Mia Toro Luggage: Perfect Gift for a International Mama

Presents! Who will agree with me, this is always a topic of controversy. Well, they do in my house. We are at the point where we mainly do experiences than buying actual stuff. Since with stuff, we seem to simply buy it when we really need it. But, sometimes, it’s so great to simply indulge and buy something you want, rather than have an outright urgent need. So this year, I decided to not stir up a useless argument and bought myself a gift, without consulting anyone else. That’s when I stumbled upon Mia Toro luggage and here’s my review.

But, why presents are usually a topic of controversy?

  • Either because we simply have too much stuff and do we really need more?
  • Or because you don’t want someone to spend money on a totally useless gift and then be upset that they wasted the money on that rather than spend it wisely, or simply ask you what you want.
  • Or how about gifting yourself something that you truly love and want (not necessarily need) and everyone thinks of that as a taboo thing to do.
  • And, instead of buying another thing, why not spend that money on an experience to make more memories, isn’t that what life is all about?

Am I right? Do these topics come up in your house when talking about presents?

Mia Toro Luggage – Artsy, Designer Art Suitcase

woman holding a Mia Toro Luggage

I love the Mia Toro luggage.

And for some reason can never have enough of it. Our house has more suitcases than pillows, and I use four pillows for me alone!

When I found this Italian Designed Luggage brand where you can pick different art designs, not your typical boring black, purple color hard-cased suitcase. Well, I simply couldn’t resist. The designs are really beautiful, stand out a lot.

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Mia Toro Luggage open

Traveling has long lost its sexiness, and the smooth appeal, unless you have a private jet. With all the customs and lines at airports, I needed something to bring back the excitement for me. And this is how I am doing it.

Take my advice, getting one of these suitcases, carry-ons, or going for the full set will spice up your travel experience too!

Also, another favorite of mine is London Fog Luggage, And I have a review too, make sure you read it.

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Mia Toro Luggage

Last Updated on June 17, 2023

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