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Colombian Treats: Dulce de Coco Colombiano

OMG, the one thing Colombians and I definitely have in common is our sweet tooth. Walking along the Malecon (boardwalk) during my trip to Guatape, Colombia all I saw were food stands selling deliciously unique sweets.

There were way too many to chose from, so I had to pick wisely. Usually, aside from the actual food, I love the experience. So when I came upon a huge cauldron being stirred by a lovely Colombian woman, I knew I found my sweet of the night.

making dulce de coco, traditional colombian food

Dulce de Coco Colombiano – What Exactly Is It?

Some ways to translate it would be a fudge-like substance with coconut. But I prefer to simply say it is coconut pieces cooked in milk. The main milk used is evaporated milk, regular milk, and I’m pretty sure these people also used condensed milk.

I will take anything that is with condensed milk, and coconut simply makes me feel that I’m eating healthy as well.

It was so good, and so filling, that I ended up skipping dinner that night.

dulce de coco in guatape colombia

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2 thoughts on “Colombian Treats: Dulce de Coco Colombiano

  1. Mmmmmm, in the Dominican Republic we have many similar treats!1 Can’t wait to try the Colombian versions!!!

  2. Well, I suppose it could never go wrong if you have a lady stirring a giant wok with a giant ladle. She’s obviously cooking a lot and expecting it all to be sold. 🙂 nice post!

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