10 Best Snorkeling Spots in Mexico You Need to Visit

Mexico is a great sunny place for vacations. They have good food, sophisticated culture, ancient ruins, and many other exciting outdoor activities. With 5,800 miles of coastline, it also has some of the best spots in the world for snorkeling. Snorkeling is a fun and mind-blowing activity that gets divers close to the colorful underwater life in reefs and corals. It is a magical experience for people who like going on adventures. If you have plans to go snorkeling in Mexico, you should check out the best snorkeling spots in Mexico we explore in this article.

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10 Best Snorkeling Spots in Mexico

Looking for stunning places to snorkel? Look no further, here is a comprehensive list of the best snorkeling resorts in Mexico:

  1. Akumal Beach

This little beach is arguably the most famous snorkeling spot in all of Mexico. It is less than an hour’s drive from Playa del Carmen and Tulum.

Akumal Beach has very friendly turtles who often return to the same spots daily to play with the fishes in the coral reef. It is a beautiful spectacle of nature.

The snorkeling spots are accessible directly off the shores. This eliminates the need to hire a boat before going on your adventure.

It has shallow waters making it less risky for families with little children.

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  1. Half Moon Bay

One of the main issues with the popular snorkeling spots is the crowds. They can be overwhelming for people who want a quiet place to spend their vacations.

Half Moon Bay is an excellent place for such individuals. It is not that different from Akumal beach. You only have to drive a bit farther to get there. 

Furthermore, you can reach its coral reef with a short swim to view the colorful variety of marine species. The water is calm and shallow, and it is considered safe for a snorkeling adventure.

  1. Caleta Yal Ku

Caleta Yal Ku is a sheltered cove with clear shallow waters for snorkeling. 

There are varieties of fish that live in the beautiful corals found all over the place. No wonder the site is considered the most popular in the Riviera Maya.

Instead of beaches, the location has rocky platforms where visitors can relax and appreciate nature. It takes almost a day to drive there from Tulum. 

  1. Casa Cenote

This cenote is famous for its amazing aerial view. Its depth of eight meters makes it a perfect spot for beginners to use for diving practice.

The shape of Casa Cenote makes it possible to find multiple snorkeling locations in the same place.

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  1. Cenote Dos Ojos

Cenote Dos Ojos is a beautiful cave and cenote with two openings joined by an underground river. This structure explains the name Dos Ojos. It is Spanish and translates to Two Eyes in English. 

The water here is crystal clear and has a temperature that is ideal for snorkeling all year. Divers also consider it a perfect spot for practice.

You can locate this cenote a few miles north of Tulum and south of Playa del Carmen. 

  1. Tulum

Tulum is quite well known in the snorkeling world. It has transformed from a small fishing town into one of the most visited tourist spots. 

Many people give locations to many other destinations by referencing this site. It is like the north pole for tourists in Mexico.

The town is full of beautiful beaches and cenotes, making it excellent for snorkeling. There are also get Mayan ruins nearby to complete a total traveling experience at paradise beach.

Moving away from the beach, tourists can also snorkel at the Sian Ka’an biosphere in the same area.

  1. La Paz

Snorkeling is a great outdoor adventure in La Paz. You don’t only get to dive under clear waters but have the opportunity of seeing the largest fish in the world feed in the Sea of Cortez.

The giant whale shark eats mostly plankton in the reefs and corals and doesn’t mind humans snorkeling near it. 

You have to join a tour to experience this magnificent creature up close. This is because it is illegal for private vessels to visit the whale shark areas.

  1. Cabo Pulmo National Park

Located in the Cabo San Lucas area, this national park has a coral that is home to over 800 varieties of tropical fish and other marine species. It is the only hard coral reef in all of North America.

Visitors can have the best time snorkeling in a magical environment. The area has laws protecting California sea lions, scallops, and sea cucumbers. 

Per recommendation, visitors should go snorkeling with a guide to ensure they are not breaking any rules on your adventure. 

  1. Cancun Underwater Museum

Cancun is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The Mexican city has a wide array of activities for the thousands of visitors it gets each year.

Its artificial reef, Museo Subacuatico de Arte (MUSA), has 500 sculptures at the bottom of the ocean. The appearance of these sculptures changes regularly due to the alternating conditions in the sea. 

Coral growth has begun to flourish on these sculptures. Visitors can snorkel with colorful fishes while touring several sculptures under the sea. 

It is truly a dream destination if you are into snorkeling.

  1. Cozumel

Some people consider Cozumel the best spot for snorkeling in Mexico. The Mesoamerican reef is famous worldwide for its unbelievably clear blue waters.

It is the home of over 100 different corals and about 250 varieties of fish. You can locate it just off the Yucatan Peninsula, about an hour from Playa del Carmen.

There are many places to rent snorkeling gear to go for a mind-blowing adventure. Guides are there to take visitors on a tour if they choose not to go on their own. 

Viewing the reefs is perfect at the Punta Sur or Chankabaab National Park. At this spot, you swim with dolphins and visit a lagoon with a vast iguana population.

Snorkeling in Cozumel is one of those bucket list experiences for divers.


This list doesn’t exhaust the number of snorkeling spots in Mexico, but they are enough to get you started on your adventure. Even on a cruise trip you can experience snorkeling in Costa Maya without investing too much time of your vacation to get to the perfect spot.

Always consider safety first, no matter the adrenaline rush you seek on these tours. 

Ensure you make it safely on each adventure. You want to be able to visit as many snorkeling areas as possible.

Last Updated on September 16, 2023

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