What Colombian Beer Is Your Favorite?

Beer is one of my favorite past times when I travel. Normally, when I’m back home, I don’t drink beer too much. But when in a new place, I absolutely love tasting all the ones they have that are local to the country, city, or area. This time, I have gathered three of my favorite Colombian beer.

Colombia certainly has its share of beers. But what I also noticed, is that they have a lot of European beers – especially from Holland and Belgium. I am a huge lover of Belgium beer so at times it was tough for me to give that up to taste the local brew. But I went for it.

What Colombian Beer To Go For

All of them. Not because they are all good, but everyone has different tastes, some recommending one over the other isn’t totally fair.

As I mentioned earlier there are tons of beers to taste, I went for the three main ones:

Cerveza Aguila

This was one of the better ones. It comes in different styles, but I loved the light one.

cerveza aguila - colombian beer

Club Colombia

This is like the Budweiser of Colombia. It’s the most recommended. I liked it, but it wasn’t at all my favorite beer.

club colombia - colombian beer

3 Cordilleras

This is one of the microbreweries in the area and personally my absolute favorite. I’m a huge sweet beer lover, hence my love affair with Belgium beers. 3 Cordilleras has some really tasty and sweet ones (Rosada), as well as pale ales, and dark and light mixtures.

3 cordilleras - colombian beer

Fun Fact About Drinking in Colombia

You can legally drink anywhere you want on the streets in Colombia. The freedom of this is truly liberating.

Interestingly enough, there is zero tolerance for drinking and driving, and I was super impressed by how seriously this is taken.

Last Updated on October 4, 2023

2 thoughts on “What Colombian Beer Is Your Favorite?

  1. I’m a beer lover myself. I’ve never drank a Colombian beer before. I’m going to have to see if I can find one of these. How do you feel they compare to a Mexican beer? I really like Tecate.

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