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The Benefits of London Fog Luggage

Suitcases or travel bags are essential tools for traveling and learning how to weigh your luggage is essential too. Whether you are going on a business trip or an adventurous expedition, you always need a travel bag or luggage to carry around your stuff. The travel bag you choose gives your first impression and hence it is very important to choose it carefully. Beautiful and useful luggage keeps your trip safe, secure, and comfortable. What makes the London Fog luggage such a great option for your next trip abroad. Learn all about tips for travel accessories.

Benefits of London Fog Luggage

Being the central part of traversing the globe, you need to put lots of effort to select the best luggage for you.

If you are a frequent traveler, or you have one in your surroundings, you must have heard someone appreciating the luggage brand London Fog. Available with a diverse variety of carry-on bags, garment bags, totes, suitcases, and duffel bags, London Fog allows you to choose the best you need. Most of the Luggage Models by the brand are on the Top-selling list of Amazon and look quite classy.

The American brand was launched in 1923 as the manufacturer of high-quality coats and apparel. The brand got popularized as London Fog when it became the best raincoat selling brand in the United States in 1970. It became a globally selling brand in the year 1990 and gained huge popularity worldwide.

London Fog Luggage

The brand was able to make its special place in the highly competitive luggage industry because of its ultimate features and designs. Let us have a look at them.

  1. Made from soft-sided material: If it is luggage, it is necessary for it to be built in a great manner and be durable. Most of the London Fog luggage is soft-sided. Being soft side, it slows you to pack more stuff at a time. The surface of the luggage is made from fabric, which makes the bags and suitcases highly adjustable to a rigid surface. Moreover, soft side luggage can be easily fit under the seats or can be fitted in overhead bin compartments of airplanes. Another major benefit of soft side luggage is that they are extremely lightweight as compared to hard side ones.

The special fabric it is built of is known as woven houndstooth. It looks like the wool of two colors is woven into each to achieve that beautiful look.

  1. Cool and classic designs: London Fog luggage represents the classic era of older times. The classic designs of the luggage consist of check patterns with duotones which makes it more impressive and attractive. London Fog has launched various series like Cambridge, Kingsbury, and Knightbridge that set the perfect examples of modernity with classiness. The brand is known for its stylish looks.

Benefits of London Fog Luggage

Moreover, London Fog luggage is designed according to maximum utility. The interiors are well-designed so that you can organize your stuff in a neat and clean manner. There are separate zippers for accessories and shoes.

The handles of the suitcase are quite convenient to carry and roll.

  1. Highly durability: This is the most valid question frequent visitors ask for. How durable or strong the luggage is? London Fog luggage is specially designed keeping this feature in mind. The fabric used in the manufacturing of London Fog products is highly durable. The quality construction easily matches up to the required level of avid travelers. The highly durable luggage can serve you for years.
  2. Extremely lightweight: The weight of the luggage is the very first point that comes to your mind while setting for an expedition. Everyone prefers lightweight luggage as it is easy to carry, and you do not need to pay extra for them. Basically, the London Fog suitcase is constructed with a honeycomb structure, which adds to the strength and balances weight. The bags from this brand are extremely lightweight.
  3. Excellent maneuverability of Wheels: Wheels are the very first thing that gets broken, but this is not the case with London Fog luggage. The suitcase consists of super functional 8-multidirectional and super tough wheels that can rotate at an angle of 360n degrees. The amazing wheels will get you out of the crowd hassle-free.
  4. Customer satisfaction: All the features of the product are directed towards customer satisfaction. The preferences, design, and styling of the products are always in accordance with the customer reviews. The customer care response of the Company is amazing. It responds almost instantly to customer complaints.

On the whole, London fog products are valued for money. And you won’t regret your purchase and choosing this awesome luggage brand that matches your needs and style.

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