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4 Lucrative Jobs That Allow You To Travel

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With the rise of the laptop or digital nomad lifestyle, people are increasingly gravitating toward jobs that promise a degree of freedom, exposure, and relaxation. At the same time professionals nowadays want to be valued monetarily for the skills and experience they bring to the table.  Here are examples of a few lucrative jobs that let you travel and compensate you handsomely for it. 

1. Environmental Engineering

The protection of the environment and climate change is one of the most heavily discussed topics and important concerns globally. Environmental engineers work on projects and initiatives in different countries ascertaining the quality of soil or freshwater or determining how to bring about an improvement in pollution levels. Waste disposal, sustainable living methods, recycling, and preventing contamination of waterways are key aspects of the environmental engineer’s job. This job enables individuals to have a positive effect on the world and play their part in protecting the environment. 

2. Travel Vloggers And Bloggers 

Vlogging has become immensely lucrative ever since the rise of YouTube and social media platforms in the past several years. Blogging and vlogging enable a person to travel to all manner of exotic locations as well as coveted tourist destinations and share their experiences with the world. Many tourist destinations, hotels, and even governments sponsor popular vloggers and social media stars to visit and provide video and content coverage to encourage others to come as well or invest in their services. If you are passionate about making content, try making a profile on social media or starting a YouTube channel. 

3. Independent Contracting Or Freelancing 

Living the digital nomad lifestyle and offering your services online on a range of freelancing platforms can be incredibly lucrative along with giving you the freedom to travel and see the world. All you need is a good grasp of time differences, your laptop, and a working internet connection and you can technically work from anywhere. Many independent contractors make much more than salaried personnel working less than a third of the hours. 

Skilled experts from any field can work online such as writers, artists, social media specialists, marketers, graphic designers, and even legal and medical personnel. Using a platform like Higher Hire can connect you to remote employment opportunities that will give you the financial freedom to travel and explore. 

4. Remote Teacher And Tutor

With the emergence of various online tutoring platforms and programs, it has never been easier to find students that need instruction or help with any discipline or subject matter. Working remotely as a teacher or tutor opens up time and opportunities for traveling in a way that a traditional approach never could. Traditional teachers are typically bound by the school or university year and the sequence and schedule of semesters and classes. Remote teaching allows you to share your passion for education without compromising on your other goals. Websites and platforms like Pocketprep offer lesson and exam preparation materials for both students and educators, and there are numerous other educational resources online you can utilize while teaching from anywhere in the world. 

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