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How to Get Dressed at the American Consulate for a Visa Interview

When applying for a B1, B2, or H1B visa to travel to the United States, we must comply with all the steps and requirements of the American visa. It is very important to know what type of visa we need and follow step by step each indication of the process. The final point will be the interview with the nearest consulate or embassy, and this, possibly, is the most expensive procedure of all. After all, it is the moment when we are authorized or not the visa to the USA. If you are in the process of getting your USA visa, you will want to take a look at these tips on how to dress for a visa interview.

how to dress for a visa interview

There are many factors to take into account in this interview, what to say, what image to give, what documentation to bring etc, but the one that citizens who want to travel to the United States ask most is, How to go dressed for the American visa interview?

Like any other important day in our lives, we have to dress according to the occasion, we have to take into account that the first impression counts a lot. A good example for this would be to take it as a job interview, if so you have to see the American visa as the job of your dreams and the one you really want to obtain.  As with the work example, the clothes to go to the consulate are very important and we have to make an effort to make a great impression.

Clothing for the Consulate interview

The type of clothing should be appropriate, although it seems trivial should present a good image before the consul as this may possibly win points in favor and be able to get a little closer to obtaining the visa. The first impression is crucial and it is the first thing that the consul evaluates at the moment of knowing us, but what type of clothes to use to go to the consulate?

In itself there is no correct answer, but the best thing would be to choose formal clothing. This type of clothing can be made up of a suit for men and women or some elegant outfit found in our closet.  The most important thing is that we feel comfortable with the clothes we wear, which gives us confidence and security.

We will have to look for a set that brings us comfort and seriousness. If not, we can arrive even more nervous in the interview and that may make the process a little more difficult.

How to go dressed to the American consulate

First of all, we will have to prepare the interview for the American visa and take into account which are the documents that we have to take with us.

Second and equally important, it is to make a good impression in the interview with the consul, the best way to achieve that is to go well dressed to the interview.

Is formal dress the only way to dress? The answer is yes and no, “Yes” because we want to make a good impression and “No” because there are other options.

As we have said, we have to bear in mind that the first impression is the one that counts, but that doesn’t mean that the best impression is the one we are going to make with a suit and tie.

We will have to find a middle ground between elegance and informality.

The secret is to find a middle ground in which you look good and reflect your personality in the best way. For a moment you should put yourself in the consul’s shoes and think about how you will be judged, if you arrive poorly dressed or informally (with shorts and shirts), the most likely is that the consul does not take you seriously and is a negative point.

Tips for Visa Interview Dressing at the Embassy

here are several combinations very advisable for men:

Try wearing a blazer with a shirt and combine them with dark jeans or khaki pants and shoes that match the outfit, brown shoes always match very well, you can also wear a polo shirt preferably of a single color (somewhat smooth without being strident). Wear casual but elegant sneakers such as air force 1 supreme white that don’t show signs of breakage or a lot of dirt.

In winter wear fine sweaters so that the sweat of nervousness is not detected and hairstyles appropriate to the occasion. Avoid discordant dyes or bright colors.

What not to wear at the consulate or embassy interview:

We advise not to go to the interview in t-shirts, bathing suits, sets with fluorescent color combinations, jewelry skewers or other very loaded. Broken slippers and trousers and T-shirts with subliminal messages. At the same time, it is very important not to show above the clothes underwear or panties.

Female dress code for visa interview:

We recommend wearing a blazer with a formal blouse as well as jeans or pants preferably dark, can also go with a dress taking into account that this is formal and favorable to the occasion. Avoid miniskirts or very tight dresses.

What not to wear in the interview of the consulate or embassy:

Avoid overloading the set with a lot of costume jewelry, do not wear dirty or broken shoes with strident colors. Avoid wearing too much makeup.

It is also important to appear in the interview well-groomed, so the day of the interview takes a good bath to go clean and relaxed, arrives a half-hour before the appointment to have time to review documents and to plan according to any eventuality that may occur along the way.

Avoid having a drink before the interview at all costs (this will only demonstrate insecurity before the consul) and check those objects with which you can and cannot enter the embassy.

At the end of the day remember to answer all questions honestly and treat the consul respectfully.

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