Love To Work While Traveling In A New Country? 5 Reasons To Opt For The Colombian Digital Nomad Visa

Are you an adventure-seeking digital nomad? Do you wish to travel and work together while enjoying a dynamic, diverse country? If so, the Colombian Digital Nomad Visa can be just what you need. 

Remote employees who wish to reside and work in Colombia for an extended period should apply for this visa. With a digital nomad visa, you can work lawfully in Colombia, remain there for up to a year, and take advantage of everything the nation offers! 

Colombia is famous for its stunning scenery, exciting local life, and vibrant culture. Working with traveling, there will be nothing short of a treat! 

This blog will explore the top five reasons for getting a Columbian Digital Nomad Visa. Whether you’re a remote worker or a freelancer, the Digital Nomad Visa will help you live, enjoy and work in Columbia. 

  1. Stay In Columbia For A Longer Time:

Digital nomads can fully acclimate themselves to Colombia’s culture, language, and way of life by being able to stay there for up to a year on a Digital Nomad Visa. They can take their time and discover everything Colombia offers, from its breathtaking landscapes to its energetic cities.

The Colombian Digital Nomad Visa lets you see Columbian life and culture in full swing for up to two years. Digital nomads can participate in regional celebrations, learn salsa dance, or even take Spanish language classes to hone their language abilities. They can also travel to some of the most well-known tourist attractions in the nation, including the Amazon jungle, Cartagena, and the Coffee Triangle.

Additionally, a more extended stay enables digital nomads to forge closer bonds with the community. You can interact with locals, establish friendships with other digital nomads, and integrate into the community. You may have a better time in Colombia and feel more at home because of their strong sense of community.

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  1. No Hassle For A Work Permit:

Getting a work permit or visa can be time-consuming and frequently challenging for anyone who wants to work in another country. However, remote workers can legally work in Colombia with the Colombian Digital Nomad Visa without the hassle of applying for a work permit or visa. Because of this, digital nomads can live there legally while working and earning money. 

Working lawfully in Colombia also provides peace of mind for digital nomads who want to adhere to local regulations and legislation. The Digital Nomad Visa allows you to work as a freelancer, digital entrepreneur, or remote worker, working on your own terms while still adhering to all of the country’s legal requirements.

Moreover, having a legal work permit or visa can allow digital nomads to work remotely with local businesses and companies. This can be a great way to network, obtain new clients, and work with other professionals.

  1. Easy Application Process:

The Colombian Digital Nomad Visa application process is simple. Because the application can be completed online, digital nomads can apply from anywhere worldwide. The following are the application procedure requirements:

  • Valid Passport: Your passport must have six months of validity remaining. It must have the last entry stamp from Columbia.
  • Letter From Employer(s): You need to ensure that your employer(s) issue you a letter that indicates your services and their compensation in detail.
  • Bank Statements: You must provide bank statements for the last three months. To be eligible, these bank statements must indicate a steady income with a lower limit at 720 USD, approximately equivalent to 3 Colombian minimum wagers per month.   
  • International Health Insurance: You must produce proof of legitimate health insurance in Colombia for your stay.

You can submit your application online once you have all the required documentation. The application procedure usually takes about 30 days, though it may take longer in some situations. Your Digital Nomad Visa will be emailed once your application is approved.

  1. Affordable Fee:

The Colombian Digital Nomad Visa is relatively inexpensive compared to other visa types. The current visa fee is between $170 and $230, depending on the exchange rate at the time of application. This is much less than a work visa or residency permit in many other countries, which may cost thousands of dollars.

The cost of living in Colombia is lower compared to other countries. This makes it an ideal destination for budget-conscious people. Colombia has a low cost of food, accommodation, and transportation. This allows digital nomads to utilize their budgets much more efficiently. It is especially advantageous for those who plan to stay for an extended time.

Because the Digital Nomad Visa in Colombia is inexpensive, digital nomads can devote more of their budget to experiencing local culture and exploring the country. This can involve visiting historical places, sampling local food, or attending cultural events.

Moreover, the Digital Nomad Visa in Colombia is reasonably priced, making it an appealing option for digital nomads looking to save money while working remotely. With cheap living costs and an affordable visa, digital nomads can live comfortably while working and traveling.

  1. Networking With Other Digital Nomads:

Colombia is no exception to the rise of remote employment after the 2019 pandemic, which has resulted in a rising community of digital nomads. In recent years, the country has grown in popularity as a location for remote workers, attracting people worldwide. By obtaining the Digital Nomad Visa, you can connect with other digital nomads in Colombia and form new relationships that will be both personally and professionally rewarding.

Colombia’s digital nomad network is broad, with members from various backgrounds and industries. This is a fantastic opportunity to network with and learn from individuals in your profession and receive new views and perspectives on many areas of remote work.

Connecting with other digital nomads can be an excellent opportunity to establish new friends and learn about the local culture, in addition to work contacts. Digital nomads frequently share a love of travel and adventure, which can be a solid basis for making lasting connections.

Colombia’s growing digital nomad community is an excellent reason to consider obtaining the Digital Nomad Visa. By engaging with other like-minded people, you can broaden your professional network, acquire new insights about remote work, and form lifelong friendships.

Bottom Line

The Colombian Digital Nomad Visa offers numerous advantages to remote employees who desire to work and travel in a new country. Colombia is an appealing option for people who wish to experience a new culture while keeping their work-life balance because they can stay for up to a year, work legally, and network with other digital nomads. 

Moreover, the simple application process and low visa cost make it a convenient and affordable option for budget-conscious digital nomads. The Digital Nomad Visa provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to work remotely while exploring a beautiful country with a rich culture and friendly people.

Last Updated on May 9, 2023

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