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A Look at Costa del Sol’s top Family Attractions

The Costa del Sol region of Spain has long been a popular holiday destination among British tourists and, when you consider it has pleasant year-round weather and a wealth of golden beaches, it shouldn’t be too hard to see why. Add to that the fact that companies like Monarch run numerous cheap flights to the area and it ought to be of no surprise that it is a fantastic place for all the family.

While you and your loved ones can easily spend your entire holiday in the Costa del Sol lounging by the pool or on one of the many glittering beaches, it’d be a bit of a shame if you did nothing but sunbathe. If you were do to so, you’d be missing out on many of the fantastic attractions this part of the country has to offer. Here’s a look at some of the places that you shouldn’t miss.

Malaga Cathedral

Situated in the heart of Malaga’s old town district, the Malaga Cathedral is an eye-catching landmark that is bound to enthral all those who come across it. Established in 1528 on the site where the city’s main mosque had once stood, this beautiful building combines a range of architectural styles, though Renaissance and Baroque elements are particularly prevalent.

Cathedral Malaga

Photo By: andypowe11

As stunning as the building is, however, you should bear in mind that it is unfinished, with both the south tower and main façade yet to be completed. This is despite the initial phase of construction lasting for over 160 years. In fact, the lack of the southern tower has resulted in Malaga Cathedral being commonly referred to as La Manquita (which translates as ‘the one-armed one’ in English) by the locals.

That’s not to say the attraction is lacking in things to captivate you though, as upon stepping inside you can take a pair of beautiful 18th-century organs that between them feature over 4,000 pipes. Make sure you check out the choir stalls as these feature sculptures from iconic Spanish artists such as Ortiz de Vargas and Pedro de Mena.

Gibralfaro Castle

Another historic Malaga attraction you ought to take your family to is the Gibralfaro Castle. Coming to the 14th century landmark enables you to soak up amazing views of the entire city, as well as gain an insight into the rich history of this part of Spain. Over the years, this building has been used as a church, mosque and military fortress, with the crenulated walls and guard booths two particularly impressive features.

Arabic Bathhouses

If you and your family are thinking of spending some time in Ronda, you should certainly check out the Arabic Bathhouses that are situated in the historic Jewish quarter of the city.

Thought to have been built in the 13th century, this astounding landmark was left unused for hundreds of years before being buried by floodwaters from the nearby River Guadalevin, and it wasn’t until 1935 – when they were acquired by the state – that they were eventually restored to their original glory. Step inside the excavated parts of the bathhouses today and you can take in intricate vaults and wonderfully-preserved boilers.


Last, but certainly not least, the Aqualand water park will make for an amazing day out. Situated a short distance outside of Torremolinos, this brilliant attraction consists of a number of slides and pools that are simply perfect for water babies. In addition to the fun rides, you can watch sea lions swimming before having your picture taken with these amazing creatures. While kids splash about and have fun, parents can take some time out by having a relaxing soak in one of the bubble pools.

These are just some of the best attractions that the Costa del Sol has to offer but if you can think of any more please leave a comment and let us know which landmarks you’d recommend!

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