Coral Cliffs Rock Climbing Center, Fort Lauderdale (Review)


board coral cliff rock climbing fort lauderdale

Today we’re going to be talking about Coral Cliffs climbing gym in Fort Lauderdale. Are you guys ready for an adventure? Let’s begin.

Whenever we travel, we always make sure to go and check out different climbing gyms. I have another one for Fort Lauderdale called Project Rock. Make sure you go and check it out because it’s really quite different from Coral Cliffs.

Coral Cliffs Rock Climbing Gym

Coral Cliffs have that local smaller community feel to it even though it has quite a lot to offer. The main reason we decided to go to Coral Cliffs is that they have the latest tension board. My sons and husband really wanted to check it out because it’s obviously the next level of tension board. But what makes it a really cool gym, it’s not too big. It has that homey small feel to it.

coral cliff rock climbing center fort lauderdale


They do have a lead and sport climbing. Their walls are not super high. It’s kind of almost like highballing, which is a high-boulder kind of style. But they do have the rope for you to be able to use with the harness.

So they have lead, they have the tension board area, they have the bouldering and all that. So it makes for a really fun place to visit.

Bouldering Projects

They have the bouldering projects, and then you could also even go higher with the lead as well. They do have certain areas where it’s just the lead, so it’s not super high. Not only that, but they have another really cool area where it’s like a cave, kind of place where you could go climbing like the roof style.

kid climbing coral cliff climbing gym fort lauderdale


It’s about $20 per person for the day. Obviously, they have weekly memberships as well.

It’s in a location where you don’t really believe that anything is there until you get there. So if you are putting it into your Google Maps or WAZE, and it’s taking you to like this warehouse-type of area, and you feel like this doesn’t look like anything where a climbing gym would be, it is. And the cool thing is they have parking right there. There’s plenty of parking. It’s really easy to get to. We really enjoyed our time there.

You could easily spend several hours, even a full day in the gym.

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Last Updated on September 29, 2023

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