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Common Problems Digital Nomads Have to Face While Living Abroad

It’s a dream to travel while working online, and that’s exactly what Digital Nomads are. The myth that only successful tech gurus like app developers and web designers can be digital nomads is long gone. There’s a bunch of people from many different jobs that are turning themselves into digital nomads. The advantage this can bring to most of us is outstanding, and everyone is talking about that. What they don’t tell you are the common problems Digital Nomads have while living abroad. Some of them are really concerning and are something that you should try to solve before jumping into this amazing lifestyle.

First of all, let’s have the concept of a digital nomad very clear. A digital nomad is a person that earns their monthly income fully online and decided to travel to a different location each time. Instead of having a fixed everyday location, a digital nomad can spend a month in a state or country and the next month in a country totally different. Sounds nice, right?

Virtually almost all professions are fit for a digital nomad. I say almost because, for example, if you’re a nurse you can’t completely go online, right? That would be problematic for sick people. So, some of the best professions for a digital nomad are web design, app design, coding, and Forex Trading. Most of them have a learning curve but can be really rewarding. I’m a trader and the learning path is amazing, all you need to start is a broker like instaforex and start learning.

Common Problems Digital Nomads

What are the downfalls or problems with being a digital nomad?

But, as with everything, a digital nomad comes with some problems that you should solve before starting this journey. Why? Because it can be overwhelming if you are not used to some stuff needed to be a digital nomad. Like getting cheap but good accommodation or medical insurance. Before you get a fully remote job to do while traveling read this:

Not thinking out of the box

Why? As digital nomads, you will face a lot of minor issues. And what take to solve problems in the best way? Thinking out of the box. You’ll spend your life finding problems and solving them in the best way will be a must to reduce the time it takes. Because as a digital nomad, you’ll not have a lot of time available.

Steady income

Most of the time, a digital nomad is a freelancer only using job platforms to get a gig, and yeah, not all the time you’ll land a gig. Not all of us have a solid job that can be done in the long run without worrying. You will spend a lot of time searching for an income, but if you build enough authority, you should not be worried. Focus on finding a good and steady income while building authority around your name.


One of the worst things that can happen to a human is being alone. We’re made to be alone, we need to be together and support each other. Since you’re traveling a lot and moving from place to place will be hard to build a solid group of friends and would be inevitable to feel lonely. What can you do to avoid this? Having a strong mindset and finding a group of digital nomads.
Remember, there’s a lot of people that are in the same position as a digital nomad, and you can always find some friends to travel and work with.

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