out the tee-times for the courses you hope to play. Typically tee times are open as late as 5 pm during the summer months.

Check and book any extras in advance

Clubs, trolleys and shoes are offered as part of the complete caddy master’s service at most clubs but you will want to be sure you check in beforehand. If any of these items will be required you will want to book them well in advance. It is also best to bring your own shoes for the green as the shoes provided by the club can cause blisters as they have not been worn by your feet alone.

Wear the right clothing

It may seem like an odd request, but there is a increasing number of golfers who show up to the fields in the wrong attire. In Spain, many beautiful golf courses have a strict standard for golfing attire and this includes proper golf shoes with plastic spikes, collared shirt and the regulation golfer’s trousers. If you don’t have this clothing, you may be asked to buy them before taking the field, the club’s golf pro shop can be prohibitively expensive.

Club competition dates

Check with the club’s schedule to see if there are any upcoming competitions that could interrupt your playing schedule.

Blue flag buggy rules

Different clubs will have different rules for the use of buggies on the course. On some course buggies are allowed year-round. Others will only allow buggies during the summer months or if the temperatures exceed 90° F. Others still will not allow buggies on their course at any time no matter the heat.

Then there are some golf clubs that will allow buggies to be used on their courses despite their regulations, so long as the player using the buggy has a health condition they must be mindful of. These blue flagged buggies must be requested ahead of time. Furthermore, you will need to have a letter from your GP describing your need for a buggy for health reasons you will need to request this before planning your golf trip.  IF you have any further questions on this matter feel free to contact us.

Golf shoe rules

Metal spikes are not allowed on the pristine golf courses in Costa Del Sol, which is part of the reason they retain their immaculate presentation year-round. Be sure to bring the proper attire to avoid inconvenience.

Public liability insurance

Although most clubs do have a Public Liability Insurance in Place, it is generally advisable to procure a traveler’s insurance that can cover the costs of medical needs or other unexpected crisis on your trip.

Don’t forget your golf etiquette at home!

Finally, do remember the small courtesies and proper golfer’s etiquette that makes golfing a joy. Drive away from the greens, play expeditiously, allow players through, repair all divots and your presence will be welcomed and not incur the attention of the local marshal who will escort you from the premises immediately.

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