ProjectRock Climbing Gym, Fort Lauderdale (Review)


projectrock climbing gym fort lauderdale

Today we’re going to be talking about ProjectRock climbing gym in Fort Lauderdale. Are you guys ready for an adventure? Let’s begin.

Project Rock has been on my radar forever. It is a climbing gym in Fort Lauderdale, the closest one to my parent’s house in West Palm Beach. So we were looking to see which one is a fun place to check out. We always check out different gyms whenever we visit different areas, and we actually also went to Coral Cliff Climbing Gym. Definitely recommend listening to the podcast and reviewing that gym. It’s a really fun gym as well.

ProjectRock Climbing Gym

Project Rock when we first entered it I felt like I was entering the Flintstones area because it’s got like this really great rock theme to it. Obviously, the Rock has been inspired by El Capitan and all these other areas that the owner wanted to kind of put into the decor and it is really well known for its lead walls. They have an incredible amount of lead walls and even my sons, who are not easily impressed, were saying that the routes are really well done, really well-structured, and hard.

kid and climbing wall projectrock climbing gym

Different Lead Routes

So they have different lead routes there. They have the rope for top roping but if you want to do red pointing you need to bring your own rope. And so in this case my family mainly did the top roping, the top rope because we didn’t bring our own ropes. We didn’t know that you needed that to do redpointing.


They do have a great section for kilter boards as well and where you can campus board where you can warm up and all that area. Really well done. They have a whole section for Bouldering. They have different competitions. It’s a much larger gym than most but it has still got a really cool vibe for climbing.

climbing wall project rock gym fort lauderdale

Price and Info

It is located in Fort Lauderdale. Really easy to get to, great parking space. It’s about $20 per person for the day. They obviously have weekly memberships, monthly memberships, yearly, whatever you want. They have different teams, they have different activities. So I would check it out if you’re in the area for sure. We really enjoyed it there. There’s also a great place where you could sit and just chill out if you’re just watching your kids or spouse or partner train as well.

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Last Updated on September 29, 2023

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