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Golfing Tips to Improve Your Night Time Golfing Experience

What fun are holidays if you still go to bed at 9? You are where you are because you needed a change in routine, some time to de-stress, unwind and just enjoy life as it is. So, while you are at it, it is best that you leverage the opportunity and indulge into your favorite sports and activities that you otherwise hardly get time to play or do. So what if your favorite game is golf?! It is 21st century and we have a solution for everything, then what power does time have as compared to your wish to play golf at night?Have you tried night golfing before?Four golfing tips that will be useful for your next night golf adventure. This is a list of golfing tips.


Golfing Tips


Well, it is about time I get to the point so here it is- Night time Golf Play is now a thing. True that even some golf tournaments/ rounds are held at night. So, you can explore the part of the world you are traveling to during the day time and beat the late night blues by playing golf at night. Since you never had played golf at night before, here are a few tips to improve your golfing experience at night.

Golfing Tips to Improve Your Night Time Golfing Experience

  1. Golfing Tips To Check out the only led golf ball with no timer!

We have seen LED it pathways and playgrounds for decades but golfing is not really possible if you can see the golf ball itself, is it? Thankfully, these LED golf balls are finally a thing. These can be activated by simply flashing a source of light on their surface. For instance, you can use the torch from your smart phone and the golf ball will start to glow, in fact, it will continue to glow until turned off so you can take as much time as you need to plan your next move. Convenient, right?!  Checkout the only led golf ball with no timer!

  1. Don’t forget the importance of balance

What do all things right have one thing in common?  They are all balanced! The same goes for playing golf, i.e. balance is the key. Balance both you physical as well as mental state before swinging your golf club. Now for a balanced mind- stay positive and focus on your goal, and to balance your posture- keep your head up, shoulder over knees and chin up.

  1. Play with your fingers and not palm is a good Golfing Tips

While it might seem like the obvious thing to hold your club with your palms, the real trick is to swing right is to use your fingers for gripping. This way, sweaty palms won’t give you a hard time focusing on grip. You can play golf freely without worrying about your club following the golf ball on the line of trajectory because of the lose grip; now, that would be embarrassing.

  1. Visualize your swing

If you have ever heard or read any motivational article, then you don’t need any introduction to the power of visualization. But in case you have not; well, just know that visualization truly works. So, visualize your swing and the course of trajectory that will land your golf ball in the target hole. The next thing is to adjust your club face (Tip: Keep it open and always point towards your target) and swing it on the visualized line of trajectory.

Just keep these tips in mind while playing night time golf the next time and we bet you will have a game worth remembering.

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