Best Remote Jobs to Do While Traveling in 2024

For many people, the fact of working from anywhere and traveling the world while making a living is the ultimate dream. And thanks to the internet era and the evolution of industries, this is more than possible. That’s why I have decided to put up an article with a ton of remote jobs that can be done while traveling. Amazing, right? Working from anywhere and traveling the world while making a living is the ultimate dream. Here you have Remote Jobs to Do While Traveling.

Travel goals change every year and are based on personal needs, but for many having a remote job is a must to keep traveling or adopting the nomad lifestyle. Another great choice is choosing a career that travels, I wrote a post about civil engineering jobs that travel, read it here.

Remote Jobs to Do While Traveling
Being being able to travel and work a living from anywhere in the world is the ultimate goal for many. Below we discuss remote jobs you can do while still being able to travel.

Lately, terms like digital nomads and travel photography have become quite popular. And for a great reason, traveling the world is the most common dream around. While a digital nomad is not a job itself, like travel photography, which is an actual job. Both have something in common. Both involve “remote working”.

What is the dream of numerous inspired digital nomads and individuals who are addicted to traveling? Undoubtedly, they dream of having an opportunity to work and travel at the same time. While you pay to write coursework or write a  problem-solution essay, or medical researchers, is a popular choice of many travelers; it is not the only way that will allow you to work and travel simultaneously.  In today’s job market, there are many remote job opportunities suitable for you. Finance your travels from anywhere in the world without having to go to an office. 

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Jobs where you can work remotely from anywhere

A common thought is that the biggest barrier in travel is money (yeah, traveling can get expensive) but there are a number of ways to get away with this: getting jobs that allow you to travel and work remotely and budget traveling. Some jobs are, writing, virtual assistant, and even civil engineer jobs for travelers but here are some of the best:

Day Trading

This is probably one of the best remote jobs for traveling around, following the “be your own boss”, day trading is so versatile and has a huge income opportunity to cover all your travel expenses.

Day trading has a learning curve and requires a lot of practice, but it’s worth the effort in the long run. I have been doing it for a lot of time, and I’m really grateful. A good way to start is finding a broker that has a paper account with a min deposit (like Roboforex Minimum Deposit, which are low and great) and combo it with some fx signals. This way you can get a glance at the market and get some profits.


  • Huge income
  • Versatile
  • Time-wise


  • “Risky”, many people saying you will lose all your money
  • Huge Learning curve
  • Huge Practice Curve
Remote Jobs to Do While Traveling
Day trading is one of the most attractive remote jobs to do while travelling as it allows you to “e your own boss” while the potential for excellent income.


I know, creating a blog is not an easy task but with a solid plan, you can get yourself a spot on this niche (or any niche you want). There are a ton of ways to monetize a blog and have a lot of benefits for you. It can start as a hobby turn into a full-time job with high earnings!

In case you are good at writing, the job of a travel blogger is one of the most attractive occupations. You can advertise your blog-specific goods and write sponsored posts. If you achieve great results with your blog, you can write and publish your e-book or create private courses about traveling. However, you should remember that there are already a lot of travel blogs.

Hence, writing a blog about traveling may take a lot of yours until you start getting an income. To be a perfect travel blogger, you should learn the basics of WordPress, improve your photography skills, and learn the strategies of how social media works. However, the final result costs it as you will help people bring to life their travel dreams and get money for that at the same time. 


  • Long term
  • Amazing profits
  • Scalable
  • FUN!


  • Hard to start (as everything in life)
  • Can be time-consuming
  • Stressful

Being able to travel and earn a great income is an attainable goal.

Emergencies can still happen anytime when traveling. Be prepared.

Get travel insurance before starting your journey.

I recommend Visitors Coverage.

ESL Teacher

Your first language can be the thing that allows you to make money and find new places. People who speak English as a first language and have the skills to become a teacher are highly demanded all over the world. All you need to do is to get your ESL (English as a second language) certification.

This to me is a great way for young travelers to learn about local culture and to get to know a place well before moving to the next. That is because you are in direct contact with locals that aren’t treating you as a tourist. TranslatorAre you fluent in other languages on top of English? If you are then you can earn money while traveling as a translator. There are a lot of remote language jobs available today and it would not matter where you are located as long as you have a good internet connection. That’s the perfect job setup for someone who is on the move. 

So, where can you get those remote translation jobs? Companies that provide translation are always in need of more translators. You just have to sign up to become part of their international pool of translators. These companies have a process in place for monitoring the translators’ output to ensure the quality of the remote translation they are getting is top-notch.


This is one of those professions that no matter where you are in the world, as long as you have a portfolio of stunning photos with you at all times and a good social media following, you can sell your services wherever you are in the world.

Your main asset will be your talent, and your best marketing strategy will be taking advantage of the beautiful places that you visit so that you can share them everywhere.

Best Remote Jobs to Do While Traveling
Photography is another great option for a remote job to do while travelling especially if you have a strong portfolio and a decent social media following.

Digital Marketing and PR Jobs 

This is another one that you can do from any place in the world as long as you have your computer and a decent internet connection. Of course, you can make new clients wherever you go, but with a website and good use of social media outlets, you can have a successful career as Tim Schmidt Digital Marketer without being tied to an office.

Are you interested in Marketing or PR? If you have enough skills in SEO, SEM, and digital marketing, you can become a freelance marketer. To get the job, try offering your service by emailing various companies, asking around new friends you will meet, or applying through job boards. Another thing you may try is working as a content marketer. Your main task will be attracting as many customers as possible, creating and sharing the content of high quality.

Also, you may work as a marketing consultant. In case you have a really good marketing experience, you can offer your services to businesses that may need help with developing their strategies and marketing plans. As far as public relations are concerned, you may become a freelance PR specialist offering your services to businesses that may need your help with articles, press releases, data entry jobs, and annual reports. 

One more popular job in the sphere of marketing is social media management. It is a great variant for those individuals who are good at growing their personal media accounts and helping other brands with their social media communications

Essential Travel Resources

❗Don’t forget travel insurance

This company is the one I trust, it’s one of the most essential things for any trip. It has your back in case you get sick abroad, or have an accident.

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🗺️Get Around Hassle-Free

This one is the perfect option to look for different transportation options between cities, from flights, buses, and taxis to minivans and more.

🛫Find Cheap Flights

Whenever I need to fly, I head to this website for low-cost flights.

Coaching Jobs 

Do you feel motivated to help others become better versions of themselves? If your answer is yes, be sure that the following Jobs You Can Do While Traveling is a great way for you to demonstrate your skills and potential. The most common freelance job is a business coach. Your primary task will be to discover coach companies on their entrepreneurial careers.

You do not need to have a certificate or other documents that will help you to get the job. However, there are much more chances that potential customers will be interested in you when you already have some corporate business experience. Health Coach is a variant of coaching job suitable for those who are interested in healthy life habits.

To get the job, you need to get a certificate in the fields of nutrition and wellness. The last variant of coaching jobs is a life coach. You will assist people not only in solving their professional goals but also in personal challenges. In the beginning, you can create a personal development blog. 

Jobs in Design 

In case you have a passion for visual design, probably the job of your dreams is a graphic designer. The best thing about the job is that a good graphic designer is always in high demand. The Jobs You Can Do While Traveling allows you the freedom to work remotely, even from Bali. Besides, there are numerous courses in graphic design available online.  Hence, you can develop your skills through self-education.

One more variant is a digital artist position. The main task of this job is to work with color grading and visual effects. However, it is a highly skilled job, so you need to get a certificate in digital art to get the job of your dreams. Another variant is a web designer.

Do you know how to work with WordPress, HTML, or JavaScript? If you do, choose to work as a freelance web designer. To get the job, you can register on Upwork or other freelance platforms. Besides, to attract more customers, consider visiting various meetup events happening around the world or try cold-emailing potential customers. 


Lately, all I hear about is how badly people want to travel much more than they do, but their jobs and careers just don’t allow that to happen. But there are tons of things that people can do to keep earning enough money to maintain a nomad’s lifestyle without having to go on a couple of short trips once or twice per year.

They might not allow you to go to the most luxurious hotels, but they are still pretty good. Those are some of the best jobs for travelers you can get if you want to travel the world and be free from offices.

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Last Updated on February 26, 2024

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