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8 Amazing Things to Do in Madrid for Families

Madrid is even more fun and cool when you go holidaying with your family! The weekends are especially a top favorite as parents and children spend quality time together.

With plenty of history and culture, Madrid is indeed an incredibly amazing place. Loaded with kid-friendly sights, it is must to plan your trip carefully so that everybody can enjoy. Get ready for a trip that whole family will remember forever!

Amazings Things to Do in Madrid for Families

You can double the fun and have an ultimate authentic experience while going on a Withlocals tours. Discover offbeat spots, learn interesting titbits and insider tips about the city and try scrumptious local cuisine from places that are usually off the tourist map.

While doing so, don’t forget to miss these top tourist spots, attractions and things to do in Madrid.

8 Things to Do in Madrid for Families

  • Parque de Atracciones for amusement – Start with the city’s amusement park which is a popular weekend destination among families. The park boasts of more than30 attractions for the adults and the kids. Children can enjoy a leisurely boat ride, a mini roller coaster, and other child-size thrills. For the adults, they can go for the Lanzadera shuttle with the famous vacuum drop or the Tornado ride or the dizzying Máquina.
  • Prado Museum with beautiful masterworks– Explore the Prado museum with your family and get them educated about the centuries-old masterpieces. The trip is indeed an interesting one for kids. And it helps if one takes the guided tour to understand the artworks.
  • Zoo Aquarium with spectacular species – Children love zoos and aquarium and what is unique about this amusement park is that it is not barbs and wires but moats that separate the animals. There are more than 6000 animals here in 500 different species. You will spot unique species like the anteater, the koala, and the panda. The aquarium is even more spectacular with lions and dolphins shows.
  • Originally crafted toys – You are about to enter a world away from toy racetracks and Barbie dolls. Madrid is well famous for its unique and original toy shops. El Lobo Feliz and Kamchatka are some of the toyshops that you must check out. You will remain spoilt for choices as you come across puzzles, musical instruments, soft toys, wooden planes and much more.
  • Royal Palace & Armory with armor and swords – Another site of interest for the whole family is the Royal Palace & Armory. Watch your kids get awestruck by the majestic entrance of the palace and its luxurious splendor inside. This is your chance to see real-life suits of armor and gilded swords and a lot more.
  • Natural Science Museum for specimens of extinct animals – The Natural Science Museum treasures specimens of stuffed African elephants, dinosaur fossils and extinct animals. The museum is divided into the natural history and the Mediterranean Sea. Its lot of fun for both parents and kids as they take a tour of the museum and enjoy those fun activities specially prepared for them.
  • El Retiro for outdoor fun– Children love playing outdoors with their parent, and El Retiro seems to be the best choice for the family looking for outdoor fun. The whole family can have a great time on the bicycles and rollerblades or enjoy a boat ride on the pond. There is even a puppet theatre at weekends.
  • Child-friendly cafés for food – After all that exploring and walking, children are sure to get hunger. So keep them well fed, and when it comes to child-friendly cafes, Madrid will not disappoint you. You can enjoy your coffee while the kids can eat, play and have fun in a safe space. Some good options are Cups & Kids, Baby Deli and more. Many of these cafes even have a bookshop, a toy shop, and an organic food store.

Other attractions include Bernabeu Stadium and Flamenco Shows.

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