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Top 5 Facts To Know Before You Go To Portugal Trip

Portugal trip is a perfect vacation destination since it comprises fascinating history, engaging culture, mouthwatering cuisine, and many more. Hence, whatever city you choose, Portugal provides ample opportunities for you to revel in the atmosphere of this lovely country. Thus, pick one of the Firebird Tours to Portugal and ready your Simify travel sim for your communication needs, and let’s find out what you should know before visiting Portugal. 

  1. Coffee 

Portugal is probably not your first thought when it comes to coffee. Yet, coffee culture remains to be an integral part of the Portuguese lifestyle for many centuries. Walking around the city in Portugal, you can’t but come across plenty of cafes serving great coffee. But keep in mind that by ordering a cup of  “coffee” in local cafes, you’ll get nothing but espresso. Hence, prepare to learn new words if you want to order a cappuccino, americano, mocha, or something else. Here are some must-know phrases to learn:

Café [ka’fɛ] – is a standard espresso shot served in a tiny espresso cup;

Galão [ɡa’lɐ̃ʊ̃]– is a shot of espresso topped with milk;

Descafeinado [ʤɪskafeɪ’nada]– is a decaf;

Garoto [ɡa’ɾota]– is a shot of espresso topped with foamy milk. 

Portugal Trip
  1. Portuguese desserts

Portugal boasts a wide array of delicious desserts. Hence if you have a sweet tooth, you’ll be delighted to learn Portuguese culture through its local desserts like Pudim de ovos, Aletria, or Rabanadas. Interesting to know that many popular traditional pastries were originally created in monasteries by nuns and monks during the Middle Ages. The main ingredient of these pastries was egg yolk which gave a bright yellow color to them. 

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Portugal Trip
  1. Portuguese language

Although almost everyone knows English in Portugal, it’s very prudent to learn the most common phrases in Portuguese. Since if you are planning to travel to off-the-beaten-path places, you are likely to meet locals who don’t know English. What is more, locals will surely appreciate your efforts in learning their native language. 

Preparing for your trip is essential, and understanding the importance of having a buyer’s agent in Portugal can make your journey smoother.

Portugal Trip
  1. Architecture 

Portugal boasts splendid Romanesque and Gothic architecture represented in religious buildings and magnificent palaces. Hence, there is nothing better while in Portugal than exploring the city on foot. Moreover, taking a stroll, you notice one of the symbols of Portugal, cobblestone. Through the centuries, cobblestone developed into something more than just pavement road. Nowadays, walking the Portuguese streets, you can admire astonishing cobblestones embellished with depictions of the sea, mermaids, and other beautiful creatures.  Therefore, it’s a great opportunity to delve into Portuguese culture and appreciate the ancient beauty of Portugal.  One way of appreciating the architecture is by sharing it with the world through your amazing captures, and one way to have a hassle-free connection so you can easily share the photos in your socials is by using a Sims Direct travel SIM.

Portugal Trip
  1. Wine

Tasting Portuguese wine is another must-do activity since Portugal boasts a great selection of wine from red to rose. But the most remarkable thing is that in Portugal, you can taste a “green wine,” a very young, slightly sparkling wine featuring an acidic taste. Thus, taking a wine tour is a perfect decision. But to make the most out of your Portugal trip, sample wine in different wine regions since the taste depends on the location, primary product, and many other conditions. 

Portugal Trip

Important to mention that Portugal trains are the best way to travel within the country as it’s the fastest ground transport. Therefore, in one day you can easily visit a couple of vineyards and compare the taste of wine. 

All in all, Portugal is a wonderful place to visit, whether you want to explore its culture, taste local cuisine, or take part in exciting activities. Whichever city you choose, be sure your trip will be full of exciting activities and memorable experiences.

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