How to Throw a Travel-Themed Party The Right Way

You love to travel, and who doesn’t love a good party?

Why not throw a party with a travel theme? And in this post, we will help you to plan the best travel-themed party. 

This post is written specifically to help you throw a travel-themed party that is unique and fun, and that celebrates you and your guests’ love for traveling and making memories.

Perhaps you want to throw yourself a fun and unique birthday party or need to throw a going-away party for a friend about to embark on a long trip. Or, you want to get some fun-loving people together around a collectively enjoyed theme, i.e. traveling, of course!

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a cake a other sweets and decorations for a travel-themed party
A travel-themed party is a great way to celebrate your passion for traveling and socializing and the perfect way to surprise your traveler friend!

A travel-themed party is a great way to celebrate this exciting and rewarding hobby and the world’s most wonderful destinations.

Travel-themed parties can also be a great way to get people talking and make the conversation flow. People who attend travel-themed parties will want to share with others the places they have been and the places they someday hope to go. 

Ideas for travel destinations and vacations can be shared, and possible travel companionships will blossom, too.

So let’s get started. 

Read on to get great themed party ideas for food, decor, and more.

Start Planning for Your Travel-Themed Party

No matter what you are celebrating, a travel-themed party should be full of travel-related decorations, finger foods, sweets, savory snacks, and even costumes, or at least a travel-themed dress code for your guests, too, right? 

So, where to start?

Narrowing your travel theme down is an excellent place to start planning for a travel-themed party, and here are some suggestions to get the ball rolling and your creative juices flowing.

Single Country/Regional Theme

Maybe you are farewelling a guest, or you are migrating to a new country; you could make the theme all about that country, region, or part of the world.

With a single country theme (or even region i.e. Central America, Asia), you could theme the whole party, including decorations, dress code, food according to that country (or region) and their culture, traditions, and even flag. 

Feel free to be creative. You may even find inflatables with personalized designs, which can be the country’s flag, map, or name letters, and place them as a unique decor in your party.

travel photos as decor for a party
You could include photos from your travels as part of the decor or invite guests to bring share photos from their travels

With an idea like this, you can go all out. 

There are countless ways to decorate, various foods you can serve, and many engaging activities you can plan for a travel-themed party!

travel themed party decorations

Decoration Set Top Choice

The easiest way to decorate your party is by getting a set that covers most of your needs!!

Get a Travel Themed Party Decorations Set before you start your journey

Method of Travel Theme

You may want your party to celebrate travel in general, and that’s a fine idea also. 

Or, you may want to focus on one method of travel, such as backpacking or cruising. Or focus on some of the attractions and activities of a particular country or region like hiking, skiing, water sports, or even wildlife or a safari.

No matter your sub-theme, your travel-themed party will be memorable if it matches your interests and those of the people you invite. 

If some people you invite are not as into travel as others, those passionate about traveling will pass their enthusiasm to the other guests.

After selecting a theme for your party, start getting creative for your invites. This way, you can build excitement and anticipation for your travel-themed party, so your guests can’t wait for the date!

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Build Excitement with Themed Invitations

You can build anticipation for your party with themed invitations based on your overall theme selected earlier. 

Encourage guests to bring travel photos or souvenirs from their travels to share, or ask them to bring a dish of local cuisine from their favorite destination or something that matches your overall theme for the party.

A great idea would be to design invitations like plane or cruise tickets, baggage travel tags, or even planes or cruise ships.

Or check out these suitcase-shaped party invitations that you can order pre-made.

There are several options for effective invitations; some are easier than others. You can hand-make invitations, buy some at a store, or use free party invitations online to email your guests.

travel theme party suitcase invitations

Invitations Top Choice

The most creative way to invite someone to a travel-themed party is using a suitcase!

Get some Travel Themed Invitation Cards with Envelopes before you start your journey

Food and Drinks

You could include in your invite for guests to bring a dish from the region or country of your theme, or if you want your guests to be impressed, organize catering according to your theme.

Whether it’s Guatemalan or Central American cuisine, Asian or European cuisine, if you plan well and hire a professional caterer, or even if you prepare the food yourself, your party will surely be memorable.

several dishes on a metal place in a catering for a party
You can cook, organize catering, or invite guests to bring a dish from the country or region your travel-themed party is based on.

Regarding drinks, there are many options to suit your travel theme. You could include wine from France, sake from Japan, or one of my personal favorites, cocktails like the Michelada from Colombia.

Get Creative with Decorations

There are many great ideas for travel-themed party decorations.  If you focus on a specific region or country, you can base your decor on that.

If it’s a general travel-themed party, you can print out or buy travel posters, display food in open suitcases, use maps as placemats, and make airplane cupcake toppers on sticks.

You can use helium party balloons or make a cardboard train centerpiece out of old shoe boxes, really, the ideas are endless, and you are limited only by your imagination.

If you are throwing a party in your garden, you may consider getting an excellent garden furniture set

travel themed party decor on top of a table with food
There are many great ideas for decorating a travel-themed party, but choosing a theme like, for example, diving in Central America, will guide the decor and make it easier!

Play Travel-Themed Games

You can adapt many well-known party games to a travel theme. Instead of pinning the tail on the donkey, you can pin a remarkable landmark on a map.  

There are games like ‘Twenty Questions’ where the correct answer must be a destination. 

If you like drawing games, write travel-themed words on index cards, try to draw the word, and encourage other guests to guess.

You could also have fun by teaching and learning dances from other countries or asking travel-themed trivia questions. 

Word games are a great option also for example, one player names a city or country, and the next player must name a city or country that begins with the last letter of the first guest’s choice.

Use your creativity, and maybe you can create games everyone can enjoy or use some of the best road trip games!

Wrapping it All Up

There are many different directions you can go with a travel-themed party. 

In this article, we hope to have provided a really great place to start by first picking a travel-related theme and narrowing it down a bit to a specific region or country or even to a particular type of travel like backpacking or cruise vacations that can also serve as themes for the party.

From invitations to decor and food and drink, you now have an excellent place to start planning your travel-themed party so you can set a date and start sending out invites!

Maybe you will be so inspired after hosting this first party that you have more in the future. 

No matter what happens, you will have a memorable party you will never forget. And you are in the best place to start planning again in the future for another party, thanks to this article.

If you want inspiration for your party and destinations you can and should visit, check out our destinations page.

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Last Updated on November 20, 2023

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