La Barraca Restaurant: Traditional Spanish Food in a Elegant Way

Traditional Spanish Food - La Barraca Restaurant

Eating out while traveling is a treat. Since we stay in vacation rentals, the majority of our meals are at home. It’s much easier with kids, since they can truly be picky about what they eat.

So when we do go out, it has to be extra special. And normally we only go to traditionally styled restaurants offering the most traditional and local cuisine of the area, like Villa Rosa Restaurant.

The one thing my husband stated emphatically when I decided on our visit to Spain was to eat Paella whenever we do go out. Since the true source of Paella comes from Valencia, choosing restaurants that offered this dish without the proper roots made it a questionable choice.

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paella - Traditional Spanish Food - La Barraca Restaurant

La Barraca Restaurant in Madrid

That’s how I found La Barraca Restaurant in Madrid. And when I discovered that the restaurant was owned by a Valencia family that arrived in Madrid specifically for sharing true Paella with the madrileños since 1935 I knew I was on the right track.

We arrived at La Barraca for lunch. Spaniards love lunch. It is the most important meal of the day and is usually served around 1:30 – 2:30. Kind of a late meal for us North Americans.

La Barraca is more of an upper-scale restaurant, yet casual for families with young kids to feel totally comfortable.

dining room - Traditional Spanish Food - La Barraca Restaurant

This was our first restaurant in Spain and, even though my husband had his heart set on Paella, I wanted to taste some of the other traditional dishes.

Traditional Spanish Food in La Barraca

Sangria – this to me is more of a class of its own. You can’t come to Spain and not drink Sangria.

sangria - Traditional Spanish Food - La Barraca Restaurant


Jamones Ibericos – this is the most typical dish there is. It is more of a starter dish with the finest, hand-carved ham

jamon iberico - Traditional Spanish Food - La Barraca Restaurant

Olives – this is without a doubt the most common finger food here and the olives are delicious

Bread – I know this isn’t really any specific dish – but OMG, the bread here is so good.

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Main Dishes

Paella – of course, we ordered the Paella, how can we not get the Spanish Arroces? We ordered the La Barraca Paella which is the restaurant’s signature dish.

The whole process of Paella is an amazing tradition to us. And watching them serve it and bring it over to us made it part of the meal itself.

la barraca paella - Traditional Spanish Food - La Barraca Restaurant

Paella is usually for a minimum of two people, up to as many as you want. But the smallest they make is for two.

Spanish Omelet – Tortilla Patata – Omelet with potato. My parents said this is a must to eat once we get to Spain and they were right. One thing, it is humongous. Honestly, this can fill you up completely, so order one, so you can enjoy the other dishes.

tortilla patata - Traditional Spanish Food - La Barraca Restaurant


Bon Bon Coffee – this isn’t really a dessert but a delicious coffee. I don’t drink any coffee, but who can pass up a name like that and also anything with condensed milk is my absolute weakness.

bon bon coffee - Traditional Spanish Food - La Barraca Restaurant

Three Chocolates – this delicious piece of pastry has three different chocolates sitting on top of cookie foundation. Needless to say, it was devoured in seconds.

tres chocolates - Traditional Spanish Food - La Barraca Restaurant

Fun Facts About La Barraca Restaurant

  • The restaurant has been owned by the Solis Family for three generations.
  • It offers traditional food from Valencia.  
  • The rice they use is “Bomba” rice with OD. Calasparra and OD.
  • The original Barraca – this typical dining room remains with the same Valencian decoration since 1935.

Information for Visiting La Barraca Restaurant

Address: Calle Reina, 29 Madrid

Phone:  91 532 71 54 / 664 215 103

Hours: Every day


de 13:30 a 16:15 h.


de 20:00 a 23:45 h.

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