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Top Tips For Taking Great Travel Photos for Instagram

Creating better travel photos takes time and effort and a little know how. So, we thought what the heck! Let’s come up with some vital tips to help ensure you can do so and post on Instagram to impress followers. Take a look.Take travel photos and capture the best of the places you’re visiting so you can impress your Instagram followers with these amazing tips.

Great Travel Photos
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1 – Make Sure Photos Are Allowed!

First of all, you want to have free reign when you’re out snapping your pictures. There are a lot of areas where cameras are actually restricted, or where stray photographers might actually be in the way of everything else going on.

2 – Find A Scenic Location

From there, you also need to make sure your surroundings are actually worthy of being captured. Services like Google Maps can actually help you out quite a bit. Thanks to the “street view” function, you can do some scouting ahead of time to find spots that might produce some nice photos.

3 – Network And Make Friends

It helps to have an affable and open minded attitude while out and about. If you can network a bit and even make friends everywhere you go, you’ll be much better off. It really helps to pick up on as much of the local lingo as you can.

As you make new acquaintances, they can help point you in the direction of must-see local spots you might not have found otherwise. You’re sure to have much more fun than if you’re flying solo as well, and you might even get some nice candid shots of the people from the area as well.

4 – Consider The Time Of Day

There are certain times of day that naturally produce the best photos. There’s a film making term known as “magic hour” that refers to the 30 minutes or so before sunset. There’s a truly ethereal beauty to the golden lighting that comes as a result of the sun setting just over the horizon. That’s just one example however. Depending on what you’re shooting and what the mood of your photos should be, you can use certain times of the day to your advantage. Some of the best photos taken in cities are captured at night for example. These are sure to help you get more Instagram photo views.

5 – Don’t Rush And Be Open Minded

Whenever you go somewhere with the goal of taking pictures, you should give yourself plenty of time. A good photographer is generally very relaxed. If you’re too stressed about capturing a great shot, it might elude you altogether. Sometimes it’s more about stumbling across great photo opportunities, and you can’t always plan that sort of thing. So, it’s important to have a lot of time on hand to simply explore and see what you happen to find.

6 – Pack The Right Gear

It’s important to have a lot of spare gear on hand. This can include lenses, a chamois cloth to clean them with, a tripod either large or small, spare batteries, spare memory cards or film, and so on. The lighter your load, the better, but there are certain essentials that you’ll need if you’re going to be out snapping photos for a while. If you’re worried about incurring costs for equipment, you can always make use of a Grip and electric rental Pittsburgh service and take a gander at what gear you’ll be needing for your travels.

7 – Use Cloud Storage

If you’re shooting digitally, make sure you’re uploading your photos to the cloud! People misplace their cameras or lose data off of memory cards all the time. There are tons of cloud storage options available these days, plenty of which are free. You can safely save all of your photos for later this way, and always have a solid means of backup.

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