Family Holiday in Cancun, Mexico

Choosing family-friendly destinations can be difficult. There’s not much point in heading for Las Vegas with kids in tow for example, but Disneyland might not appeal to the adults. What you need is something for the whole family. Kids, Mum and Dad should all have an opportunity for a marvelous time. That’s where Cancun, Mexico comes into the picture.

All About a Family Holiday in Cancun

I Wish I Had an Angel Caribbean near Tulum
Photo by: Mindaugas Danys

It’s part of the Riviera Maya tourist area and as such offers you great beaches like Playa Linda and Playa del Carmen a short distance from Cancun proper. Everyone’s going to love the sandy beaches and sunshine, especially if you go during the Northern hemisphere’s winter. But you don’t have to stay in the tourist area all the time. After all, you’d like to expose the kids to different peoples and cultures. No problem! You’ll find all the authentic experiences you could wish for in an easy day trip from either location.

Choose a good hotel with child-friendly facilities like the Hotel Barcelo Costa Cancun or the Riu Tequila in Playa del Carmen. You’ll appreciate having a home base that offers safe facilities for kids such as children’s swimming pools. The little ones seem to have boundless energy, but Mum and Dad can relax and watch them at play in safe surroundings. The Barcelo costa Cancun even offers a kiddies club with organized activities so that the adults can take a bit of a break from the kids. Meanwhile, they’ve got an opportunity to have fun with other children and make new friends – parents get a conscience-free break!

While you’re on the Riviera Maya, don’t miss the chance to visit the Inca site of Tulum, a must-visit landmark in Mexico. The atmosphere is awe inspiring and the surroundings are superb. Just prime yourself with some facts about the Incas first, because the kids will ask you all sorts of questions about the people who built this place, why it’s empty now and so on. Chichen Itza is a fair distance inland, but it can still be visited in a day trip. It gets very crowded with tourists at times, but since it is the must-see attraction in Mexico, you’ll probably want to check it out and take home a few snaps. It’s about 200km from Cancun.

Last Updated on May 6, 2022

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