Scottevest Travel Vest For Women Review: Prepare for an Amazing Trip

The first thing you read when you receive one of the coolest travel vests for women by Scottevest (or Scottyvest, like some people call it) is “Prepare for the Trip of Your Life”.

inside of a scottevest travel vest for women

That’s a pretty bold statement for a piece of clothing. However, the clothing is BOLD!

I’m a vest fiend. Ever since my mom bought me a magenta-colored vest, I have lived in them. Normally it’s for convenience and comfort. But the ones I own are only great for quick skips out of the house. Not for the longer travel, my family and I do regularly. So, I have been on the hunt for a travel vest which is quite different than the ones I have at home.

What Makes Scottevest Travel Vest for Woman A Necessity

Stylish and Fun Travel Vest –  Firstly, the color is my favorite! Hunter Green.

woman weaeing a scottevest travel vest review while sitting on a rock

Secondly, it’s not bulky (even when pockets are full).

woman wearing a scottevest travel vest while standing next to a tree

Thirdly, it’s fitted so it actually brings out my figure rather than make me look like I’m wearing a potato bag which I’ve found with a lot of ‘travel vests’.

back side of a scottevest travel vest for women

17 pockets – that’s right – 17! And each one is useful and purposeful

inside pockets of a scottevest travel vest for women

Sunglasses pocket with a cleaning cloth attached!

sunglass pocket with a cleaning cloth inside of a scottevest travel vest for woman

Key pocket with a chain attached

key pocket inside a scottevest travel vest

Kid-friendly and durable – it’s not made for kids, but I can carry my kid’s stuff that they are constantly giving me and jam it into one of my many pockets without it being a hassle.

women siting next to a kid while wearing a scottevest travel vest review

Travel airport-friendly – all your passports, documents, and money are placed in the vest so when you arrive at security just slip it right off and go!

Stain and Water resistant – the material is Teflon treated, making the vest anti-stain. Why can’t all my clothes be like this???

Technology Enabled Clothing – this is the coolest feature of all. There is a CollarConnect which means your headphones are held in place through special conduits in the garment so they never get tangled while being attached to your smart phone or iPod or mp3 player in a pocket conveniently attached to the headphones.

My Take On It

Honestly, this is one of those no-brainers. For traveling mamas and gals, it’s the most practical traveling piece ever.

Where to Buy 

I suggest and recommend highly for you to shop via the Scottevest website. It’s actually addicting. The amount of TEC (Technology Enabled Clothing) options they have will be mind-boggling, and you would be tempted to buy it all.


Last Updated on February 14, 2023

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  1. Thank you for the great review and article! We would LOVE to use these images on our website if that is okay with you! Please let us know.

  2. As a traveler I really can see the advantages of this vest. Thanks.

    AtoZ #42

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