12 Best Family Vacation Destinations Worldwide (Updated 2024)

Traveling with your family can be incredibly fun. However, when it comes to planning where you should visit, things can get a little challenging. Individuals in the same family usually have different opinions when it comes to choosing what they want to do for fun. So if you are planning to visit a new place with your family, you should make sure you choose a place that would be suitable for everyone.  That’s why I decided to list the best places around the world for families to visit with kids.

It used to be incredibly difficult to find international destinations for a family holiday that would please every member of the family, keep everyone entertained, and get your family packing list ready that way you can ensure a great holiday all around. However, family-friendly holidays have evolved considerably in recent years, with many resorts in destinations all over the world now having activities, events, and excursions that will please family members both young and old.

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visit a new place with your family

Family Holiday Destinations Worldwide

If you are on the lookout for a fantastic family-friendly destination for your next getaway, detailed below are some of the best destinations for families to travel to.

Florida, USA

One of the most popular destinations one could visit with their family in Florida, USA. If your whole family is a fan of sunshine and vibrant beaches, then it would be the perfect place to spend your vacation time. Among the nicest places for a family-friendly trip in Florida is Destin. Information from DestinFlorida.com shows how the city that sits right on the Gulf of Mexico would be ideal for families. There are tons of activities that you and your family could take part in when spending your time in Destin, Florida so that everyone could enjoy doing what they like. 

Forests of Australia

If nature fascinates you and your family, then you should consider taking a family trip to Australia to explore its lively rainforests. Australia, in general, is known for its rich natural trails and forests with endless types of friendly wildlife that people tend to visit from all over the world. You can enjoy some quality time with your family in one of Australia’s rainforests exploring what nature has to offer and learning more about the world. 

Bhutan, Asia

Home to some of the highest peaks and unclimbed mountains on Earth, Bhutan is located in South Asia and is the only Buddhist nation in the world. In addition to being one of the least-visited non-hostile nations, Bhutan is also the only nation to measure its success in terms of “Gross National Happiness” (GNH), a Buddhist developmental philosophy that takes into account the entire population’s mental and spiritual well-being. Though, just to be clear, this does not mean that the nation ignores the conventional method of measuring the development of their nation (GDP). And because it has a low tolerance for sprawl and overdevelopment, the nation has been able to successfully avoid foreign influences, which has been able to allow them to continue to preserve and promote its culture and tradition.

For those seeking peace away from home, anyone who visits Bhutan’s unique and welcoming monasteries will almost immediately find what they are looking for. Taktsang, for example, is one of the most important Buddhist monasteries in the nation. Built in 1692, it is said that Guru Rinpoche flew on this cliff from Tibet while riding on the back of a flaming tigress, according to local legend.

If you are looking for something a little more physically demanding, Bhutan also has a variety of challenging routes that take adventurers trekking through snowy mountain passes, nearly free of mankind’s footprints — a true once-in-a-lifetime journey to cleanse one’s mind and start anew.


There are only a few places in the world that one could say have come straight out of a fairy tale, and Iceland is definitely one of them. Not only is Iceland a natural haven where you and your family could engage with the wildlife and great outdoors, but also it offers its visitors exquisite sceneries that they would not otherwise find in any other place in the world. The locals in all Iceland are extremely friendly and welcoming, which makes it even more attractive for families to visit on their trips. There are tons of activities for the entire family to enjoy, and you can all take unforgettable pictures with the amazing views that Iceland has to offer. 

The Bahamas

When you visit the Bahamas with your family, not only would you be able to enjoy the incredibly warm weather and golden sunshine, you would also be able to explore the underwater magic of coral reefs. The underwater life in the Bahamas is like a whole new world with its mesmerizing colors and natural beauty. It would be a great adventure for families, especially those with older children or teenagers, 

Paris, France

Visiting Paris is not just limited to lovers or artists. Paris is actually a great location to visit with your family for a fun and cultural holiday. The great thing about Paris is that it has something for everyone. If you are looking for playful fun, you could visit DisneyLand with your kids and make a great day out of it. If you are looking for culture, then Paris has an abundance of tourist spots that would appeal to people of all ages. 

Thailand’s Islands

Another great beach location to visit with your family is Thailand and its remarkable islands. The country is full of different islands where you could enjoy some relaxing time with your family and still have some fun. You can choose between the different islands depending on what kind of activities you are looking to do and whether or not you simply want to relax by the beach or visit cultural venues with your family. 

Nairobi, Kenya

Have you ever watched one of those documentaries about safari life and daydreamed about visiting the African wonderlands? You can make your dream come true and take your family along to Nairobi in Kenya where you can witness the wonders of nature and wildlife in its original habitat. Nairobi is rich in culture and adventures which all members of the family would find enjoyable. 

Costa Rica

Traveling in an eco-friendly manner with your family is something you can do when you visit Costa Rica. The natural paradise is a great location to take your whole family on an adventure and enjoy the great outdoors. You will find numerous eco-friendly activities that you can try out and have a great time bonding with your family members. 

visit a new place with your family

New York, USA

The city that never sleeps is quite simply a wonderland for children and adults alike with awe-inspiring buildings, eye watering skyscrapers, and an almost endless list of must-do activities that you’ll want to tick off your list. From climbing the Empire State Building to take in the panoramic views across the city to a boat ride down the Hudson River, a visit to the Statue of Liberty, a walk around Central Park, and taking in a show on Broadway, you certainly won’t be short of things to see and do on your trip.

There are numerous tours available on a daily basis that will transport you around the city to take in many of these A-list attractions before you can then stop off for a hot dog or pretzel from one of the many street sellers found on every block. You can then head to a traditional American diner for your evening meal to enjoy a classic burger finished off with a slice of famous New York cheesecake!

A trip to New York, even if it’s just once in your life, will be one that you never forget and by taking your children along, you can create long-lasting family memories that you will cherish forever.

Kenyan Safari

What could be better than the opportunity to spot nature’s big five animals in their natural habitat? A Kenyan safari offers up this chance as you spend your days traveling across the sprawling Savannah spotting an endless number of nature’s finest creatures whilst taking in the awe-inspiring beauty of the setting you find yourself in.

A safari is an incredibly special family getaway, with the resorts around the Mount Kenya National Park and Forest Reserve being the best location to set up for your stay. Alongside being in the perfect location for wildlife viewing, there is also the Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy close by which is well worth a visit to get a closer look at some of the area’s most elusive animals currently being cared for by the expert team.

Make sure you all pack your binoculars and a camera each as all you’ll want to do when out in the park and reserves is capture memories of your family trip to Kenya that you can look back on for many years to come.

Orlando, Florida

No list of the best destinations to visit as a family would be complete without the inclusion of Orlando, Florida! A giant children’s playground, Orlando offers everything from thrills and spills theme parks to arts and culture, fantastic shopping and relaxing spas to suit every member of the family.

For youngsters and those who remain young at heart, Walt Disney World Resort is a whole other world of fun and adventure whilst the Universal Resort enables you to step into some of your favorite films, including the fantastic Wizarding World of Harry Potter that will capture the imagination and transport you into Hogwarts and some of the other memorable locations in the franchise.

Live music, dance, and theater are also commonplace in Orlando, forming strong art and culture scene, whilst there are an abundance of malls and shopping centers for you to splash the cash as well as award-winning spas for the female family members to escape to and enjoy a spot of pampering.

Orlando is undoubtedly an all-encompassing family holiday destination that offers something for everyone and won’t leave you a minute without keeping you entertained. All you need to do is decide how long you and your family want to stay!

Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is often referred to as the world’s most modern city, and a visit to the United Arab Emirates will definitely showcase that fact. The city boasts a number of attractions including Khalifa Park, the staggeringly-large Sheikh Zayed Mosque, and the beaches, but car enthusiasts of all ages flock to Ferrari World. Opened in 2010, this theme park revolves completely around the Ferrari brand.

Visitors will love the racetrack, the theatre showing racing films, the driving simulators, and the thrill rides revolving around Ferrari cars. Ferrari World’s distinctive red roof with the iconic brand’s logo is visible from planes as they take off and land at the Abu Dhabi International Airport. After a day at Ferrari World, parents will be ready to hit the beach, go shopping at the Abu Dhabi Mall or dine at the many fabulous local restaurants.


Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore

The island of Sentosa may technically be a part of Singapore, but it has been completely rebranded as a tourism destination full of amusement parks and beautiful artificial beaches. Perhaps the most popular location on the island is Resorts World Sentosa, which is home to Universal Studios Singapore.

The park is divided up into zones like Hollywood, Ancient Egypt, New York and Madagascar, and the games and thrill rides are designed to go along with each theme. While Universal Studios is the biggest draw in Sentosa, Resorts World is also home to an incredible underground casino, a circus theatre show called Voyage de la Vie and Marine Life Park, the world’s largest oceanarium. The Adventure Cove Waterpark is park of the Marine Life Park, and it is home to lazy rivers, water-based rides and nautical-themed attractions. Away from Sentosa, travellers of all ages will be able to appreciate Singapore’s attractions like the Singapore Zoo, the amazing religious structures throughout the city and the shopping along the world-famous Orchard Road.

Noah’s Arc, Wisconsin

When you think of the world’s largest water park, you probably won’t start planning your trip to Wisconsin. The reality is, however, that Wisconsin is home to a staggering number of indoor and outdoor water parks, and Noah’s Arc is the largest of them all. The biggest hits at Noah’s Arc are the thrill rides like Black Anaconda, Scorpion’s Tail and Time Warp, but there are also some attractions and pools more suitable for younger visitors.

While you are in the Wisconsin Dells, you will be able to visit cities like Milwaukee and Madison, both of which offer several museums and historical landmarks. The Wisconsin Dells are also home to several additional water parks, miniature golf courses and family attractions aiming to make this Midwestern destination a hit for families.

Ocean Park, Hong Kong

Hong Kong is home to a branch of the Disneyland franchise, which means that many visitors flock specifically to the park located on Lantau Island. However, locals generally agree that Ocean Park is the better location for all ages. It boasts dolphin shows and multiple animal exhibits, but it also has plenty of fun games and rides to appeal to the thrill-seekers in your group.

Ocean Park is divided into two distinct areas, and you can opt to take a themed train ride between the two or even ride a glass cable car over the water, which is definitely the preferred option. While in Hong Kong, there is no shortage of things to do or see. Visitors should ride the Star Ferry across Victoria Harbour, ride the tram up to the Peak and enjoy some of the local Cantonese cuisines.


Deciding on places to visit with your family on a trip can be challenging. To make matters easier on yourself, make sure you plan ahead and do some thorough research in advance. Remember to look for places with diverse activities for all the family members to enjoy and have a nice trip. 

What these family destinations all have in common? Despite being in different parts of the world, is guaranteed fun for all the family, so why not make it the year that you go all out and book the family holiday of a lifetime?

Last Updated on December 20, 2023

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