Top 5 Fun Things to Do in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta is a great family friendly place in Mexico, to spend time and relax. Puerto Vallarta is a gorgeous beach area that you will find on the Pacific coast of Mexico.

People spending time in puerto vallarta mexico
There are many fun things to do in the beautiful beach area of Puerto Vallarta

There are many five-star hotels in Puerto Vallarta as well as luxury home rentals, delicious restaurants, exciting nightlife, and even world-class shopping for all tastes and ages.

But the main attraction of the area is its natural beauty and the many things to do in Puerto Vallarta. There are tons and tons of fun things to do in Puerto Vallarta, you will probably be able to spend at least a week or two exploring the area.

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There are tons and tons of fun activities in Puerto Vallarta, you will probably be able to spend at least a week or two exploring the area.

Bellow is a list of five of my favorite ones.

Best Fun Things to Do in Puerto Vallarta

1. Swim with Dolphins

Dolphins abound in the waters off of the area’s coast making a swim with dolphins in Puerto Vallarta not only possible but a common and fun activity for the whole family in Mexico. It can be either in the controller environment of a park or on open water for the more experienced swimmers.

You can get a rental boat from and explore the open waters with relative ease!

Interacting with these friendly and loving animals is definitely a once in all life experience you can’t miss.

2. The Romantic Zone (Downtown Puerto Vallarta)

This is the name that a part of downtown Puerto Vallarta has received due to its beauty and how many coupled it attracts.

It is the Old Town and is filled with colorful, old homes, cute and narrow streets combined with a relaxed ambiance will ensure amazing opportunities for a romantic getaway. Plus, it is close to most of the major attractions of the area.

Its cobblestoned streets are also lined with many cafes, restaurants, and shops that will keep you busy for a while. Lastly, add the gorgeous views of the nearby beach lined by green mountains.

Plus, it is the place to be if you want to get away from the large resorts and experience boutique hotels or cute airbnbs.

3. May Cultural Festival

May is one of the best times to visit Puerto Vallarta for culture lovers. That’s because, during that month, a huge festival is put up to celebrate the anniversary of the creation of the town.

During this time the place explodes with musical shows of all kinds, mostly local music like mariachi. You need to be ready to party!

But more relaxed cultural experiences like film festivals also happen. They celebrate the many years of Mexican cinematography. You will also find documentaries, short films, and all kinds of visual expressions, both current and from years past

Street entertainment and circus shows, readings, workshops, and even conferences are also common during this time.

Jet boat rides and swimming with dolphins are some of the fun things to do in Puerto Vallarta

4. Tsunami Jet Boat adventure

This one is for adventure lovers. This is basically a ride onboard an aerodynamic boat that reaches speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour. Needless to say, it will be a bumpy ride where you will definitely get wet.

Some locals even call it the roller coaster of the sea. Mainly because it makes crazy turns at high speeds. but the best part is that it isn’t short as a roller coaster ride, this adventure takes up to one hour.

5. Release baby sea turtles 

These are conservational programs that allow for the education of locals and visitors on the importance of these animals.

The program consists of monitoring and protecting sea turtle nests from poachers and also protecting the little ones on their way to the sea when they hatch.

When the baby turtles hatch (between July and December), for a small fee, visitors will have the opportunity to hold one of these babies and place them on the sand to monitor that they get safely to the water without interfering with them.

Do you have any other recommendations for things to do in Puerto Vallarta outside of my favorites?

Leave them in the comments.

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Last Updated on November 30, 2023

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