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West Palm Beach, Florida: Things to Do, Places to Visit


woman in west palm beach

Coming to West Palm Beach is a pretty big deal. Everybody knows that it’s a really cool hot spot, especially for Southern Florida, yet not so much as far as Miami and Fort Lauderdale. West Palm Beach is one of the three county seats of Palm Beach County and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Florida, well known for its rich culture, history, food scene, and vibrant nightlife. Today we’re going to be talking about what to do in West Palm Beach.

I have several podcasts about Miami, all different areas of Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Make sure to go and check them out.

When you visit West Palm Beach, you’re technically visiting Palm Beach County. So there’s Palm Beach and then there’s West Palm Beach obviously you are pretty much going to be able to do both within a concise period of time because they’re only about ten to 15 minutes apart.

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Things to Do in West Palm Beach

I want to focus on some cool things to do in West Palm Beach because it’s not the one with all the beaches. However, there are some really amazing things that you could do just to hang out in West Palm Beach.

Sunset Park and Clemantis Street

First of all, you got the entire waterfront area right there, this huge one it’s called Sunset Park, although it’s also Clematis Street that empties out onto this beautiful drive that goes all along the canal. It’s not the ocean because you could look across from the water and see Palm Beach right there.

And you could take bridges over to Palm Beach, right along the waterfront, and it’s just fantastic. You could walk all along there. It is super safe, and perfectly manicured. It’s just one of those idyllic types of walkways that you could do.

woman clematis street west palm beach


You could enjoy a yacht trip. You could go biking there. You could just hang out on the piers. And also there’s Clematis Street and other little streets that empty out all around there. And Clemetis Street is the one that has more of a park area where you could also just hang out and sit around. The beauty of that area is the restaurants.

The Square (City Place)

The other really fun place to go and visit, and I recommend spending an entire evening there. It is called the Square. At one point it used to be called City Place and you’ll still be able to hear people call it that because it literally just became The Square and where they closed off certain streets which used to be open up to cars.

So anyway, it’s called The Square now. If you ever hear people refer to it as City Place, you’ll understand, you’ll know, with what they’re talking about and this is just incredible. It’s kind of like an outdoor mall but there are restaurants and fountains and a movie theater, really beautiful movie theater. It looks like an opera house or a French opera house style. It’s really cool.

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outdoor mall west palm beach


It is just overflowing with restaurants to try out. You got everything you want, from breweries to pizza to high-end dining, seafood, you name it. There’s always something there for all tastes, especially if you’re traveling with a family. There’s so much for kids to want to try out and enjoy.


Then there are also these bars. You don’t have to be only traveling with kids. It’s a really great place if you like to go out for nightlife and bars. And it’s all in this one area so you could just park your car and there’s amazing, really cheap parking.

family on a restaurant in west palm beach


Use a parking garage

I recommend parking inside of the parking garage and then you could just spend the entire evening walking around in that particular area. You can also walk to Clemetis Street from there, but it’s not super close, probably about a mile away.

On Clematis Street there’s plenty of parking on the street and also parking areas and garages as well. And then you also have your typical outlet malls. There’s a lot of shopping in that area but mainly if you’re going to be coming and enjoying West Palm Beach it’s for the nightlife, Clematis Street, The Square and just hanging out along the waterfront.

Choose a hotel with a pool

I do recommend when you do stay in West Palm Beach that your hotel or airbnb does have a pool because it does get hot, even in the winter when it can get a little bit cool. It’s just a floridian thing to do, to have a place where you’re staying that has its own pool.

woman sitting waterfront west palm beach


Make sure you go and check out Palm Beach podcast because even though Palm Beach is literally 15 minutes away, you could see it from pretty much anywhere you’re going in West Palm Beach, I do want to dedicate a separate podcast for it so that you could really get ideas for that area as well.

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