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9 Amazing Places to See in Mexico: Getting Around in Mexico

Mexico is an enchanting country, brimming with culture, fiery flavors and lots of color, this is something that can be noticed in the food and celebrations rooted since ancient times.Lots of incredible places to see in Mexico and know.That is why we have prepared with best places you should visit on a trip to Mexico.

Besides all this, Mexico is full of incredible places to see and know, whether they are natural, archaeological or historical-colonial. Considering the advantages of the country, you can also plan a wedding in Mexico, as the country itself is very suitable for that. That is why we have prepared this article with the best places you should visit on a trip to Mexico.

bikes in a neighborhood in mexico city

But, before you get to know the best places to see in Mexico, we leave you some transportation tips to move around Mexico and its capital.

Transportation tips: How to get around Mexico and its destinations

Before traveling to any place, city or country, it is good to know the types of transportation you can use, whether by subway, bus or your own car, here we show you the best ways to get around in Mexico.


If you are in CDMX one of the best ways to move around the city is by subway, this means of transportation, despite being very busy during rush hours, is quite efficient and also has a very convenient value.


Mexico is a large country, in fact, is among the twenty largest in the world, so moving from one city to another involves long routes by road, for those cases, if your budget allows, it is best to make internal flights and save some time. It is not for nothing that Mexico has two of the busiest airports in Latin America, even Cancun International Airport is one of the airports that receives more tourists in the world.

Although this means spending more money, since domestic flights are even more expensive than international flights, yes, crazy.To find cheap flights you can use Skyscanner.


To move around Mexico, from city to city or within a city, you can take the different bus routes. The best of all is that they are quite cheap, of course, there are also buses more comfortable than others, so you should look carefully which one you choose, especially for long trips.


Cabs are a good way to get around in Mexico, and even more so in the cities, as they allow you to move quickly from one place to another. Of course, you have to be aware of the traffic, since sometimes even walking can get you to a place faster than traveling in a car. 


Uber is an excellent way to get around a city like CDMX, although sometimes the traffic is not the most convenient, use Uber from our link.


If you want to walk on your own and make routes with friends, one of the best things you can do is rent a car and drive around Mexico to make your own route. To rent a car at the best price use Skyscanner.


If you don’t want to walk but you feel like enjoying the sunny days in the Mexican capital, one of the best ways to get around is by bike. You can rent a bike from different stations for as little as 99 MXN per day (a little less than 5 Dollars). 

12 Incredible places to see in Mexico

In Mexico there are a lot of places to see and know, so we leave you with a list of the best places to visit on a trip to Mexico.


One of the places you must see in Mexico is its capital, formerly known as DF and now called CDMX.

Amazing Places to See in Mexico

It is one of the most populated capitals in the world, full of contrasts, culture and history, it was built over an ancient Aztec city.

It has many places to visit, from museums to archaeological sites.

To stay in CDMX we recommend Hotel Castropol, which is located just five minutes from the Zócalo, perfect for exploring the historic center of the city.


Located in Chiapas, one of the places you must visit and see in Mexico is the Archaeological Zone of Palenque, an ancient Mayan city.

In the Archaeological Zone of Palenque you can see huge pyramids that are tombs and temples of Mayan origin. Something curious is that we can only know 2% of what was part of the city.

It was built in the year 100 B.C., a jewel of architecture declared a World Heritage Site.

If you are looking for a place to sleep in Chiapas, a perfect place is Casa Janaab Palenque since it is in a very good location, but if you prefer a quieter place with swimming pool included, then you should look at the Cabañas Kin Balam Palenque.


If you want to enjoy the diversity of ecosystems in Mexico, a place you should visit is: the Riviera Maya, in the state of Yucatan and the beaches of Quintana Roo.

There you can enjoy the different beaches, archeological sites such as Chichen Itza, Uxmal, as well as islands and cenotes found in this area of Mexico.

Getting Around in Mexico

To sleep in Riviera Maya we recommend the Hacienda Real del Caribe Hotel or, if you prefer, you can also rent an apartment on Airbnb. To move to your hotel the ideal is to use a private Cancun airport transportation service that leaves to your destination.


We already told you that Mexico is a country rich in history, and this is something that can be appreciated in the different archaeological sites in the territory.

One of them is the archaeological site of Tulum, this was a Mayan city built in front of the sea, although the precise use of this city is still a mystery.

Places to See in Mexico

Besides, it is not as famous as Chichen Itza, so you will be able to enjoy the place with less tourists and with more calm.

In addition to the fact that you can take a swim in its beautiful beaches, the hotels here are characterized by seeking to offer a more natural environment for their guests. A shuttle from Cancun to Tulum is a good option if you decide to book an all-inclusive hotel, so you will avoid worries.


Cozumel is an island located in the state of Quintana Roo, well known for being an ideal place for scuba diving and snorkeling.

It is also the only place in this part of Mexico where you can enjoy paradisiacal beaches without sargassum or seaweed.

In Cozumel, in addition to its beautiful beaches and enchanting sunsets, you can enjoy the rich Mexican Caribbean gastronomy.

To sleep near the island of Cozumel, a very good place to do it is La Casona Art & Recycling.


The small city of Taxco in the state of Guerrero, minutes away from Cacahuamilpa, is one of the places you must visit in Mexico.

Although not everyone talks about this place, it is worth a visit, especially for its history and tradition of silver work, which is why it is known as the city of silver.

In addition, it has very good places to visit, such as: The Cable Car, the Temple of Santa Rosa Prisca or the Blue Pools.

If you want to know where to stay in Taxco, we recommend Hotel Posada San Javier that you can book from Booking.


Another place to visit in Mexico is San Miguel de Allende, a colonial city that has preserved its architectural heritage in a great way.

Places to See in Mexico

Colorful and ancient buildings adorn the main streets of San Miguel de Allende, as well as important buildings such as the San Miguel de Arcángel Parish Church. 

In addition, it is a city declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, so you can’t miss it and enjoy it.

A good place to sleep in San Miguel de Allende is the Hotel Posada Maria Luisa.


Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, as well as the surrounding areas, are a very complete tourist destination for people of all ages. This area of Mexico is very famous for whale watching and its dream beaches, although there is much more to discover.

Due to its location between the desert and the Sea of Cortez, this destination, beyond beautiful beaches, offers landscapes like few other places in Mexico.

There are many luxury hotels in Los Cabos, but if you are looking to forget about everything and get rid of that stress, the best option is to stay in an all-inclusive hotel. For a complete experience, we suggest you use the Cabo airport shuttle to your hotel, and get a better experience.


In Mexico you can expect to see different things, museums, many archaeological sites, cenotes and paradisiacal beaches, but for sure you don’t expect to find a huge canyon, surrounded by nature and with great views.

Walk along the Grijalva River that runs through the canyon or you can simply enjoy the views from the top.

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  1. I loved this guide, it was the first I read and helped me get over all the negative news about mexico. I kept coming back to your great advice throughout my visit of this amazing country, so a huge thank you for inspiration!

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