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Upgrades, Rewards and Global Entry: Top Business Travel Tips From Seasoned Pros

Business travel has its own set of obstacles you have to overcome. Vacation traveling is much different than going somewhere for business. You have deadlines and places to be. These different commitments are essential for you to stay on top of and get proper rest before showing up to a meeting, conference or other business related event. You need to show up to a place looking nice, clean and smelling good. The whole chain of events need to be linked up so you’re on top of your game.Pay attention to these tips from seasoned pros on how to be at the top of your game when having to business travel.We have your back.

Upgrades, Rewards and Global Entry: Top Business Travel Tips From Seasoned Pros
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Business Travel Itinerary

One of the first things you need to take care of is planning the right time for your flight in terms of what day it’s on, where it’s located at and the time of departure and arrival. You want to avoid any long lines in front of you and crowded times or traffic issues getting back and forth to the airport. Some of the days that are going to be less busy for you are during Tuesdays to Thursdays. If you can manage to set up a business trip during the time it will also save you money.

Make sure that you’ve booked your flight at the earliest time possible for convenience and have a hotel lined up. Whoever arranges for travel at your business should partake in getting you set up, if someone is responsible for that at the company.

Along with the flight and hotel, you’ll also need to have transportation secured afterwards. If you’re going to be there for a few days or even just a day, renting a car can be a tremendous help. Check out 441 Auto Rental to see the types of deals you can get during your next business trip.

Business Travel Airport Experience

Your airport experience doesn’t have to be a stressful affair. For those of you who are going to become frequent flyers, you’ll need something that works for you. See if you can get yourself set up in an airport lounge. There is fast Wi-Fi, dining options and a whole host of amenities that can make your wait for the plane a much easier affair.

This is a premier service for passengers traveling for business or on first class. There is a host of comfortable seating arrangements and quiet areas for you to get some work done. Specific airlines offer their own kinds of lounges in each major airport of larger cities.

Most of the time you’ll have to be a member through a credit card or other service. A daytime pass will cost around $50 for you to have a full day’s worth of access. This added expense can be helpful if you have a layover flight and want to kick back and relax.

Long Distance Business Travel Tips

A lot of the times you’ll be flying outside of your country. Taking Europe as an example is a prime place for some nicely done and upgraded airport lounges. You’ll be able to take a shower and look your best for any meetings you have coming up. If you’re not able to find a lounge either overseas or in your home country, try to find a quiet place close to your terminal.

While you’re on the airplane, you’ll want to either get some rest or get some work done. Make sure to check in at least 24 hours earlier so you have the possibility of picking your seat or getting on one of the first boarding groups.

What type of seat you prefer is usually up to your own personal preference. You want to have leg room and the option to stand up mid flight and perhaps stretch your legs a bit. If you’re trying to get some sleep, bring a small blanket or pillow. The pillow is a major issue because you’ll want something to support your head while sleeping.

Settling Into the Destination

Once you’ve reached your destination you’ll want to make sure all luggage is taken care of and you’re off to your hotel in a rented car or other form of public transit. A good hotel room the experts have found are equipped with a desk and couch along with the sleeping quarters of a bed.

You’ll want to make sure you’ve got a room with good Wi-Fi and decent food services around the area as well. Overall, you’ll want to have a good experience when traveling to the destination and be prepared for when you land and when you begin your stay.

Over the past 10 years, Brain Dascanio has ran large fleets of rental and service loaners for dealerships, specifically Toyota. Brian has a vast knowledge of how a dealership works as a whole. “While at 441 auto rentals I have been responsible for all advertising and marketing as well. Since taking over as GM I’ve taken the fleet from 42 to currently 120+ while maintaining utilization at 80-90%.”

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