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How to Throw a Travel-Themed Party The Right Way

You love to travel, and who doesn’t love a good party? You party and travel? You can do a travel-themed party! Here you can find a guide on how to do travel themed party

You can combine these two great things with a travel-themed party.

Perhaps you want to throw yourself a fun and unique birthday party, or need to throw a going-away party for a friend about to embark on a long trip. Or, you want to get some fun-loving people together around a collectively enjoyed theme.

No matter what for you are going to throw the party, it should be full of supplies and decorations that will make a relevant surrounding. At a travel-themed party, you can choose a single country and stick to it, matching all other things according to its culture, traditions, and maybe its flag. Whatever you want. You may even find inflatables with personalized designs which can be the country’s flag, its map or just its name letters, and place them as a unique decor in your party.

A travel-themed party is a great way to celebrate this exciting and rewarding hobby and the world’s most wonderful destinations.

Travel-themed parties can also be a great way to get people talking and make the conversation flow. People who attend travel-themed parties will want to share with others the places they have been and the places they someday hope to go. Recommendations will be shared, and possible travel companionships will blossom, too.

The fun will be had by all at your travel-themed party, and your friends will talk about it for years to come. So why not get started? Read on to get some great themed party ideas for food, decor, and more.

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Travel Themed Party Ideas

Travel Themed Party

With an idea like this, you can go all out. There are countless ways to decorate, a wide variety of foods you can serve, and many engaging activities you can plan for a travel-themed party!

Narrow Your Theme

You may want your party to celebrate travel in general, and that’s a fine idea. However, you may instead want to narrow your theme to travel within a certain country, region, or part of the world. Or, you may want to focus on one method of travel, such as backpacking or cruising.

No matter what your sub-theme, your travel-themed party will be memorable if it matches your interests and the interests of the people you invite. If some people you invite are not as into travel as others, the people that are passionate about traveling will pass on their enthusiasm to the other guests.

Build Excitement with Themed Invitations

You can begin to build anticipation for your party with themed invitations. Encourage guests to bring travel photos or souvenirs from their travels to share, or ask them to bring a dish of local cuisine from their favorite destination.

There are several options for effective invitations, and some are easier than others. You can hand make invitations yourself, buy some at a store, or use free party invitations online to send to your guests via email.

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Get Creative with Decorations

There are many great ideas for travel-themed decorating.  If you are focusing on a specific region or country, base your decor on that.

If it’s a general travel-themed party, though, you can print out or buy travel posters, display food in open suitcases, use maps as place mats, and make airplane cupcake toppers on sticks.

You can use balloons filled with helium to create hot air balloons, or make a cardboard train centerpiece out of old shoe boxes.

If you are throwing the party in your garden, you may consider getting a nice garden furniture set

Play Travel-Themed Games

You can adapt many well-known party games to a travel theme. Instead of pinning the tail on the donkey, you can pin a special landmark on a map.  Play twenty questions; the correct answer must be a destination. If you like drawing games, write travel-themed words on index cards, try to draw the word, and encourage other guests to guess.

Teach and learn dances from other countries, or ask travel-themed trivia questions. Play word games, too. For example, one player names a city or country, and the next player must name a city or country that begins with the last letter of the first guest’s choice.

Happy Partying

There are many different directions you can go with a travel-themed party. You may be so inspired by this first one that you have more in the future. No matter what happens, you will have a memorable party you will never forget.

If you want some inspiration for your party and destinations you can and should visit, check out our destinations tab.

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