Corrientazo: Most Traditional Colombian Food from Medellin – The Lunch Hour

What is yummy, filling, and crazy affordable? Corrientazo – or another, the Lunch Hour meal, in Medellin. During my awesome private tour with Travel-Medellin, Arthur and Eliana recommended we try something that is a true local special. The corrientazo Colombiano is what workers normally eat for lunch. To say the least, its a huge dish served in most local restaurants.

When traveling in Medellin, I highly recommend giving this plate a try.

What’s included in a Corrientazo Colombiano?

For the most part the dishes vary little from restaurant to restaurant.

Start with fresh juice and bread

medellin food - corrientazo bread

Homemade soup – for us it was a veggie soup

medellin food - corrientazo soup

Rice, plantains, beans and a protein. The protein can be – egg, meat, chicken or fish. Mine came with meat.

corrientazo - traditional colombian food

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Last Updated on April 11, 2022

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