15 Essential Must-Haves for Traveling Digital Nomads

Packing an office-worth of items into a small backpack is mind-boggling for most people. Traveling digital nomads have a trick up their sleeve. Bring only the essentials. So, what 15 essential must-haves do traveling digital nomads need? Read on. 

Digital Nomads

Today’s most productive workers no longer confine their creativity within a cramped office space. Digital nomads have blazed the trail in turning the world into one big workplace. No walls. No restrictions. Creativity unleashed.

1. Rugged Portable Computer

What better way to maintain your productivity on the road than with a trustworthy portable computer? Laptops are the undisputed king of the traveling digital nomad, empowering nomads to work anywhere, anytime. It is essential to choose a portable computer that can withstand travel rigors to ensure optimum productivity. It should be lightweight and has exceptional battery life.

2. Computer Protective Gear

You can always slip your laptop in your backpack, sure. However, it may not be the best way to protect this most crucial gadget of your digital nomadic life. It would help if you had a padded, water-resistant carrying case for your device and a hard-shell cover to keep it safe. A shockproof laptop sleeve is also a great choice, especially if you’re always on the move.

3. Portable External Hard Drive

Hard drives are a must for any serious digital nomad. It allows you to store your files and work on them when internet access is not available. Like your laptop, the portable external hard drive should have a tough outer protective shell. You might also want to consider getting an SSD for lightning-quick data reading and writing.

4. Mobile Hotspot 

Some organizations identify suitable places for traveling digital nomads to work and be productive, including a strong and stable internet connection. However, there will always be locations where you don’t get internet access. That is why it is a good idea to avail of a mobile hotspot service. You get internet access straight from your phone. An alternative will be a pocket WiFi device.

5. Smartphone

Today’s smartphones have blurred the lines that separate them from portable computers and tablets. You can perform almost every piece of work you need while also enjoying other features that laptops cannot provide. The best part? These devices are excellent communication tools for any digital nomad, ensuring optimum productivity wherever they are.

6. Portable Backup Power Solutions

The downside to working outside an office environment is that you’re at the mercy of your battery’s lifespan. Laptop batteries can last between eight and 12 hours with average use. Smartphones can double that. Still, you need a reliable backup system to provide you with enough power to complete your task. The good news? Power banks are now more portable and cheaper than ever.

7. Multi-configuration Power Adapter

International travelers know that countries have different electrical outlets. Fifteen of them, to be precise. Your plug may not fit in these outlets, undermining your mobile productivity. Having a multi-configuration power adapter should keep your devices all powered up regardless of where you decide to stay for a while.

8. Headphones

Working outside the office can be fairly distracting. Having good headphones with noise-canceling features should help you focus on your work. It can also be an excellent way to relax your mind after traveling or working for countless hours. Wireless headphones can offer you optimum portability.

9. Portable Coffee Maker

Sometimes, you need an energy burst to spark your creativity. According to coffee experts at Cuppabean, while you can always buy coffee from a local café, there may be none where you are working. Having the best portable coffee maker stowed in your backpack should give you that amazing caffeinated beverage to perk you up. Pick a coffee maker that has enough features to make an exciting barista-like beverage.

10. Reusable Water Bottle

More than a million plastic water bottles pollute the environment every minute worldwide. Do your part in making this world a healthier place. Getting a reusable water bottle that has a built-in filter is ideal, saving you from stomach upsets and other water-related gastrointestinal diseases. Stay hydrated to keep your brain cells working and your muscles in tip-top shape.

11. Camera

Your smartphone already has a camera full of features. So, do you really need a separate camera? Yes, all digital nomads need a trustworthy pocket digital camera to take snapshots of their adventures. It would be best if it has inter connectivity with your other digital devices for a more seamless image and video management.

12. Global SIM Card

Let’s face it. Roaming charges are never cheap. If you are the kind of traveling digital nomad who finds greater inspiration overseas, you will want to insert a global SIM card in your smartphone. You must unlock your device first. Choose a SIM card that you can use in at least 200 countries worldwide. It would be nice if you get freebies, too.

13. USB OTG Flash Drive

An on-the-go flash drive is every digital nomad’s best buddy for storing large image and video files. It connects to your smartphone’s USB port or Apple’s Lightning port, expanding your device’s storage capacity. Some OTG flash drives come with an adaptor you can use to plug in your laptop’s USB or Lightning port. 

14. E-Reader

It is cumbersome to read your favorite digital book from your laptop. While a tablet can be a useful alternative, its screen is not ideal for reading, too. You will only hurt your eyes if you use your tablet to read written materials. A better device is an e-reader. You can get Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite if you want to save your eyes.

15. Cable Organizer

Many of the devices we’ve mentioned in this list have their respective cables, such as power cords and data cables. That is why having a neat cable organizer is a must-have for any digital nomad. Not only does an organizer secure your different cables in one package. It also allows you to maximize space in your backpack.

These 15 essential must-haves for traveling digital nomads should fit nicely in your backpack. With these gadgets, turning any place in the world into your office is a breeze.

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Last Updated on May 15, 2023

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