15 Most Common Questions Asked During A US Visa Interview

B visas (known as non-immigrant visas or United States Visitor Visa) are given to people who wish to enter the U.S. for business (B1) or to tour (B2). You can receive the B1 visa if you plan to meet with business associates, settle estates, negotiate a contract in America, or attend a business-related conference. You can receive a B2 for touring the U.S. if you visit good friends and family. Here is a list of questions you will be asked during the interview. If you have an upcoming USA visa interview you need to take a look at this list of the top 15 most commonly asked questions.

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USA visa interview

  1. Reason for Visit?

Why do you want to visit the U.S.? Be honest. Is it for business purposes (you may be eligible for the EB-5 visa program) or tourism?

  1. Other Countries

Have you visited other countries previously? Consuls review everything. They will find out if you are lying or not.

  1. U.S. Family

Do you have relatives in the U.S.? Prove who they are. Include their name, age and location.

  1. Previous Travel

Have you been to the U.S. before? Respond honestly. If the answer is yes, you must give the reasons for this past visit. If no, say so.

  1. Family Work

Are you visiting family and friends? What are their jobs? What will you be doing during their working hours?

  1. Location

Do you know where you’ll stay in the U.S.? Share any and all addresses. Memorize them.

  1. Sponsorship

You cannot stay in the U.S. without a sponsor. You will be asked who your sponsor is and what their income is. Provide proof of their citizenship.

  1. Duration

Will you be able to stay in the U.S. for a shorter time than you planned? Review your sponsor’s “tour guide itinerary.” Show this to the interviewer. They will be able to see the schedule and judge for themselves.

  1. Family Income

You will be asked if your family members have a job. Then you will be asked what their role is and what company they work for. This applies mostly to parents of kids if they live in the U.S. You will be asked how much your son/daughter earns. This is why you will need to carry their financial statements.

  1. Length

When do you plan to enter the U.S.? When do you expect to leave? Tell the interviewer so.

  1. Reason for Visit

You will certainly be asked what your reason for visiting the U.S. is. It is crucial to be as transparent as possible, as no answer is too stupid. Honesty is policy here.

  1. Expenses

Do you know how much the trip will cost you? Prepare an itinerary for everything you want to do during your stay – present this itinerary to the interviewer.

  1. Locations to Visit

Similar to the previous point, you will be asked where you’re planning to visit. If you’ve already made your itinerary, hand it over. It’s wise to do research on areas near your accommodation.

  1. Personal Income

You will be asked what you do for a living, and how much you earn. Provide a certificate of employment. You will also need to provide a proof of income as well.

  1. Will You Return?

Do you plan to come home? Show engagements or contracts you have with employers. Are there any times to your home country?


These questions are some of the most common ones you will be asked during an interview. Do not feel like you are being attacked or that you have to defend yourself. The interviewer consulate just wants to protect the U.S. from possible threats.

Last Updated on June 15, 2022

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